homebuyer: Is that FSBO truly a FSBO? - 02/28/11 03:44 AM
When is a FSBO not really a FSBO?
This morning, I noticed some handwritten directional signs (signs pointing toward a house for sale) indicating that there was a 4BR/2.5 BA FSBO home for sale on my street. The signs listed a number with an extension. In tiny almost illegible letters, the sign also says "Owner/Agent"

Naturally, because any number that has an extension is usually a business, I Googled it. And lo and behold I came across a website advertising homes for sale. Interestingly enough, one of the homes was the home on my street in West Springfield. I knew this home to be recently owned … (4 comments)

homebuyer: PRESS RELEASE - Cathy Baumbusch launches www.GoArmyRealEstate.com - 02/18/09 05:32 AM
Washington, DC, United States, 2/18/2009 - Cathy Baumbusch, a real estate agent based in Washington DC launched a new website, featuring state-of-the-art technology and enhanced search features.
Ms. Baumbusch announced today that she has launched the newest version of her website, www.GoArmyRealEstate.com to cater to the military customer. The home page shows a a series of Army stock images and is featured with navigation drop down pages. With state-of-the-art technology Ms. Baumbusch hopes to exceed customer demands by allowing registered users even more transparent data from MLS listings and expanded options to view properties online.
The new site not … (0 comments)