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As a real estate professional in the worst area in the U.S. for commuters (worse than Los Angeles) I often get asked, "how long will it take me to get to work from here?". The answer to that question is never easy. In a place where distance is measured in minutes rather than miles, commute times can vary with the weather, construction projects, and the dreaded fender-bender.
The first thing I tell my clients, especially out-of-towners, is that 16% of workers in our area travel over an hour to work. I let this sink in for a moment, and add that since … (1 comments)

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Commuting in Virginia
One of the biggest concerns newcomers have when they move to Virginia is commuting.
Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area is the seventh worst metropolitan area for commuting times according to Forbes Magazine. AOL Find a Job rates it #3. Either way, the area consistently rates in the top ten with an average of 60 hours a year spent commuting.
The good news is that there are tons of options for people who commute.
The two train systems that service Northern Virginia are Metro and the Virginia Railway Express. Metro has three lines that extend into Virginia. … (1 comments)