chevy chase: This Amazing Woman Who Is Our Broker - 05/07/12 12:03 AM
One thing almost everybody in our firm--at least those that have been affiliated with other brokerages before--is very much aware of is how incredibly fortunate we all are. We have a broker who is smart, inspiring, supporting, no-nonsense and a fiercely protective and caring mama lion all at the same time: the absolutely amazing Donna Evers.
I've never heard her whine (although she likes to wine!), and I've never heard her say a bad word about anything or anybody else--even though, surely, she gets to listen to such things a lot.
Perhaps all these are things are reasons the local radio … (5 comments)

chevy chase: Washington DC Metro-Area Market Update - 04/25/12 03:30 AM
DC area real estate is still going strong (or even stronger, depending on exactly where you are), as in reflected in our wrap-up of the March 2012 trends:
The Evers & Co. March 2012 Real Estate Report
In the close-in Metro area,  the spring real estate market started in March. While there was almost no change in either the dollar volume of sales or the average price from March of last year, there was a dramatic change in both numbers in just one month, between February and March of this year. The area averaged an impressive 43.6% increase in dollar … (0 comments)

chevy chase: Just How Much Can We Tell Our Buyers About Schools? - 01/09/12 01:29 AM
(Modified version of original source: Good School, Good Neighbors, Bad School, Bad Neighbors?)
Last week, my first contribution to Where We Live, the Washington Post's new buzzing real estate blog, dealt with a stormy issue: neighborhood involvement in the site selection process for the planned Middle School #2 in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase cluster. Some of the comments posted by readers there reminded me of the thin ice realtors often have to walk on when it comes to the school question.
How much advice can your real estate agent give you when it comes to choosing the school district in which you … (5 comments)

chevy chase: When Men Were Still Handy, Part II - 12/12/11 01:04 PM
Well, turns out that--at least in Washington--the average middle class guy in the early 20th century might not have known that much more about house building after all. But we'll get to that later.
Yesterday, I promised more on kit homes. Here we go.
The next amazing discovery I made when I was browsing all kinds of libraries and websites to find out more about the other big pre-cut/catalog companies. (Sears, Roebuck and Co. has not only been the most written about, most well-known and largest in numbers of units sold; the term "Sears home" has also become more or less … (10 comments)

chevy chase: When Men Were Still Handy - 12/10/11 10:07 AM
Original Source: The House In The Post
  1917 Sears mail order bungalow in Washington DC's Shepherd Park neighborhood. Photo: Piers Lamb/Evers & Co.
Last week, my business partner, Marcie Sandalow, and I had a listing appointment at a great old house. The owner mentioned it had been a mail order home, not from the Sears catalog but rather from another, a little less well-known kit company.
That was a neat little fact because there is a growing fan base for these homes. There are dozens of them hidden in Washington’s old “streetcar suburbs” –such as Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, the … (15 comments)

chevy chase: The Endless Gutter Clutter - 11/30/11 07:19 AM
Original source: DChouseCat--Over And Over Again

It's no fun, and one of those endlessly repeating things a homeowner has to put up with.  But it’s so important that I will preach it here again: Clean out your gutters!
If the gutters on your house look like the one on my garage here in the picture, you should actually clean them out NOW! At least in our area, the trees are pretty much done shedding--even the annual leaf collection and cutter trucks have finally passed through most of our streets.
If there was only one thing I have learned from the … (4 comments)

chevy chase: Wow! What A Morning In Chevy Chase! - 10/05/11 04:25 AM
"What?!," asked my pre-teen daughter, "we are what?" 
"Getting up a bit earlier and walking to school," I said. "October 5th is National Walk-To-School Day."
"You've got to be kidding."
My daughter normally takes the bus to a magnet school that is--according to Google--2.7 miles from our house.  Walking allows for a cut through public park land--according to Google Maps 2.3 miles and an estimated 50 minutes.
When she heard that fresh croissants from a bakery on the way could be part of the picture, the kid came around.
We took off in perfect walking weather.  It was a crisp, sunny … (7 comments)

chevy chase: Kissing the House Good-Bye - 06/26/11 07:50 AM
Oh, the euphoria I felt!  And that feeling of accomplishment and pride! 
In the early days of my real estate career, each settlement was great cause for celebration, not just on behalf of my clients, and not just because it was payday, often after many months of work.  There was a sense of having helped, having sacrificed time and sanity for a good cause, and having successfully maneuvered the cliffs and hurdles that presented themselves over the course of the transaction.  Most of the time, the parties were happy and cheerful when they walked away from the settlement table.
Now, ten … (8 comments)

chevy chase: The Sky Is The Limit - 04/15/11 09:47 AM
It was an accident, but I just love it!  I went around an upcoming new listing today, a very cool mid-century "California Modern," and snapped a few casual pictures with my little old Lumix.  They were by no means for publication but just to help my memory as I'm starting to put together some info and description for the brochures. 
This one was taken from the outside, through a wall-to-ceiling window.  Because of the reflection, I couldn't really see the picture until I downloaded it.  And guess what -- the floating ceiling had softly taken off!
One of the revolutionary and … (5 comments)

chevy chase: Rock Creek Forest/Chevy Chase: The Current Inventory - 03/24/11 05:57 AM
How is the market?  What is actually out there for buyers?  Not much, at least that's what we get to hear from frustrated buyers all the time.  In a few days, it will be time for an analysis of the first quarter statistics.  For now, let's look at the available properties in this DC suburb:
There are 6 active listings in Rock Creek Forest today, with asking prices ranging from $475,000 to $1,795,000.  5 homes are currently under contract, with asking prices from $535,000 to $1,150,000, after spending an average of 6 (!) days on the market.
Here are the actives, … (2 comments)

chevy chase: Help! We'll Have To Put The Hoop In The Contract!! - 01/13/11 01:59 PM
This week, my colleague Bonnie Lewin and I listed the house that belongs to my neighbors, almost across the street.  It's a fabulous and very unique home designed by Travis Price, a well-known DC area architect.  It's nestled against DC's Rock Creek Park, has lots of "green" features and walls of windows and an indoor pool that overlook amazing Japanese-style landscaping.  (Check out these pictures from the architect's own website.)
So, all in all this is very exciting. 
But then, it's also a wee bit sad.
It's sad because Joanne and Barry have been the greatest asset to the neighborhood. They … (6 comments)

chevy chase: The Scary Price Of Life In The Urban Parkland - 08/12/10 10:44 AM
It started with the cat. Early in the morning, completely against her clock work habits, she came into our bedroom, howling. She sounded like a scared puppy, pacing around in our bedroom with her tail between her legs. Barely awake, we tried to make sense of this strange behavior.
A storm seemed to be approaching, but that wasn’t anything the cat had ever been impressed by.
Minutes later, it was us who freaked out. “Take the kids downstairs,” I screamed at my husband, and he didn’t even object. The sky seemed to be in flames from the constantly overlapping lightening, and … (3 comments)

chevy chase: Fabulous Condo in Full-Service Chevy Chase Building, Open Sun 1-4 pm - 10/31/08 09:25 AM

chevy chase: Mighty Termites, Floating Windows - 04/01/08 03:55 PM
Termites are a pretty common threat to houses in our area.  They must like the swampy climate.  The DC housing stock is on average pretty old, and it seems to me that at least every other house I have sold showed some traces of a prior encounter with termites. That's why most lenders require a pest inspection before final loan approval. 
The good news is that most termite problems are pretty easy to treat.  Long-lasting chemical drills, or more eco-friendly Sentricon monitoring stations, or structural repairs of beams or sill plates or whatever else was eaten all keep the pest away or … (4 comments)

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