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Musings, tips and tricks from an Associate Broker that specializes in short sales, hardship situations and incredible buyers and sellers in Sedgwick County Kansas.



FACEBOOK KILLED MY SHORT SALE! There is this form that must be signed with most short sales called an "Arms Length Transaction affidavit".  Basically, it says that the buyer and seller don't know each other.  The form says it with a lot more finesse, but the basic message is that the buyer and se...
This house makes my butt look fat! 10 things buyers say! (and what they really mean) I decided a long time ago that I could never buy a sporty bright yellow car.  I have an olive complection and yellow just makes me look dead.  Even though those cute vehicles catch my eye everytime I see one, I c...
BURNING YOUR Wichita, Kansas? I was at a seminar recently and the speaker was talking about becoming successful and the mindset of successful people.  He told a story about an ancient commander that knew how to motivate his warriors so well (I can't remember which ones - the players ...
Wichita Kansas Area Home Sales Are...Not too Shabby!  While the rest of the country continues to run screaming from the tragic real estate sales figures; Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas are "holding their own".  Here are the stats for August 2011: Existing home Sales increased by 2.6% f...
You Don't Have to Shower in Wichita, Kansas When I have a buyer these days, I am always amazed at some of the reasons why I my showing is not possible for a seller. Some of my Favorites: "Nope, Sorry.  Can't show it because.... "The beds aren't made  - Ok, really?  If you are going to sell your h...
WHAT COLOR IS A YIELD SIGN??   If anyone asks me, I know what I know and I know that I know it (usually I would add an emphatic "darn-it! in there too)! Most of us are the same way.  We KNOW.  (yes, that is a period at the end of those two words for a reason)  Powerful sentence, isn't it?  "WE KN...
PMI COMPANY KILLING A SHORT SALE?  STOP THEM COLD! I have gotten more calls from around the country about this horrible situation plaguing many short sales.... All the pieces of the puzzle finally come together:  The seller is agreeable; the buyer has stuck it out and is still hanging in; the tit...

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