homes: What Every Buyer Should Know about Home Inspections - 05/06/09 04:34 AM
An important part of any home purchase is the Home Inspection, so when interviewing home inspection companies ask them what type of report they use. There are many styles of reports used by property inspectors, the checklist, computer generated reports, and the narrative style.
Some reports are delivered on site and some may take several days to deliver, knowing when you will get your full inspection report is important since you probably have a time limit for obtaining an inspection in your Contract.
The most important issue with an inspection report is the descriptions given for each item or component. A … (0 comments)

homes: What is a resonable offer in todays market? - 04/13/09 02:00 PM
In every kind of market we have all Realtors and Consumers have to deal with the issue of what is a "Reasonable Offer". As a Buyer or Seller, do you know what your Realtor thinks is a reasonable offer? In most cases I would say Consumers and Realtors never discuss this issue prior to signing a Agency Contract and they probably don't even discuss it during the Contract time. In most cases what is a reasonable offer will only come up when either the Buyer is making an offer or the Seller is having to review an offer, it's at this point … (2 comments)

homes: 1st Quarter Absorption Rate for Manchester NH - 04/06/09 04:35 AM
The City of Manchester has weathered the 1st quarter of this year and the information regarding its absorption rate is in, before I give that information out I want to explain quickly what the definition is for absorption rate. In short the absorption rate for a Town/City is the length of time it will take for the current inventory on the market to be absorbed .  The magic number looked at by Realtors is 6 months, meaning if the market has a rate above 6 months the market is considered to be a Buyers Market. If the absorption rate is below the … (2 comments)

homes: 1st Quarter Absorption Rate for Windham NH - 04/06/09 04:20 AM

A new year is upon us and the 1st quarter of 2009 has closed, so how did Windham do in this 1st quarter. The absorption rate for the Town ended at 7.46 months, which means that it will take that many months for the market to absorb the current inventory of properties that are out there.
Windham ended last year with an absorption rate of 9.44 months, so the good news is that our rate has dropped by two months. The not so good news is that the rate is still very high, if the absorption rate is above 6 … (0 comments)

homes: 1st Quarter Absorption Rates for Derry NH - 04/02/09 07:41 AM

The 1st Quarter has ended for the Town of Derry and the absorption rate figures are in. Derry ended last year strongly gripped in a Buyer's Market with an absorption rate of 7.89 months, this meant that at years end it would take approximately 7.89 months for the inventory that was on the market to be sold. Any time the absorption rate for an area is above 6 months, the market is considered to be a Buyers Market.
Derry's 1st quarter results show that it is still strongly gripped in a Buyer's … (0 comments)

homes: What questions should you ask when hiring a Realtor- Part 1 - 03/09/09 02:58 AM
In my years in Real Estate I've come across this question a lot from both Buyers and Sellers, and it is a very important question when determining who you hire. Most people I believe feel that it is when a Seller is going to place their house on the market that questions should be asked, but that is not true when you are a Buyer it is just as important to question every Realtor. Here are some points I believe should be always asked when determining who you want to represent you:
How long have you been in the business of Real Estate? This is … (0 comments)

homes: Attention First Time Home Buyers-Newly Enacted Tax Credit And How It Works - 02/27/09 05:04 AM
Thinking of buying your first home? Good news, now may be a great time to make your move! Congress has just passed and the President signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and if you have been waiting to purchase a property now is the time to act.
If you plan to live in the home as your primary residence and have not owned a property during the past three years, you may qualify for the tax credit. The government is trying to jump start the economy, as we all know, and as part of their attempt they have … (0 comments)

homes: Mathew Thorton Elementary In the Finals For School Of The Year - 02/22/09 10:43 AM
It appears that Londonderry Town residents have another thing to be proud of when it comes to their schools. It was recently published in the Towns local paper, The Londonderry Times, that Mathew Thorton Elementary is in the running for School of the Year. The school placed itself in the running in January and it appears that it is among the finalists for this years award.
I wrote a blog back in May regarding Londonderry High School and its being named High School of the Year, that was a big honor to be bestowed on the High School and something to be … (0 comments)

homes: Choosing the right Agent When Selling Your Home - 02/15/09 06:10 AM
As the title implies, it is very important to choose the correct Agent when you decide to sell your home. How do you go about doing this, what are the correct questions to ask, do you work with an Agent that a friend or family member refer to you?  These are just a few questions among many that face the average home owner when they decide to place their home on the market.
First I think you should look at whether there is someone you know in real estate or that could be referred to you. Sometimes the best Agents to work with … (2 comments)

homes: Some Statistics On NH Residential Home Sales - 01/29/09 06:08 AM
Recently I came across some very interesting information regarding home sales for New Hampshire as well as Rockingham County.  The information comes from Northern New England Real Estate Network/NHAR. The information looked at Statewide/Countywide residential home sales, over the past 10 years and here is some of what they reported:
In 1998 the amount of houses sold Statewide totaled approximately 14,507, with a median price of $127,500.
In 2008 the amount of houses sold Statewide totaled approximately 10,169, with a median price of $235,000.
The increase in property value over the 10 year period reflects an approximate 85% increase in home … (0 comments)

homes: Winter Scenes of Londonderry - 01/23/09 03:53 AM
Londonderry and the surrounding Towns of Southern New Hampshire attract a lot of people due to their convenient location to Boston MA and the White Mountains of Northern NH. I decided to start my photo gallary with winter pictures of some scenes of Londonderry. As you can see there is beauty, and a lot of New England Charm in these photos : 

Old Farm House On Mamouth Road

Civil War Monument in the Center of Town
Presbyterian Church In Town Center
If you are thinking of moving to Londonderry or any of the surrounding Towns of Southern New … (0 comments)

homes: Town Of Derry's End Of Year Results - 01/04/09 03:36 AM
The end of the year has come and a new year has started for the Town of Derry. With the beginning of a new year comes the question of how the Town faired when it comes to marketing/selling homes. In order to determine how the Town of Derry did, we have to look at the absorption rate for 2008. The absorption rate is the amount of time it will take for the current inventory of properties for sale, to be absorbed by the market. Real Estate professionals generally agree that when the absorption rate for a Town is above 6 months … (2 comments)

homes: Town Of Windham's End Of Year Results - 01/04/09 03:18 AM
The end of the year has come for the Town of Windham and a new one has started. How did the Town fair this past year when it comes to Selling homes within the Town, the answer lies with the absorption rate. In previous posts I have explained that the absorption rate for a Town is simply the amount of time it will take for the market to absorb the current inventory of property that is on the market. Most Realtors agree that an absorption rate of over 6 months places you into a Buyers Market, one that is below 6 months … (0 comments)

homes: Londonderry's End Of Year Results - 01/04/09 02:51 AM
The end of the year has come and the beginning of a new one has begun, how did the Real Estate Market end for the Town of Londonderry in 2008? The answer to this question lies in the absorption rate for the Town. As I have stated in previous posts, the absorption rate is a reflection of the amount of time it will take for the market to"absorb" the current inventory of property that is on the market. In general, most experts agree that an absorption rate of over 6 months means that you are in a Buyers Market.
During the past year, … (0 comments)

homes: Why You Should Sign A Buyer Agency Agreement - 11/21/08 11:56 AM
When you decide to purchase a property one of the last things you think about is signing a Contract with a Realtor to assist you in your property search, the fact is it should be your first thought. When making the decision to buy, you need someone with experience with Writing up a Contract, Determining Property Value, Negotiating the Contract, assisting you with the Home Inspection and many, many other things that will come up.
The idea of going it alone and purchasing a property with out the assistance of a Realtor that you have hired to represent you can be very costly to … (8 comments)

homes: Things Sellers should not Due when selling their home - 04/09/08 02:00 AM
Over the years of being in the Real Estate business I've seen a lot of things that Sellers due or neglect to do when they place their home on the market. Now that we are in the Spring Market I think that its time for the on line consumer (especially Sellers) to know some of the don'ts, when marketing their home.
Here is my list, in no particular order:
1) When you know that a showing is going to occur, don't leave your dog sitting on the front steps to greet the Agent and their Buyers. If the dog is startled by … (0 comments)

homes: What every Seller should know about "Fee Co-operation" - 04/04/08 01:47 AM
As a home owner you think that once you decide that you want to sell your home, all you have to do is interview a few Realtor's pick one you like then sit back and let the Realtor do the rest, right? If you said yes, then you want to read the rest of this blog.
A point that many home owners overlook is the fee split that will be paid out on their behalf in the MLS by their Realtor. In years past many Sellers could have cared less how much of the fee (if any) was paid out to … (0 comments)

homes: Preping Your House For the Spring Market - 03/16/08 02:33 AM
Well it's just about that time of year, the time period loved by every Realtor and every Seller. What am I talking about, its the Spring Market!
When you decide it's time to sell your home there are a few things you should consider doing. Below is a list of some housekeeping items that as a Seller you may wish to do prior to listing your specific property:
1) Remove all clutter from the house, are the counter-tops free and clear? Have you removed unnecessary furniture from the house?
2) Check the bathrooms, are the surfaces clean and clear? are the … (0 comments)


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