new hampshire: Windham New Hampshire 3rd Quarter Absorption Rate Results - 10/01/09 03:11 AM
As we enter the Fall market and head into the final stretch of the2009 Real Estate year I decided that it would be a good idea to lookat the Absorption Rate for Windham in three categories. The first  isto see what is the Towns overall absorption rate (for an explanationof absorption rates go to  is, second I wanted tosee the rate for Residential only and third to look at the rate forCondominiums.
Although news regarding real estate has been more positive lately, ourmarket continues to be weak,  a good indicator of this is the factthat appraisers still consider Rockingham County … (0 comments)

new hampshire: What is a resonable offer in todays market? - 04/13/09 02:00 PM
In every kind of market we have all Realtors and Consumers have to deal with the issue of what is a "Reasonable Offer". As a Buyer or Seller, do you know what your Realtor thinks is a reasonable offer? In most cases I would say Consumers and Realtors never discuss this issue prior to signing a Agency Contract and they probably don't even discuss it during the Contract time. In most cases what is a reasonable offer will only come up when either the Buyer is making an offer or the Seller is having to review an offer, it's at this point … (2 comments)

new hampshire: 1st Quarter Absorption Rate for Manchester NH - 04/06/09 04:35 AM
The City of Manchester has weathered the 1st quarter of this year and the information regarding its absorption rate is in, before I give that information out I want to explain quickly what the definition is for absorption rate. In short the absorption rate for a Town/City is the length of time it will take for the current inventory on the market to be absorbed .  The magic number looked at by Realtors is 6 months, meaning if the market has a rate above 6 months the market is considered to be a Buyers Market. If the absorption rate is below the … (2 comments)

new hampshire: 1st Quarter Absorption rates for Londonderry NH - 04/03/09 03:05 AM
The 1st quarter has ended for Londonderry and it is time to see where the Town stands. At the end of 2008 Londonderry's absorption rate was 7.19 months, which means that it would take the market 7.19 months to absorb the current inventory on the market. As I have stated in previous posts, when the absorption rate is above 6 months the market is considered to be a Buyer's Market. The end of year absorption rate showed that Londonderry was firmly in the grips of the Buyer's market and even though the Town fared better than their neighbors or the County the market … (0 comments)

new hampshire: I want to buy my first property but............... - 04/03/09 02:46 AM
The start of this sentence is what I am hearing a lot of lately. It seems many would be Buyer's are running into the dilemma of only meeting 2 of the 3 criteria to buy a home. What are the criteria's to buying a home, to a Realtor they are, the Buyer is ready to buy a property (this means they have made up their minds to look seriously), willing to buy a property (this means they are not going to be tire kickers), and finally able to buy a property (this means they have the credit, income and deposit to purchase).
I … (2 comments)

new hampshire: Rockingham County 1st Quarter Results - 04/02/09 04:27 AM
The end of the 1st Quarter has come for Rockingham County and if you have followed my blogs on the absorption rate for the County, you have seen it rise and fall  a lot. As of this post there are approximately 2,792 Residential and Condo style properties on the Market within the County. The absorption rate for the County has gone up from where it was at the end of the year, as of the end of 2008 the rate was at 9.86 months and it is up to 11.25 months. What this means is that the amount of months it will … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Choosing the right Agent When Selling Your Home - 02/15/09 06:10 AM
As the title implies, it is very important to choose the correct Agent when you decide to sell your home. How do you go about doing this, what are the correct questions to ask, do you work with an Agent that a friend or family member refer to you?  These are just a few questions among many that face the average home owner when they decide to place their home on the market.
First I think you should look at whether there is someone you know in real estate or that could be referred to you. Sometimes the best Agents to work with … (2 comments)

new hampshire: Some Statistics On NH Residential Home Sales - 01/29/09 06:08 AM
Recently I came across some very interesting information regarding home sales for New Hampshire as well as Rockingham County.  The information comes from Northern New England Real Estate Network/NHAR. The information looked at Statewide/Countywide residential home sales, over the past 10 years and here is some of what they reported:
In 1998 the amount of houses sold Statewide totaled approximately 14,507, with a median price of $127,500.
In 2008 the amount of houses sold Statewide totaled approximately 10,169, with a median price of $235,000.
The increase in property value over the 10 year period reflects an approximate 85% increase in home … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Londonderry School Superintendent Receives State Honor - 01/05/09 01:15 AM
Once again the Town of Londonderry can be proud of its school system and especially the man who is leading it Nate Greenberg. It appears that our very own Superintendent of Schools Nathan Greenberg has been named Superintendent of the year.
Once a year the State reviews its school systems and the people running them and then it awards the Honor of Superintendent of the year to the person who has exibited the best qualities for running a district. This year Nathan Greenberg received this honor and this caps of a year where Londonderry High School was named best in the … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Town Of Windham's End Of Year Results - 01/04/09 03:18 AM
The end of the year has come for the Town of Windham and a new one has started. How did the Town fair this past year when it comes to Selling homes within the Town, the answer lies with the absorption rate. In previous posts I have explained that the absorption rate for a Town is simply the amount of time it will take for the market to absorb the current inventory of property that is on the market. Most Realtors agree that an absorption rate of over 6 months places you into a Buyers Market, one that is below 6 months … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Okay, to day is the day!!!!! - 11/03/08 11:26 PM
We probably will be hit with a lot of posts today about voting and even for who we should vote for. I am not a supporter of trying to force anyone to vote for one side or not, but I am a supporter of voting.
Year in and year out I hear all the people I know, see on TV, radio and the Internet complain about how our Country is being run or not run. The problem I have with this is that over 70% of America fails to vote when its an election year, even on local levels turn out … (1 comments)

new hampshire: Shepard's Pantry Yard Sale Results - 10/31/08 07:46 AM
Late last month our office held its 10th anniversary yard sale, which benefits the Shepard's Pantry in Derry. This year besides our yard sale we held a raffle for two Celitcs Tickets for an upcoming game. The weather was not very cooperative, but our office was determined to hold the sale no matter what the weather conditions were.
Not surprisingly New Engenders being what they are, came out in droves to view and purchase many of the items that were on sale and to buy more raffle tickets. The end result of a long days work was that we raised over … (2 comments)

new hampshire: Lancer Football, makes a great family night out - 10/24/08 01:54 PM
It's 9:45 and my family and I just got back from our very first Londonderry Lancer Football Game, I know its virtually the end of the season. My kids ages 13,12 and 7 have not been very interested in going to any game and my wife and I haven't been to a High School game since we were in High School ourselves.
I have to admit that the experience was fantastic, our neighbors son Thomas is a Senior and this was his last regular season game. Thomas invited the boys and this time they said it would great to go. The weather … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Designated Agency is coming to NH - 10/21/08 01:37 AM
As of January 1, 2009 Consumers in NH will now have another option when it comes to working with a Realtor. As of today, Consumers have Seller Agency, Buyer Agency, Non Agency and Disclosed Dual Agency as options but as of the 1st of the year Designated Agency will arrive in NH.
What is designated Agency and how does it work? The answer is actually quite simple. Seller,Buyer and Non Agency will remain the same, what changes is that now a Realtor can be a Designated Seller/Buyer Agent which virtually gets rid of Disclosed Dual Agency. If some of you are not … (1 comments)

new hampshire: Town of Londonderry Launches new web site - 09/08/08 02:24 PM
This week the Town of Londonderry has launched their new web site bringing the Town into the 21st century. This new web site is great with a welcome center and an introduction to the Town by its Town Manager David Caron. It also supplies links for Community Service information, information about our Schools and even our Economic Developement.
I am very pleased with the new site, as should any member of our Town. This web site is a great way to introduce Londonderry to anyone who wishs to move here. If you are interested in checking the site or would like to … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Absorption Rate for Town of Windham - 09/03/08 04:49 AM
The Town of Windham has been in the grip of a Buyers Market for well over two years now, and if you are selling your home you are painfully aware of this. As of recently though some good news is coming Windham's way. Before I go into stats and figures I want to explain what the term "absorption rate" means. When Realtors refer to the absorption rate for a Town or County,what we are talking about is the amount of time it will take for property currently on the market to be absorbed up (sold).
Historically, if the absorption rate being … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Updated absorption rate for Londonderry Properties - 09/03/08 02:50 AM
A few months ago I posted a blog regarding the absorption rate for the Town of Londonderry and I stated that through June Londonderry had an absorption rate of 6.5 months.  This meant that Londonderry properties for sale were seeing an average market time of 6.5 months and based on historical statistics an absorption rate of approximately 6 months is not considered to be bad.
When a market is in a "Sellers Market" the absorption rate is below 6 months, somewhere around 2-3 months is a strong Sellers Market. If we are above the 6 month mark, then the market is … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Do you know what "Buyer Agency" is? - 04/17/08 04:11 AM
I know on the surface that this might sound like a silly question to ask, but there are a lot of Consumers (and even Realtors) that don't know what a Buyer Agent is or how they work.
A Buyer Agent is a Licensee who has signed a contract to represent a Buyer, in a real estate transaction. With out a contract an Agent cannot represent a consumer in a transaction as " The Buyer's Agent", this means that the Agent should not advise the consumer about properties they are viewing in any way except when its about revealing material facts. They … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Come Live in Londonderry NH - 03/04/08 12:41 AM
My wife and I moved to Londonderry aprroximately 6 years ago and we have enjoyed being here raising our family ever since. Why did we choose Londonderry? the answer is easy, its a great place to live.
 Londonderry is located near the MA boarder and has easy access to interstate 93, therefore you are located about 45minutes from Boston going south and a little over 1hr from sky country and the white mountains.  Within the Town you have Apple Orchards, farm stands and walking trails throughout the Town, there is no "central" down town which my wife and I like. There is … (1 comments)


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