rockingham county: Attention Residents in Rockingham County- Flu clinic being held - 10/07/09 05:21 AM
I received this information today regarding a flu clinic being held in Derry on October 17th and felt obligated to forward the information onto the Public, if you know of anyone who could benefit from this Clinic please pass the information on to them.
Seasonal Flu Clinic
Saturday, October 1710:00 AM - 1:00 PMWest Running Brook Middle School1 West Running Brook Lane, Derry
The Greater Derry Public Health Network . 603-845-5539
A Public Health Preparedness Collaborative serving Atkinson, Chester, Danville, Derry, Hampstead, Londonderry, Plaistow, Salem, Sandown & Windham.
Funded by New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services and Department of … (0 comments)

rockingham county: 1st Quarter Absorption Rate for Windham NH - 04/06/09 04:20 AM

A new year is upon us and the 1st quarter of 2009 has closed, so how did Windham do in this 1st quarter. The absorption rate for the Town ended at 7.46 months, which means that it will take that many months for the market to absorb the current inventory of properties that are out there.
Windham ended last year with an absorption rate of 9.44 months, so the good news is that our rate has dropped by two months. The not so good news is that the rate is still very high, if the absorption rate is above 6 … (0 comments)

rockingham county: The "Real" Unemployment Rate Jumps To 15.6% - 04/04/09 04:02 AM
This is a great blog that I want to share.

While all of the media points to an 8.5% unemployment rate in March according to the U-3 labor report data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number you won't hear anybody talking about is the U-6 unemployment number which jumped from 14.8% to 15.6%.
The U-6 unemployment number includes three types of workers that are overlooked by the U-3 number:
1.)  Marginally attached workers - people that want a full time job, have looked for one in the past, but are no longer looking for work.
2.)  Discouraged workers - those … (0 comments)

rockingham county: 1st Quarter Absorption rates for Londonderry NH - 04/03/09 03:05 AM
The 1st quarter has ended for Londonderry and it is time to see where the Town stands. At the end of 2008 Londonderry's absorption rate was 7.19 months, which means that it would take the market 7.19 months to absorb the current inventory on the market. As I have stated in previous posts, when the absorption rate is above 6 months the market is considered to be a Buyer's Market. The end of year absorption rate showed that Londonderry was firmly in the grips of the Buyer's market and even though the Town fared better than their neighbors or the County the market … (0 comments)

rockingham county: I want to buy my first property but............... - 04/03/09 02:46 AM
The start of this sentence is what I am hearing a lot of lately. It seems many would be Buyer's are running into the dilemma of only meeting 2 of the 3 criteria to buy a home. What are the criteria's to buying a home, to a Realtor they are, the Buyer is ready to buy a property (this means they have made up their minds to look seriously), willing to buy a property (this means they are not going to be tire kickers), and finally able to buy a property (this means they have the credit, income and deposit to purchase).
I … (2 comments)

rockingham county: Rockingham County 1st Quarter Results - 04/02/09 04:27 AM
The end of the 1st Quarter has come for Rockingham County and if you have followed my blogs on the absorption rate for the County, you have seen it rise and fall  a lot. As of this post there are approximately 2,792 Residential and Condo style properties on the Market within the County. The absorption rate for the County has gone up from where it was at the end of the year, as of the end of 2008 the rate was at 9.86 months and it is up to 11.25 months. What this means is that the amount of months it will … (0 comments)

rockingham county: What questions should you ask when hiring a Realtor- Part 1 - 03/09/09 02:58 AM
In my years in Real Estate I've come across this question a lot from both Buyers and Sellers, and it is a very important question when determining who you hire. Most people I believe feel that it is when a Seller is going to place their house on the market that questions should be asked, but that is not true when you are a Buyer it is just as important to question every Realtor. Here are some points I believe should be always asked when determining who you want to represent you:
How long have you been in the business of Real Estate? This is … (0 comments)

rockingham county: Attention First Time Home Buyers-Newly Enacted Tax Credit And How It Works - 02/27/09 05:04 AM
Thinking of buying your first home? Good news, now may be a great time to make your move! Congress has just passed and the President signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and if you have been waiting to purchase a property now is the time to act.
If you plan to live in the home as your primary residence and have not owned a property during the past three years, you may qualify for the tax credit. The government is trying to jump start the economy, as we all know, and as part of their attempt they have … (0 comments)

rockingham county: Some Statistics On NH Residential Home Sales - 01/29/09 06:08 AM
Recently I came across some very interesting information regarding home sales for New Hampshire as well as Rockingham County.  The information comes from Northern New England Real Estate Network/NHAR. The information looked at Statewide/Countywide residential home sales, over the past 10 years and here is some of what they reported:
In 1998 the amount of houses sold Statewide totaled approximately 14,507, with a median price of $127,500.
In 2008 the amount of houses sold Statewide totaled approximately 10,169, with a median price of $235,000.
The increase in property value over the 10 year period reflects an approximate 85% increase in home … (0 comments)

rockingham county: End Of Year Absorption Rate Results For Rockingham County - 01/04/09 01:56 AM
Well 2008 is over and the end of year results are in for Rockingham County. During most of 2008 the County struggled with an absorption rate of approximately 11months. This meant that homes in the County were taking approximately 11 months to sell. As I've posted before, the absorption rate is a reflection of how long it will take for the market to absorb up the current inventory of properties for sale. When the absorption rate is above 6 months the market is considered to be in a Buyers Market. 
Rockingham County ended this year with a little bit of good … (1 comments)

rockingham county: Why You Should Sign A Buyer Agency Agreement - 11/21/08 11:56 AM
When you decide to purchase a property one of the last things you think about is signing a Contract with a Realtor to assist you in your property search, the fact is it should be your first thought. When making the decision to buy, you need someone with experience with Writing up a Contract, Determining Property Value, Negotiating the Contract, assisting you with the Home Inspection and many, many other things that will come up.
The idea of going it alone and purchasing a property with out the assistance of a Realtor that you have hired to represent you can be very costly to … (8 comments)

rockingham county: Shepard's Pantry Yard Sale Results - 10/31/08 07:46 AM
Late last month our office held its 10th anniversary yard sale, which benefits the Shepard's Pantry in Derry. This year besides our yard sale we held a raffle for two Celitcs Tickets for an upcoming game. The weather was not very cooperative, but our office was determined to hold the sale no matter what the weather conditions were.
Not surprisingly New Engenders being what they are, came out in droves to view and purchase many of the items that were on sale and to buy more raffle tickets. The end result of a long days work was that we raised over … (2 comments)

rockingham county: The Masiello Group Announces Partnership With BH&G - 10/22/08 08:16 AM
The CEO/President of the Masiello Group, Christopher Masiello, announced yesterday the strategic partnering of Better Homes and Garden with the Masiello Group. As of November 15, 2008 The Masiello Group will become, The Better Homes and Garden/Masiello Group.
This partnering will allow the Masiello Group to leverage all of the marketing that BH&G has to offer as well as open us up to all of the subscribers to BH&G magazine. The Masiello Group will be exclusively featured in BH&G magazine, thus linking us to one of the top home magazines in the Nation. This will give our Sellers better access to potential … (9 comments)

rockingham county: Rockingham County Absorption Rate Worsens As Summer Moves On - 09/03/08 03:04 AM
If you are living in Rockingham County and trying to sell your home, then you have been well aware of the fact that Selling your home is not easy. The current market situation for Rockingham County is not good and has actually deteriorated since my last posting on the absorption rate for the County in June.
In June I posted a blog stating that the absorption rate for the County (the amount of time it will take the market to absorb the current inventory of homes) was at 10.43.  Currently the absorption rate for Rockingham County is at 11.34,which is an … (2 comments)

rockingham county: What makes an offer "Reasonable"? - 06/27/08 04:43 AM
In every kind of market we have in Real Estate all Realtors and Consumers have to deal with the issue of what is a "Reasonable Offer". As a Buyer or Seller, do you know what your Realtor thinks is a reasonable offer? In most cases I would say Consumers and Realtors never discuss this issue prior to signing a Agency Contract and they probably don't even discuss it during the Contract time. In most cases what is a reasonable offer will only come up when either the Buyer is making an offer or the Seller is having to review an offer, it's … (0 comments)

rockingham county: Parkland Medical in Derry N.H. will now provide Cancer Care - 05/24/08 08:02 AM
It appears that our local Hospital (Parkland Medical) will now be providing additional medical services, in the form of Cancer treatments. Parkland Hospital has partnered with the Lahey Clinic to provide this service and patients living in our area will no longer have to travel to either Boston or Manchester in order to receive treatments.
This improved medical service is a great boost for the local Rockingham County area and its residents and is another example of why it is great to live in Rockingham County!

rockingham county: Preparing Your House For the Market - 05/22/08 01:39 AM
When you decide it is time to sell your home, there are a few things you should consider doing. Below is a list of some housekeeping items you may wish to do prior to listing or showing your property. Your Realtor can give you other suggestions based off of your specific property and needs:
1) Remove all clutter from the house, are the counter tops free and clear? Have you removed unnecessary furniture throughout the house?
2) Check the bathrooms, are the surfaces clean and clear, are the shower curtains clean, if you have a slider is it opening smoothly? … (0 comments)

rockingham county: Rockingham County Still In The Grip Of Buyers Market - 05/15/08 03:49 AM
Rockingham County appears to still be in the grips of a strong Buyers Market. I say this because I just finished calculating the absorbtion rate for the County (using properties between $100,000 and $900,000). Last year there were 3,603 properties sold (residential/condo) giving the County a per month sold rate of 300 for 2007. Currently their are 3,129 properties on the market for sale, when you divide the current amount of properties on the market (3,129) by last years per month total of 300, the absorption rate comes out to  10.43 months.
This rate of 10.43 means that it will take … (1 comments)

rockingham county: Buying A House or Currently Own One Then Read About "Radon" - 03/31/08 05:28 AM
Radon gas is created when uranium in the soil decays. The gas then seeps through any access point into a house. Common entry points are cracks in the foundation, poorly sealed pipes , drainage or any other loose point. Once in the home, the gas can collect in certain areas- especially basements and other low lying , closed areas, and build up over time to dangerous levels. The Environmental Protection Agency has set a threshold of 4 pico curies per liter as the safe level. As humans are exposed to the gas over a period of years, it can have a … (0 comments)

rockingham county: Is Your Home Not Selling? - 03/21/08 02:29 AM
If you have had your home on the market for months and have not seen much activity, chances are there are several things causing this.
The most common reason for a home not selling is that the asking price has been set to high. The reasons for setting your price to high are many, ranging from over enthusiastic Listing Agents to unrealistic Seller expectations. If you've priced your home to high, you have set yourself up for a number of obstacles to selling your home. Even if you do get an offer at the list price, the deal may fall apart … (0 comments)


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