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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
Once-upon-a-time, grandpa was working on a junction box in the basement when he came in contact with the neutral of a multi-wire circuit for the dishwasher/disposal. He had shut the circuit down but because there was no handle tie–the neutral was still energized.He got such a shock he fell off th...
There is a recent move for sellers to not only have pre-listing inspections done, but to use the pre-listing inspection report as a means of promoting the sale of the house. This includes, in some cases, the sale of that report to prospective buyers for a small fee. This helps the seller recoup t...
I was working through some old posts today and I thought I would copy and paste some snippets of the posts into Google to see if these were posts I had already done on my own website.Post after post returned zero results in Google.  Occasionally the results would show up in posts sent to my AR ou...
Is there actually a conspiracy or just a huge misunderstanding? Listening to agents we get one perspective, listening to inspectors we get another, and listening to clients we get yet another. It seems all parties to the transaction act as if there is some established “standard” that home inspect...
Modern tight houses can easily become depressurized when exhaust fans are turned on. What this means is there is no place for the air to come into the home to replace the air that is trying to leave.If there are gaps around door weather-stripping, or gaps around window sashes or similar locations...
Today marks my 10th year fooling around on ActiveRain, and admittedly I am not as active a participant as I was in the past or would like to be in the future.  May you all have a happy holidays and a great new year.  Who the heck can believe it is 2018 already---weren't we all just the other day ...
 Most of us can remember the movie “Vacation,” where Chevy Chase is much more interested in getting to Wally World than almost anything else along the way, as they drive across country. The scene where he spends less than 5 seconds taking in the Grand Canyon is epic.Home inspections can be a bit ...
Home inspectors have a lot of fun sharing house horror pictures that show how poorly things get installed in homes and “fixed” in homes, but I am concerned with an over emphasis on defect recognition in inspection training.  It can leave inspectors unable to truly communicate what is actually goi...
Most of the time, in report writing, it is advisable to be as clear and to the point as possible.When reporting on issues discovered in the home, we want to describe what the issue is, what the consequences will be if nothing is done, and what repairs should be made and who should make the repair...
 How long have we been building houses?  A lot longer than we have been air conditioning houses.Well we have certainly done things to keep warmer and dryer for thousands if not 100’s of thousands of years–but we have also done things to keep them cooler as well.As a designer/builder for most of m...

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