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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!



     Electrical components that are designed to be outdoors have to meet specific guidelines to receive a UL listing for use where they can get wet----to be “rain tight.”  They don’t have to necessarily be “water-proof,” although there are some installations where this might be the case----like ...
    Finally, some serious relief from the glut of disinformation, wrong information, and just plain hype about mold----however well intentioned it might have been.       In 2004 the Institute of Medicine's mold study group concluded that there was "insufficient" evidence to find a causal associa...
The Fungi go marching one by one, ah-choo! ah-choo! The Fungi go marching one by one, ah-choo! ah-choo! The Fungi go marching one by one, The little one runs to avoid the sun, And they all go marching up, from the ground To get into the wood, SQUISH! SLIME! SQUISH! The Fungi go marching two by t...
     It is not too unusual to find missing or out of place furnace filters----or even non-functional Electronic Air Cleaners.  All furnace filtering systems need to be maintained and even more important they need to be there!      If they are not there at all, the same old air keeps circulating ...
     When inspecting attics it is sometimes a good idea to turn the flashlight off and see what happens.  Admittedly it is not a good place to be afraid of the dark, but if you stay very still, chances are the boogie man won’t get you and you won’t end up in the living room below.       Home ins...
     Because I love to cook----it surprised me a while back when my daughter asked me for my infamous Rice Pudding recipe and I realized that I have never really done a recipe post here in the Rain.   So here goes, it is not the infamous Rice Pudding recipe, but all it is really missing is the r...
     We have a lot of those 60’s and 70’s ranch style homes in the NW that just never did have enough space to meet the needs of the modern world----or at least many homeowners seem to think so.  Many of the attached garages of these spaces have been finished off in order to create spaces for fa...
     While this “girl” only had a wing span of about half an inch----I think we can all agree that she is dressed to kill.      For some reason she landed on my kitchen range hood and asked me to take her picture----aren’t girls just like that?   (Not landing on my range hood-----just liking to ...
     I always note the presence of ordinary cloth type duct tape when it is being used to hold ducts together.  I include a general CYA about the potential demise of the material.  My feeling is that even if it is in place at the time of inspection it won’t be forever.      This picture shows wh...
     Sometimes I will have an idea that leads to a question.  It seems like I am so much better at coming up with good questions than I am at coming up with good answers.  For example, “Does Seattle weigh more at night or during the day?”  Now, there is a question to twist your brain around for ...

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