alpharetta: Custom Home Buyers Emerge - 04/03/09 05:45 AM
After several quarters of understandably awaiting the next economic apocalypse, clients who have long deferred purchases of land/lots for construction of a custom designed home in Milton and Alpharetta, GA are now acting.  Popular locations have included anything within Crabapple and particularly locations within the Milton High School district. 
The first signs of life in the market were the bottom feeders looking for bank-owned properties or distressed opportunities in January.  More recently, traditional clients who are interested in identifying an ideal lot parcel and designing and constructing their custom home have emerged as well.
Specific subdivisions that have recently seen … (0 comments)

alpharetta: The 10,000 Point Milestone! - 09/14/08 03:52 PM
While 10,000 points as a milestone pales in comparison to the participation of many we've come across during our time posting on Active Rain, it's still a cool threshold to cross. 
It's been a pleasure meeting new colleagues and friends from other custom builders, to agents, to mortgage officers to all real estate professionals.  
It's also been both interesting and enlightening to share the perspectives of real estate professionals beyond our Alpharetta and North Atlanta submarket.  We definitely appreciate the broad reach that AR has to professionals nationwide.
Web 2.0 is definitely here to stay and we look forward to continuing to be active and … (2 comments)

alpharetta: Artisan Custom Estates Featured in Alpharetta Neighbor Paper - 08/12/08 10:18 AM
See Below for an excerpt from this past week's Alpharetta Neighbor Newspaper featuring Artisan Custom Estates and their proprietary subdivision, The Oaks at Crabapple.  The feature photo is of the model home (The Georgian) at the Oaks at Crabapple, which is a real gem and is currently available for purchase for $1,495,000.  More info is available at and


alpharetta: Great Site for Alpharetta Real Estate - 08/03/08 07:22 AM
For agents looking for information on the Alpharetta area, or buyers looking for representation by a well informed Agent in the Alpharetta community, check out Kevin Warmath at 
As custom builders, we find ourselves doing quite a bit of web research in the North Atlanta area where we focus our operations, and Kevin's site was so informative and well organized that I was a frequent visitor.  We were so impressed with his web acumen we reached out to him to discuss how we might work together in jointly markteting luxury custom homes (See
As a buyer, or an agent, I … (3 comments)

alpharetta: New Website for Artisan Custom Estates - 07/12/08 06:51 PM
As a local luxury custom home builder in the Alpharetta and North Atlanta market, we seek to maintain a culture of continuous improvement.  In this day and age in the residential real estate industry, there is no better target of continuous improvement for serving customers than a Company's website and core web infrastructure,
We are pleased to announce the rollout of our new website at which was designed in collaboration with the Southern Web Group.  We appreciate any and all visitors to the new site and any thoughts and feedback on how well we are serving the agents and customers that have an … (6 comments)

alpharetta: The Psychology of $140 Barrel Oil - 07/02/08 03:22 PM
It's well documented - with every passing day, oil prices seem to be setting a new record.  With the triple combo of an ever weakening dollar, insatiable demand in emerging markets, and the "speculation factor" from hedge funds and the like, many project there is no end in site to the price escalation.  While a recent conversation I had with an executive in a major domestic oil company revealed that the "industry insider" opinion is oil should be priced somewhere in the $70 a barrel range right now, I have a feeling that we are still far from seeing the top of this "super … (1 comments)

alpharetta: Custom Home Buyers Waiting in the Wings - 06/22/08 06:45 AM
While the timing of the true turning point and bottoming out of the current cycle is still uncertain, one indisputable point is the amount of pent up demand that exists in the marketplace.  With uncertainty and negative press surrounding residential real estate for 18+ months, many would be buyers have been sitting on the sidelines for quite some time, waiting for that critical turning point to provide them with the confidence to move forward with their next purchase. 
Our custom builder group manages a pipeline or funnel of potential customers, which serves as the best leading indicator of future year activity.  For 2008 YTD, the … (10 comments)

alpharetta: Developers Consolidate Lots to Clear Inventory - 05/23/08 10:57 AM
While once a treasured resource during the "go go" days, holding large inventories of developed land lots is a major issue for many developers (and their bankers) in the greater Atlanta area.  For buyers who have identified a luxury subdivision where they would enjoy calling home, finding developers who are willing to consolidate lots while still providing a good "per acre" value is a viable option in this slower moving market.  While such a request would have either been declined or ridiculously priced in prior years, even well capitalized and reputable developers would be open to considering such an offer in the current environment. 
Many of our clients in the Alpharetta area already own … (0 comments)

alpharetta: The End of Speculative Customization - 04/21/08 10:03 AM
Perhaps no word has been diluted to mean less in the real estate industry than "custom".  What is a "custom" home?  So many residential construction projects carry the "custom" marketing tagline that, for the sake of brevity, one might better ask what isn't a custom home?
How can a home be a custom home if it is built by a builder on a speculative basis for a buyer whom the builder has never met?  Has "custom" been marginalized to simply mean that the structure does not stand adjacent to an essentially identical structure?  Does "custom" simply mean that the home was not stamped-out by a national … (1 comments)

alpharetta: The Depth and Breadth of Topics on AR - 04/02/08 08:31 AM
While still fairly new to AR and the web 2.0 scene, I've been impressed with the depth of the AR network.  It's amazing to spend a few minutes scanning all the groups that cover subjects from technology, to local events and listings, to policital views or to more laid back social topics in the AR Lounge and other groups.   Taking a few minutes out of the day to read the posts from AR users is often not only useful in knoweledge building, but also for getting some good laughs.
My impression of this network from reading a number of different profiles and scanning a number … (0 comments)

alpharetta: Luxury Custom Homes for the Boomer's - 04/01/08 05:58 AM
One ongoing trend we continue to see in luxury custom homes in Alpharetta / North Atlanta is the desire for homes with the highest level of quality and craftmanship, but smaller, more manageable footprints.  The primary demographic driving this trend seems to be empty nestor's who are now in a position where their kids are grown up and educated, and they now have the time and resources to focus on building their "dream home". 
They of course have the option in this volatile market of buying a discounted resale or new construction, but most of those who fit this profile know exactly what … (1 comments)

alpharetta: Traffic Update for Custom Homes in North Atlanta - 03/30/08 12:08 PM
We held an open house event with refreshments and door prizes at one of our luxury subdivisions today in Crabapple / Alpharetta, The Oaks at Crabapple.  With the help of our agents, we've held these events every 45-60 days over the past six months supported by direct mail campaigns and other online advertising to our targeted demographic for buyers of million dollar homes.
The events have been quite effective at generating a long list of custom home prospects, and despite all the negativity in the local and national media and supporting statistics, I'm happy to report that the underlying interest in construction for luxury custom homes … (1 comments)


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