Hello fellow Stagers. A couple days ago a high producing Realtor contacted me to stage SEVERAL properties. When I sent him the pricing and a pdf of what our contract may look like he contacted me to make changes on the contract-which included that "HSCC (home staging by C.C.) would not get paid u...
Great homes all waiting for someone you may know to enjoy them.   GLENCOE LUXERY HOME   CHICAGO NEW CONSTRUCTION,IL/Jefferson_Park/7491007-5710-N-Latrobe-Avenue   PERFECT LOCATION NEW CONSTRUCTION RENTAL
Last week I received a form request (via my website) from a wife of an investment builder. Her husband is in the home construction business and they have this great property that wasn't selling. The wife began googling ways to help sell homes and came across Home Staging.    This is just a remind...
hello everybody. I have recently dove into activerain more actively. posting blogs and definitely reading others. I have 1 question because I don't want to offend anyone of my "activerain" friends. do you post your recently staged properties that are For Sale?? Or is it a Activerain "no-no" to po...
Many of my clients contact me prior to putting their properties on the market and a majority of the time they do not have a Realtor. They want to get the property Staged before a Realtor comes in to give a Listing Presentation. However, I have had the opportunity to work with many Realtors who al...
  Two days in a row I got phone calls from local Chicagoens interested in starting a Staging business. I have always been honest and given my advice/opinion. I will never forget trying to help out someone from California via Facebook for some days. Some friends/family, have told me "don't do it.....
Today I had a very special lunch with a local Realtor, Judy Oberman. I staged a home for her in February, it sold of course. But today she wanted to take out for lunch everyone that helped sell that property including the Homeowner.  I have worked with many Realtors and it's amazing how sometimes...
06/08/2010  This is one of our latest Staging in Chicago (West Loop area).     The owners did not have a Realtor when we began Staging and of course looked for my advice. Over 90% of my clients don't have a Realtor when Staging be...

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