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So you were a broker and want to get back in the business? I wanted to give you some brief information regarding changes that have occurred in the mortgage industry as we know it today.  I wanted to specifically target the Mortgage Originator: your requirements and responsibilities. A Mortgage Or...
Just a thought...Today's the last day to close on refinances! Usually I am ready to kill someone because I’m trying to get a file out the door.  But not today!  Usually we clear off about 1/3 of our active pipeline.  Today’s closing slate is slammed full.  But the great news is the amount of loan...
Want to know what’s great about the mortgage and real estate business?   Several people keep asking me “should I buy a house? Is this the right time to purchase?  Are the rates going up?  Can I get into a house with no money down?”   My answer is simple.  In regards to a purchase transaction – YE...
Sounds like a heck of a plan to me. Take the time to read this post.  I think some great points are being made here!  Well done Barry! Have you ever thought you had the answers to fix this housing market and there is no way that any congressman or senator will even hear you out much less run with...


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