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Last night I wassitting home just bored to death and waiting for a vote on the Bail out. Seems it doesn't really matter which way it goes...just that it does go...any decision is better than no decision. So my wife suggested that instead of being stressed out about the lack of Mortgages. I should...
WAMU: When we sit down at the table, give me all your money. I will look at the cards and gamble your money for you. Tax Payer: What if you loose? WAMU: Hahahaha! Tax Payer: Well? WAMU: When I win, I will keep half and give you your half after all your fees are paid. But if I loose, I get to walk...
I wrote this blog back in April, and last night the FEDS shut down WAMU! Where is the FBI? It's a good thing they haven't passed that $700 Billion tax payer bail out. This just goes to prove that we are being manipulated into beleiving that we "need" to pay for this and that it is for our own goo...
A central bank, reserve bank, or monetary authority is the entity responsible for the monetary policy of a country or of a group of member states. Its primary responsibility is to maintain the stability of the national currency and money supply, but more active duties include controlling subsidiz...
The big question this past week has been to bail out Wall Street or not, and save the tax payers $700 Billion. Or will it really be enough or too much of a bail out and "who are we really saving" from a financial crisis. Are we saving Wall Street as they say? Or are we trying to save the taxpayer...
Well, why can't we put the 10 commandments in front of the White house....the Pentigon...Wall Street...AIG...Morgan Stanley....WAMU...     Because you can't put a sign that says "thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt not commit adultry in front of a building full of lawyers, ju...
Here is my weekly mortgage news letter. I would like to put it out their and get everyones opinion and any ideas you have for making it better. If you live in the whatcom or skagit county area and would like to be put on my list, please let me know what email address you want it sent to. I usuall...
Yesturday I got a hold of my best friend, just north of Houston. He said ike took out a big tree in his front yard and made a pretty big mess. They are out of electricity for a week to 10 days. But otherwise he is fine. But in Galveston...? I asked him why did everyone not evacuate Galveston like...
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were married last monday by the Feds and now will be under the Fed family control. Will consumers now want to bet on this families growth and survival. Will it lower interest rates and revive houseing prices?  Or are consumers still too scared? Are consumers still going...
Where have all the Bokers and realtors gone? I have noticed that in my neck of the woods...Whatcom County...alot of Brokers are gone...but even more so...alot of Realtors are gone. Everytime I have checked in with the local RE companies...there are less and less Realtors. Most of the RE companies...

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