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I am now in trouble. I am blogging and updateing my AR page and not watching Dancing with the stars? So why am I in trouble? I don't care for the show, but the wife thinks I should be watching it with her...something about "being" with her mentally.....but I would rather be here mentally. Is this...
To work or not to work....not much of a question. answer....NO....I plan to head out camping early on Friday morning. Last year, most of the lenders sent out last minute notices stateing they were closing at noon. I even missed locking a loan, but got lucky and rates were down come Tuesday mornin...
My son is stationed at Shreiver AFB, Colorado. Like dad, he is very adventureous and likes camping and fly fishing. He enjoys museum tours, and nature. Especially seeing Buffalo and wild animals. We are in search of places for him to visit and go sightseeing. He has a good camera, SLR, and a 2006...
In part One I explained the basics of a Reverse Mortgage. In part 2 we will go over some of the Disclosures, payment plans, schedule of Leins and closing costs, and repair rider to the Loan agreement. 1. All disclosures that are associated with any Forward or Revese Mortgage must be explained. Su...
And are they going to sit on the dock and miss the next one? Week ending June 13, 2003. 30 year fixed average down to 5.21%. then on the week ending January 25th, 2008, hit a 3 year low at 5.48. The question then was: Have we hit the bottom yet? and everyone said no! The week ending May 9th, 2008...
Yes! So, how do you convince people to buy from you when you have nothing that is tangible, nothing to touch, feel, or take home with you. Selling advertisiing...I want you to give me money for this advertising today. It will hopefully make you more money in the future, but I can not guarantee th...
Is this very well known to FSBOs? If you are showing your home to a potential buyer, and they pick up a few of you belongings or jewelry on the way out the door, your out of luck...too bad, so sorry Charlie, bye, bye....As a Mortgage guy, I get calls from people that are selling their home themse...
Announcement DateIndex MonthIndex Value Jan-06Dec-056.29In January of 2006, the market here in Bellingham, Washington was pretty hot. Houses were on the market for at least 3 or 4 days max, depending on if there was a weekend involved. Prices were high because bidding wars were running rampant an...
The myths and the reality! Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you....are you 62 or over? Do you have at least 50% Equity available? Then why don't you have a reverse Mortgage? Because you are uninformed? You don't know what you think you know, and you don't want to ask because someone might find out...
A couple weekends back. My son was home to pick up his truck and go from Ferndale, Washington to his new duty station in Colorado Springs. He left early Saturday morning after I made him a big breakfast and packed him some snacks and lunch. He's 23 and I still do this? We had the trip all maped o...

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