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I made this comment last month on February 8th, and now Countrywide is being investigated by the FBI for Securities fraud.  Eric  and Andy Large mortgage Companies do not usually loan money. They are a middle man for wholeselling banks and lending institutions. Lenders and banks made these progra...
I was furious when I heard that the U.S Air Force is sending our tax dollars to give the tanker project to AirBus, which is subsidized by the European government. So we would be paying for their labor and healthcare costs instead of our own. Jobs are continuously being sent overseas to save a few...
What was the Air Force thinking...or lack of thinking. Our tax dollars go to helping protect our country and pay for the Air Force. They went and gave the Tanker project to France for Airbus tankers. Of course they are going to save money because Airbus is supported by their government.....yes, t...
03/04/2008 | About NW FL VNIS | Contact | Site Map A Tribute to our Flag.  Submitted by Bob Thompson, Retired Military Veteran, Panama City, Florida The Flag of the United States of America If you're interested, Elvis is singing "America The Beautiful" on this tri...
I don't understand why buyers and investers aren't waiting in line the night before I open. Like a Rolling Stones concert. When was the last time any Realtor saw prices this low, and interest rates this low? At the same time. It's a win, win and I win again for buyers. Why isn't everyone pushing ...
The feds are schedule to meet again and lower the Prime rate. After this happens, call all your credit card companies and demand they lower your interest rate or go to another card. Most cards will give you a better rate to transfer other balances or a "0"% intro rate to transfer your balances. T...
Really, I didn't know that the house had to qualify...what is the houses credit score to determine if the house qualifies for 100% FINANCING. Does the home have other debt to income ratios, like car payments, student loans and credit card payments? I hate this sign that alot of Realtors are putti...
I got a call last week from a gal that said she was with ....Real Estate Company and helped my Realtor with the house that I bought 2 years ago. She wanted to know if she could help me with refinancing my home. I said no thank you, but she persisted in trying to sell me. That is fine. But I know ...
to screw in a light bulb?....  None! They give the task to the Mortgage Broker. Have them order the bulb, the socket and the wireing. After the Loan Originator pics up the wire, installs it, and then installs the fixture. They pick up the delivered bulb and then contact the processor, whom comes ...
I was in a Realtors office late last year. And over heard a conversation a Realtor was having with a client about looking to buy a new home and wanted them to be their agent. But then they said "I would like to have you get pre-approved first, I will have our Loan Officer call you." And I recogni...

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