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Patti's Restaurant, Grand Rivers KY, the perfect place to take your wife for your anniversary, or to take a bus load for your birthday celebration! How does a restaurant in a town of 350 people feed 350,000 people? You'll just have to see for yourself. Patti's isn't exactly a "local" restaurant l...
BBQ On The River, Paducah KY, is when my favorite eating places moves outside. Every September, you'll find me wandering the streets in the midst of sixty (60) TONS of BBQ pork & chicken prepared by about fifty different pros. What more could a serious BBQ Ribs connoisseur ask? BBQ On The River i...
    Doe’s Eat Place, 136 Broadway, Paducah KY, is located in an ordinary old building across 2nd Street from the historic Market House Museum, Market House Theater and Yeiser Art Center. The food is anything but ordinary, however. This location is one of fourteen Doe’s, but Paducah has the only f...
I have to admit I felt like the Numa Numa guy on when I learned that my Is ActiveRain TOO Popular? Blog was featured on Monday. I just shared some simple things I had learned over the past few days as a "newbie" about how hard it was to get a Blog noticed, but I learned more AFTER the post than I...
I just posted my 5th blog titled Is ActiveRain TOO popular? with some tips I recently learned about hard it is to get your blog noticed and it got FEATURED, totally destroying my premise that it's hard to get featured lol It was a great day, nonetheless, and I met a lot of wonderful folks who rea...
I recently referred my motivated cash buyer to another Realtor. A friend came in and asked me to sell them a house. It was tempting. They had cash. They knew what they wanted, and they wanted it right then. And, they had another house to sell as soon as they bought the new one with cash. The drea...
I know people used to travel without the aid of the Internet and GPS on their cell phones, but it’s hard to imagine how taxing the experience must have been. I remember making some of those trips with my family. After driving for several hours, we would take another hour or so driving around chec...


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