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Most homes today are designed with front-entry garages. And I personally hate them! They detract from the beauty of a home, dominating the visual scene. More than just an architectural eyesore, front-entry garages create the opportunity for all sorts of unpleasant views. How often have you looked...
Unlike the days of 100% financing with no income or asset verification, there's no question loans are tougher to get these days. But they're still available if you can document your income, down payment, closing costs and cash reserves. If you know what to watch for and know how to play the game....
  I am always amazed that a professional in any field would send out a business communication that doesn't communicate. And it happens every day! But it especially bugs me when it's someone in my own profession...a Realtor® or Mortgage Broker. It usually happens either out of carelessness or a t...
                          It's called the Grand Vizcaya. It's the largest model of all the homes sold in Valencia at Abacoa. Designed by Frankel Paone, it's far more than grand. It's grandeur with a capital EUR! European in style. Palatial in scope. And this one has a marvelous address. Because 1...
                Wave goodbye to Miami Say so long to traffic clogged streets high crime rates inadequate schools unplanned sprawl & eco-ignorqance! ~ Move up to Jupiter Where quality of life is simply out of this world! ~ Jupiter is your oyster... Small town ease with big city amenities The ulti...
     Clearly if John had Donne his homework, and visited this charming Divosta Abacoa neighborhood rimmed by lush green golf courses and lazy little lakes, he would have known just how beautiful that concept can be. In The Island, well-established trees line the streets. Three, four and five bedr...
So there I am, standing in my flip-flops watering the lawn. And my cell phone rings. A convenience we've all come to take for granted. And who, pray tell, is on the other end but a prospective client in search of a house in my neighborhood...Valencia at Abacoa. Ordinarily, just another day at the...
A former client recently reached out to me for help. It seems he had lost my number and had gotten caught up in a refinance sales pitch from another company. "What could be so bad?" he thought. No out of pocket closing costs and a payment that, on the surface, seemed like it would save him money....

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