goal setting: True Confessions: I Screwed Up!! - 01/05/17 08:08 AM

Ok, it’s confession time!  I screwed up.  Imagine that.  I. Screwed. Up. Period.  End of sentence.  Done.  I feel a little better getting that out but it doesn’t change much otherwise.
Here’s the deal.  One of the goals I set for 2017 was to get back into the habit of blogging more consistently.  So I started on January 1st and set a goal to post something everyday.  January 1? Check. January 2? Check.  January 3? Check.  January 4? Nope, nada, zilch.  WHAT??? Imagine my disappointment when I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn’t posted anything yesterday.  How can that … (41 comments)

goal setting: Set Your Intentions? What Does That Mean Exactly? - 01/02/17 07:39 AM
Several years ago, an obvious newbie with no mat and some brightly colored gym shorts, I walked into a yoga studio for the first time.  Sensing my confusion, the instructor eased me onto a borrowed mat in the back of the room which, I am sure, had something to do with the gym shorts!!  As I sat cross-legged on the floor with my eyes closed and paying attention to my breathing, the instructor says "set your intention for the class".  WHAT??  My only intention was to get through the class without passing gas!!  (Those who have ever been to a yoga … (4 comments)

goal setting: You Can't Win The Game If You're Not In The Game! Just Ask Peyton! - 02/02/14 11:08 AM

Sitting here watching the Super Bowl and following the comments on Facebook.  The Denver fans are bored and ready to change the channel and, although the Seahawk fans are loving the score, they wish it was more of a challenge. Somehow all this gets me thinking . . . .

It’s the third quarter and the Seattle Seahawks have 36 points on the board.  But Peyton Manning is not in the huddle whining about the fact the center snapped the ball past his head on the first play, that the “12th Man” is too loud, or that the … (8 comments)

goal setting: ActiveRain Points: You Too Can Reach 100,000 - 09/19/11 04:35 PM
Active Rain Points:  You Too Can Reach 100,000

On Friday, September 16th, 2011 we reached our goal of achieving 100,000 ActiveRain Points.  For you guys that have been around a while, that may not seem like much.  However, for those who have either recently joined or come back and jumped in with both feet, it may seem overwhelming.  I know it certainly did to me a short while ago.  Although we joined ActiveRain in December, 2009, filled out the profile and quickly sat back and waited for the leads to come pouring in.    We somehow managed to wander … (34 comments)

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