charleston: Charleston, SC - A Small Town with Lots of Great Neighborhoods - 06/08/11 09:53 AM
So you've decided that you want to retire to Charleston. You've been visiting for many years and stayed in quaint B&B's downtown, in Oceanside homes in Kiawah and even splurged on room-service at Charleston Place! But now it's time to find that place of your own... a place to call "home."
The decision to move to this easy-to-love city was a no-brainer, but where to actually settle is proving to be a challenge. You're finding that the Charleston you thought you knew so well is actually a small town with lots of great neighborhoods you've never even heard of! It's so … (1 comments)

charleston: The Crazy World of Open Houses - 05/24/11 02:30 PM
I don't know about you but I'm usually torn about doing open houses for my sellers. Of course they're part of my marketing plan - albeit a part that I don't push too hard. The reason is that as most of us really believe that "houses don't sell at open houses." That's just a fact.
So why do we hold them? And if we believe that they fail as a marketing tactic, why do we keep holding them? Here are my thoughts...
Very rarely, although it does happen, an interested (and qualified) buyer will find you and purchase your listing, making … (4 comments)

charleston: How do You Know When to Push and When to Keep Quiet? - 05/20/11 07:54 AM
I finally got the call from my wonderful DC clients that they had a contract on the home they had been trying to sell for the past six months. "Yay," I told them, "Now we can get serious about looking for your dream home down here in Charleston."
"Not so fast." Iwas told. And my buyers went on to explain that they wanted to wait until they closed on their current home in the end of June, pack up all their belongings, move them into a short-term rental property in Charleston and only then begin to look for that dream home.
My … (2 comments)

charleston: Springtime in Charleston - 05/19/11 01:31 PM
This time of year is always beautiful in Charleston and this year has been unusually wonderful, with cool temps at night and low humidity during the day. The magnolias are blooming and their pungent lemony scent fills the air and surprises you in out-of-the-way places!
Happily the yellow pollen is gone and the cicadas that seem to be all over the rest of the southeast haven't visited us this year. If you're thinking of visiting Charleston, the springtime is a wonderful time to be here. We don't have tourists, we have visitors and treat everyone with respect and we try to … (1 comments)

charleston: Charleston is More than Just a Pretty Face! - 05/18/11 10:54 AM
Looking for a home in Charleston, SC?
Well Charleston is more than just a pretty face!
The city of Charleston is just less than 100 square miles, but its influence is far-reaching. And when asked, those who live in the Tri-counties of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester usually tell people they live in "Charleston" even though they may hail from Mt Pleasant, Summerville, James Island or Daniel Island.
 Also known as the Holy City because of its many churches, some of them dating back to the 17th-Century, and affectionately called Chucktown by those less pious residents, even if you've only visited once … (0 comments)

charleston: Charleston, South Carolina 29401 - 05/16/11 01:29 PM
Datelilne: How to Beat the Listing Blues
We've all been on them - difficult listing appointments at homes that we know will be less than easy to get ready to sell. One of my hardest had to be with the "Jones's," a really lovely couple who really, really loved their dog... and their cat... and their bird... and their hamsters. Ugh. Let's face it, they practically had a menagerie living with them and all the paraphernalia that went along with them including all the smells, pet stains and the wear and tear that goes along with that too!
 The minute I … (0 comments)

charleston: Mother's Day Come & Gone. - 05/09/11 09:14 AM
In the aftermath of a very quiet Mother's Day, I sit and think about expectations. The ones that we believe should occur - cards, flowers, breakfast in bed. And the ones we hope will happen - children traveling home for the weekend, grand children Skyping with stories about what they're up to and showing off new dresses and soccer shoes. And even phone calls or new pictures of those same grand kids posted on Facebook.But in our house Mother's Day is mostly celebrated by me (the Mom/Grandmama and my hubby (also the Gramps). He does his best to fill in the … (0 comments)

charleston: My Daniel Island... Have you Explored it? - 05/05/11 02:44 PM
Daniel Island, Charleston's Island Town.
Just about twenty minutes from downtown Charleston, South Carolina, up Highway 17N is a very special island town. Daniel Island has evolved into a town with established neighborhoods, nationally ranked golf courses, and a vibrant downtown.  
The coastal setting is surrounded by rivers, creeks and offers beautiful marsh views, deepwater docks and community playgrounds. It's a place where people live, work, play and learn. And home prices range from the $100,000's to the millions - something for everyone!
Daniel Island is a top choice for young families looking for safe neighborhoods and excellent schools as well … (0 comments)

charleston: Go on... Get out there! - 05/04/11 02:55 AM
You can't win if you don't play. We hear that all the time when they talk about buying a lottery ticket. Well it's true in so many parts of our lives - the way we interact with others, how rewarding it is when we sit on the floor and play with our kids or grand kids. And how we can reap the benefits of developing a well-rounded marketing plan to promote our own real estate business.
And when I say "well rounded," I don't mean that you simply advertise in your local paper. I mean that you take a good hard … (4 comments)

charleston: Can she do it? - 05/03/11 09:54 AM
With all the excitement - both positive and negative - about the death of Osama Bin Laden (OBL), it hasn't been easy to focus on real estate or anything for the past few days. Every time I find myself getting into a worksheet with results about housing or looking online for the right home for a buyer, all of a sudden some OBL joke or syrupy poem comes across my screen and I find myself distracted and pulled away from the task at hand.
Now, it's not that I'm not political, or that I don't care. I do, deeply. But I … (1 comments)

charleston: Avondale, Check it out! - 05/02/11 02:22 PM
If you haven't been to the Avondale section of West Ashley in Charleston, you don't know what you're missing. They say that when you write copy for a listing that the word "charming" can really mean "old" or "run down," but in referring to Avondale it really does mean all those good things we think of. It is located at the intersection of Magnolia Road and Savannah Highway - where the road forms an interesting triangle.
I just sold a wonderful home in Avondale and my buyers settled on the area for all the reasons that so many families do... older homes … (0 comments)

charleston: First Quarter 2010 v. 2011 in Charleston, SC - 04/30/11 09:36 AM
Stats are in for the first quarter of 2011 versus 2010 in the Charleston, SC tri-county area.  As expected, the number of [closed] sales is up by about 9% but the median price is down by about 8%*.   First quarter 2011 buying activity is the strongest it has been since 2007.  And listing activity for the same period for most of the weeks of February, March, and April 2011 have seen well over 200 properties per week go under contract.
If you're thinking about getting in the market - either as a buyer or a seller - call me or get … (0 comments)

charleston: Welcome to the Holy City - 04/28/11 10:45 AM
It's difficult to labor too long on the wonders of the weather and the beauty of the lowcountry and Charleston when so many in the southeast have been beset by life-threatening weather so recently.
Tornadoes have hit the region together with thunderstorms and high winds. And President Obama has declared a state of emergency with severe damage having been done. Almost 180 lives have been lost by simply living in the path of destruction. And the flooding continues to destroy homes and property while almost 750,000 people are without power.
It's been an eventful Spring and we'll all pray that these frightening weather … (0 comments)

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