google: Just Hangin' Out Talkin' Real Estate episode 1 - 03/25/14 11:06 AM
I had the pleasure today of hosting a Google Hangout, hopefully the first event of many regular Hangouts called Just Hangin' Out Talkin' Real Estate.
I was joined today by John Wake, Blair Warner, John Cunningham, Dave Keys, Karen Highland, Patsy Bailey, Dan Seim, Kristin LaVanway and Carra Riley for an informal discussion that centered on creative use of video.

If you take time to watch the video, you'll see that I featured a hilariously creative video by Kristin LaVanway called 5 Ways to Keep Your Real Estate Agent Sober. I also talked with John Wake about his Best of … (1 comments)

google: Fantastic SEO Traffic Guide I found on Slideshare - 02/04/14 10:29 AM
I find all kinds of interesting information on my favorite social network, Google+.
Today I found this awesome Slideshare presentation that I want to share with ActiveRain. This presentation contains a wide variety info about creating quality content, semantic search, Google+, Google Authorship, link building and mobile SEO. 
Read, learn and enjoy! 
SEO Traffic Guide for non-SEOs: 2014 Edition from Ana Hoffman   If you're like me and you are always looking to learn about SEO and other social media platforms but you're not yet on Google+, you need to sign up today. If you are on Google+ please circle my … (51 comments)

google: Top Marketing Tips: Advice from 20 Realtors Plus My Two Cents! - 12/09/13 11:52 AM
There was a super popular post on Google+ today from ActiveRainer Bill Gassett of RE/MAX Executive Realty. 
Just in case you thought ActiveRain was the only place you can get interaction on blog posts, you should check his post out on Google+. As I write this the post has had 444 +1's, 37 comments and 56 shares on Google+, plus 63 Tweets and 42 shares on Facebook. 
That, my ActiveRain friends, is amazing! Talk about some Google Juice!
Read Top Marketing Tips from 20 Real Estate and Social Media Professionals
How to Use Social Media
Ok, so I think you … (12 comments)

google: Update Your Website - Watch Your Metadescriptions and Keywords..... - 10/19/13 04:17 PM
Real estate sales tend to slow down a bit in the fall, so it's a great time to take on some of those neglected projects that you've been putting off.
Give Your Website a Facelift
For me right now this means updating the content on my website. One good way to give a website a boost is to go through the pages, updating the old ones with new information, and creating some new ones too.
That's what I've been doing over the last week or so, I've been going through the pages I've built for the different high school districts in … (40 comments)

google: Google+ PageRank and More...A Veritable Treatise on the Subject - 03/31/13 10:35 AM
You've been hearing all the noise about Google+ for some time now, but maybe you, like other Realtors I know, are reluctant to embark on yet another "time-wasting social network?" 
On the one hand, I can't blame you, there are many demands upon a busy real estate agent's time. But I have to wonder, since you are already here on ActiveRain dedicating time towards building your internet presence, why are you ignoring the excellent opportunity that Google+ presents?
Maybe you haven't heard about it? I doubt that.
Maybe you don't believe it? I could understand that, at least I could about … (10 comments)

google: GaGa for Google + - Who to follow + Tips 12/26/12 Update #7 - 12/28/12 12:28 PM
Here's another installment in Debbie Gartner's series GaGa for Google+ -Who to Follow. 
If you want to get involved on Google+ but don't know where to get started, you should ccheck out each and every one of the series.
Here's the 7th installment of GaGa for Google +.  I didn't want to post yesterday since it was Christmas and lots of people might have missed it.  Each week I'm providing some tips and a few key people to follow on Google +. 
This week's tips:
Fill out your profile - completely. I think we all understand how critical adding a … (0 comments)

google: Use Protection - Use a Buyer's Broker - 12/20/12 12:43 PM
The Title of our Real Estate Hangout on Google+ today was "Use Protection-Use a Buyer's Broker." 
Home buyers who use buyer's brokers, also called buyer representatives or buyer's agents, benefit greatly from the valuable experience that their real estate agents have. From assistance in finding the right lender for a specific situation to assistance finding homes that may not be listed for sale on the MLS to negotiating effectively, buyer's brokers work hard to serve their buyer clients and earn their commission.
Today's Hangout featured ActiveRain members Bryan Robertson, Jeff Dowler and Lori Cain. If you want to learn more, please watch our short, 10 … (6 comments)

google: Is Your Real Estate Agent Social Media Savvy? - 12/12/12 04:11 PM
The Topic of our Real Estate Hangout on Google+ today was "Is Your Real Estate Agent Social Media Savvy?"
Realtors who are social media savvy network with other Realtors better, are better informed about the real estate market and real estate trends and most important of all, real estate agents who are social media savvy get their listings more exposure on the internet.
Today's Hangout featured ActiveRain members Bryan Robertson, Jeff Dowler and Lori Cain. Please watch our short, 6 minute video:
When most people think social media, they think Facebook. When I think social media, I think Google+, … (9 comments)

google: What Does a Google Hangout Look Like? - 11/27/12 11:24 PM
Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a Hangout with Bob Stewart, Chad Hyams, Eric Proulx and two other AR members. I'm going to post it here so you can see what a Google Hangout looks like.

Google Hangouts are automatically recorded and posted by YouTube if you choose. So in effect, Hangouts are a really cheap way to produce video for your YouTube channel. 
Can you think of any creative ways to use this great tool that Google has given you? If your answer is no, then I think you're just not trying hard enough. And … (3 comments)

google: Google+ Hangout Procedures - 11/27/12 08:49 AM
I'm super excited to be hosing my first Hangout tomorrow on Google+. Since I know many of you who have said you will attend are first timers, I thought I better explain a few things.
First of all, the Hangout is on Wednesday November 28, at 9am Pacific. That's 10am Mountain, 11am Central and Noon eastern. Link to the event invitation
That's when the hangout will go live and people will be able to watch it online on Google+ It will also be recorded and posted to YouTube right after we are done for anyone who wants to go back and … (8 comments)

google: Google Hangout on Air, the New "HOA" - 11/25/12 01:58 PM
Finally the three letters HOA stand for something fun and new: Hangout on Air. 
Join Me for a Google+ Hangout Hangouts are not all that new actually, they've been happening for awhile now on Google+. In fact I've seen everything from SEO discussions to truck driver hangouts on Google+.
What is a Hangout?
Have you ever been on Skype? It's just like that, it's a conversation between people using video as well as audio. Up to 10 people can join in the conversation, or if you would prefer to be a fly on the wall you can watch it as … (11 comments)

google: Google+ Shared Circles Great Way to Add Followers? - 11/18/12 09:30 AM
Are Google+ shared circles a great way to add followers or not? That was the crux of the discussion several of us ActiveRainers participated in today.
Before we get into that discussion, let's back up a step and talk about the first step: what are circles and how do you create them?
Creating Google+ Circles One of the cool features of Google+ is the ability to create circles, that are like groups of friends, so that you can be very specific directing who you are posting to and who you are reading. 
Let me explain.
This works very much like … (19 comments)

google: Google+ is a Ghost Town? Nah-ah! - 11/03/12 02:19 AM
Do you think Google+ is a ghost town? Nothing could be further from the truth. The conversation is very active there, if you know the right people to follow.
A lot of us 'Rainers are trying to figure out Google+ best practices these days. There have been quite a few really interesting conversations there over the last week or so. 
This post and comment thread, started by ActiveRain's Melissa Marro with contributions from Bill Gassett might help those of you who are newer to Google+ understand when to +1 a Google+ post that shares an ActiveRain post on Google+,  and when to +1 the actual post … (28 comments)

google: Creating and Sharing a Photo Gallery on Google Plus - 10/30/12 03:31 PM
There's been a lot of talk on ActiveRain lately about Google+. Anyone looking to stay on top of their internet presence should be participating on Google's very own social network. Why? Well, I'm already seeing my face appear next to search results featuring my Google Authorship photo and, even better, I'm seeing articles that I've shared on Google+ coming up in my personalized search results in Google search (and better yet, so are my connections).
If you're interested in Google Plus, surely you have you read Bill Gassett's featured post about Google Plus by now, right?
Today, I want to show you … (38 comments)

google: Social Media is Worthless Without Engagement. Get on Google+ Now! - 02/03/12 04:05 PM
Can you imagine how much you would have missed if you had set up your ActiveRain profile but never returned to write a post, make a comment or take time to connect with anyone? You would have missed out on 99% of the benefits that ActiveRain provides!    The same thing could be said about those of you who created a Twitter profile and auto-tweeted your blog posts without ever returning to Twitter to talk to the people, share their tweets or develop a following. Sure your articles are launched out there into cyber space, but no one hardly ever clicks … (15 comments)

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