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Hey activerain family! I was just looking through some of my writing samples to get something ready for a potential client and I found an activerain link among them!!   I've missed you! I will try to keep in touch about my upcoming children's book (it should hit the market in November or December...
We are due to have our fourth girl in just a few days. I should, based on the number and frequency of my contractions, be asleep. Instead I'm here with you folks contemplating time. When we knew we were having this bundle, just after a recent miscarriage, I knew I needed to cut back. My husband a...
I was just watching a youtube instructional video about the housing crisis. According to this guys math, housing prices artificially rose up to 60% between 2000 and 2006, while incomes per capita actually went down. I'm in southwestern Pennsylvania and we, as investors, can still find homes, liva...
"Subway Helps Students in Need" promotion lets Delmont Wal-Mart Subway Customers Give Kids the School Supplies They Need to Get the School Year Off to a Great Start By Christine Emmick Now through the end of September the owners of Subway Restaurant inside of the Delmont Wal-Mart store will offer...
The new federal appropriations bill will grant a 9% increase, over $300 million, to President Obama's Office of Management and Budget for 2010. These funds will be used for computer upgrades at the President's office and "pilot programs" to improve federal/state communication.   This passed bill ...
Life Church, Destinta Theater and Subway Restaurants Sponsor Free Car Wash and Free Movie for Single Mothers and Their Kids Christine Emmick - Pittsburgh, PA - June 14, 2009 Life Church (life-church.com), Subway restaurants (subway.com) and Destinta Theatre (destinta.com) of North Versailles have...
AHH, company is coming for a cookout and you are preparing salad, while your husband fires up the grill. What a wonderful way to spend the evening, laughing and talking with family and friends around a table full of wonderful things to eat from the grill, your own homemade iced tea and the kids c...
OK folks, seems every time I get going on here I ignore one of my other very important jobs. How do you single working moms do this? Are you selling real estate while they nap? Are you toting them along in the car seat while showing homes? I should be doing so many other things, like feeding my k...
Barney Frank is Sorry for Voting to Take Funding Away from Indicted ACORN, Appeals for An Amendment  By Christine Emmick Recently the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee passed unanimously an amendment that would make it illegal for indicted organizations to receive public fu...
Baggaley Elementary School Receives Over 13,500 Labels for EducationTM from Morella's Route 30 Shop-n-Save By Christine Emmick Over the last two years, the owners and patrons of Morella's Route 30 Shop-n-Save have donated over 39,500 Campbell's® Labels for EducationTM to Latrobe area schools. The...

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