conway arkansas: What Could you do with an extra $65000? - 01/12/12 04:32 AM
What could you do with an extra $65,000.00?
Buying a house now instead of waiting a few years can Save you BIG…. Interest Rates have no where to go but up in the future.
As YourExitRealtor
I hear all the time about how bad the economy is and that people do not want to buy a house because they don’t want to chance spending the money and making a bad investment. I have also heard that people are waiting for the interest rates to drop even lower…. I say stop waiting…. Rates can go up just as easily as they … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: How will the Debt Crisis affect the Interest Rates for the Local Housing Market... - 07/13/11 08:49 AM
As Your Exit Realtor I try to pride myself on staying on top of what is coming down the pipe for our local housing market. And after talking with other brokers and bankers this is what I So here lately all that is on the new is how will the Debt Crisis affect us in our everyday lives. Well the biggest question I have is how will this impasse that we are at with our debt ceiling start affecting the average American home buyer. Well the answer is not a pretty one.  Here in the Central Arkansas area it is a … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Throwing money away every month on a Rental Home? - 06/22/11 09:34 AM
Many people living in Conway, AR rent their homes. I have always asked them why do you just throw money away? The answer I get time and time again is, "I can't afford a house, or I don't want to spend that much money a month, or I am waiting on the INTEREST rates to go down further!" HELLO interest rates have no where to go but UP!!
A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Conway, AR, that is 10 years old, has a market price of around $110,000.00. With a 30 year FHA fixed Rate mortgage at 4.5% interest (taxes, … (3 comments)

conway arkansas: Buyer's Market Spurs Confidence in Young Professionals and Affluent Homeowners - 04/05/11 08:53 AM
Buyer's Market Spurs Confidence in Young Professionals and Affluent Homeowners
By Paige Tepping

RISMEDIA, April 4, 2011-As the cold temperatures become a distant memory, and the spring selling season gains momentum, consumers have come to agree on one thing-now's a good time to get off the fence and into the real estate market. This is the overall theme in the latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker survey, a monthly survey that tracks the spending and saving habits of consumers in order to get an indication of what's happening in the market. "This month's Spending and Saving Tracker provided an … (2 comments)

conway arkansas: Buying a Home as a First Time Home Buyer? Where do you Start? - 03/28/11 09:05 AM
Buying a Home as a First Time Home Buyer? Where do you Start?

So I asked my friends on Facebook what they wanted me to talk about and I had someone ask, " How do i get started buying a home?" Well Kara, Here is what i would do to get started.
The biggest misconception about buying houses is that you have to start months and months ahead of time... That Myth is so not true....
Step 1 I would go meet with a lending institution or bank of your choice and get a Pre-Qualification Letter. This letter states, what … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Stop Listening to National News... You Buy Locally not nationally... - 03/25/11 07:52 AM
 Stop Listening to National News... You Buy Locally not nationally...

So i read the Wall Street Journal article detailing the top 10 Reasons to Buy a House. And i have to say i agree and Disagree with certain parts of this article.
As you may hear everyday on the National News the Housing market takes another hit in Feburary. Well I am Hear to Testify to the opposite for Central Arkansas.
National News said the U.S. Housing market took the biggest hit in NAR (National Association of Realtor) Recorded history. Well that might be true for a … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Ok, You just Bought a Foreclosure now what do you do? - 03/07/11 04:14 AM
Ok, You just Bought a Foreclosure now what do you do?

If you are like a few of my clients, You see a Foreclosure as a chance to get a really good deal on a house.
So my question is what do you do with a foreclosure once you purchase it? Well hopefully you Had a home inspection which I myself as YourExitRealtorhighly recommends on any home. I would study the home inspection and make a plan of attack. What do you the buyer have to do to make the home livable? (if it is not)
Every foreclosure is … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Earthquakes in Central Arkansas and Does your Homeowners Insurance cover you? - 02/28/11 04:09 AM

Earthquakes in Central Arkansas and Does your Homeowners Insurance cover you?
I don't know if any of you felt the 4.7 Magnitude earthquake that hit Central Arkansas last night at 11pm. I sure felt it...So of course my first call was to my Insurance Agent, regarding wether my home is covered or not under my current home owners insurance policy.... You would be surpised to find out that my home owners insurance doesn't cover any earthquake damage...So i did some research to help you the consumer know more about Earthquakes and how it affects you if the BIG ONE Hits … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Get in while the getting is Good... - 02/21/11 06:42 AM
I saw this and thought some other people ought to read this if they are on the fence about buying a house in todays real estate market... If this article interest you please go to and start your search today for houses in the Central Arkansas Market... As i have been saying all along is that the housing market can't be beat right now.. We have the best housing prices in 10 years and the best interest rates in HISTORY... So don't hesitate to purchase now...

Get in while the Getting's Good - Why Buyers and Sellers Should Take … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Spring Time is Here!! - 02/14/11 03:55 AM
I don't know about you, but the 12 inches of snow we have had in Central Arkansas in the last month can stay gone!
The sun is shinning and the buyers are out in force.... I guess they read my blog post "Now is the Time to Buy"!  Last week during the 8 inch snow i secured 3 new offers for First time home buyers. I guess they realized that there are some amazing deals out there and decided to take advantage of the Great interest rates...
I know rates are 3.99% like they were 2 months ago, but don't be … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Little Rock Metro Area Housing numbers - 11/30/10 08:20 AM
Yep, Arkansas homes sales dropped by 21% compared to September of 2009.  Of course, at that time last year the tax credit deadline was approaching.  BUT....home prices have actually INCREASED by 4%.  The Arkansas market is actually one of only a handful of states that the average home prices have increased.  FYI....the Little Rock market was recently ranked by MetroMonitor as the fourth strongest economy in the country based on employment change, unemployment change, gross metropolitan product and home price changes.  We have a good market
Per Scott Deaton of Exit Realty Deaton Group..

conway arkansas: 10 Ways to make your Small Room look Larger! - 11/28/10 11:18 AM
10 Ways to Make a Small Room Look LargerRISMEDIA, November 27, 2010--Most people have one: that room in the house that they wish was just a little larger. What many don't realize is that with a little work and some TLC, they could have exactly what they're looking for. Here, Lowe's offers 10 designer tricks to help you make any room look larger: 1. For the illusion of a larger room, use a color scheme that is light rather than bright or dark. Pastels, neutrals and white are all color possibilities.2. Use a monochromatic color scheme on the furniture, rugs and … (1 comments)

conway arkansas: Americans Still say Real Estate is a great investment. - 11/03/10 09:47 AM
Nearly 80% of Americans Still Believe Buying a Home Makes Good Financial Sense
Nearly Eight in 10 Americans Still Believe Buying a Home Makes Good Financial Sense
RISMEDIA, October 15, 2010-Nearly eight out of 10 respondents believe buying a home is a good financial decision, despite ongoing challenges with the economy and housing market. That's according to the 2010 National Housing Pulse Survey, an annual report released by the National Association of Realtors. The survey, which measures how affordable housing issues affect consumers, also found job security concerns to be the highest in eight years of sampling, with 70% of … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: YourExitRealtor (Blake Roussel) - 11/03/10 09:36 AM
I just wanted to let you know what my past clients have said about me in the recent months.
I promise to provide 100% customer service... I look forward to hearing from you soon.
"Blake made the sale of our first home a comfortable experience.  He made us feel more like friends than clients.  Since this was the first home we ever sold, we had many questions and concerns.  Blake was available day and night to put us at ease and to show us any house we wanted to see.   He was a joy to work with.  I would recommend … (0 comments)

conway arkansas: Buying V. Renting in Conway, AR - 11/03/10 09:26 AM
Many people living in Conway, AR rent their homes. I have always asked them why do you just throw money away? The answer i get time and time again is, "i can't afforda a house, or i don't want to spend that much money a month."
Well folks her is the answer to them.
Renting a 1200 square foot home in Conway, AR cost the tenant any where from $750-$900 each month. That is money that is being thrown down the drain...
A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Conway, AR, that is 10 years old, has a market price of … (2 comments)

conway arkansas: Over 60? What are your financing options.. - 11/02/10 09:32 AM
For Your Clients: In 60s, Refinance to Shorter-Term Mortgage  
By Claudia BuckRISMEDIA, November 2, 2010--(MCT)--From loan modification offers to finding a reputable financial adviser, this week's "Ask the Experts" questions cover wide ground. The answers are from Steven Zeller, an investment adviser from Gold River, Calif., and Jerod Wurm, a certified financial planner in Roseville, Calif.QUESTION: My bank sent an unsolicited letter saying I have a week to sign up for a loan modification. I currently have a 5.75 percent, 30-year fixed loan with about 24 years left. The bank says it can lower the interest rate to 4.75 percent … (1 comments)

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