yourexitrealtor: 5 Selling tips for those who are retiring and relocating. - 06/05/12 02:06 AM
As YourExitRealtor, I like to find you articles that may actually help you in your decision process of buying or selling a home. This is a great article on Retirement and Relocation. If you have any questions please go to and email me directly.
5 Steps to help you sell your home for Retirement.
In parts of the country where the housing market is reviving, some homeowners who had put off relocating for retirement are testing the real-estate waters again.
If you're thinking of selling your house, all the familiar recommendations still apply: a coat of paint, flowers by the … (2 comments)

yourexitrealtor: 12 Tips to Help Home Buyers in 2012 - 01/26/12 06:08 AM
12 Mortgage tips for 2012
As YourExitRealtor,  I am always trying to put helpful information out there so you can make those critical decisions on whether to go ahead and purchase, or try to get a good deal and find a larger house.  Here are some very helpful tips from BANKRATE.COM that I read this morning. With Interest rates staying low through this year, and the deals are out there. Why Not Take Advantage of the Current Real Estate Market?
Getting a mortgage loan has become challenging in recent years. Don't expect that to change anytime soon.
Lending standards … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Lets get this New Year Started..... - 01/04/12 04:27 AM
YourExitRealtor would first of all like to thank you for all the referrals and business in 2011….
Now that being said…. Lets get the new year started off on the right foot!
Over the past couple of months I have taken the challenge to become a better trained and educated realtor. To better represent my clients. So here is what I have been training for your benefit! I will not be one of those realtors who can not answer my clients questions. I make a promise to all of my clients and … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Are you Facing Foreclosure? Do you need some options? - 10/12/11 03:30 AM
·         1 out of 8 homeowners is facing a hardship.
·         4.5 million Homeowners owe more than their home is worth.
·         10 million homeowners will fall into default in the next 36 months.
These are some sobering facts. If you are a homeowner and you feel you might be falling behind contact me at
As YourExitRealtor  I want to stay on top of ways to greater serve my clients and help the general public in buying and selling real estate.
2 months ago I receive my Short Sales … (2 comments)

yourexitrealtor: What does this down turn in the economy mean for the local housing market? - 09/23/11 05:19 AM
What does this down turn in the economy mean for the local housing market?
So as I sit at home every evening and watch the news saying that the country is possibly heading for a second recession, one thought goes through my head “Here we go again”.
For the past 3 years our local market has a roller coaster of activity up, down, down, down, up, down! The Little Rock Metropolitan area which includes: Benton, Bryant, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Mayflower, Conway, Cabot, Jacksonville.
What is going on currently…. Well in talking with my trusted … (3 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Would a new Home Buyer Tax Credit Motivate you to purchase a Home? - 09/08/11 07:36 AM
Would a new Home Buyer Tax Credit Motivate you to purchase a Home?
Stumbled across this article from RIS Media…. If there was another Home Buyer Tax Credit would that motivate you to purchase a home? YourExitRealtor would love your feedback.
The National Mortgage Complaint Center is urging US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner to introduce immediate legislation that restores the Federal Tax Incentive Plan for home buyers. However, the group says, “the Federal Tax Incentive Home Purchase Program should not be limited to first time home buyers only. We believe a more robust federal tax … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Your Choice of Realtor Could affect the sell of your home.... - 09/02/11 02:51 AM
Why Hiring the Right Agent is a key factor in getting your home SOLD!
As you may know these days selling a home can be a little more difficult in a Buyers Market.YourExitRealtor read this article and thought that it could be of some use to all the Sellers and Potential Sellers out there. I lays out the key to success in selling your home. And as you will read it starts with hiring the right Realtor to guide you through this Buyers Market.
While certain tips like properly staging your space will help get your home sold no … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: IT IS TIME TO GET OFF THE FENCE..... - 08/22/11 03:18 AM
BUYERS it’s time to get off the FENCE…..
So I was at a meeting at one of my local banks on Friday, and brought up how low the interest rates are. My lender said that they were swamped with refinances but had very few new loan applications…. Which to me is crazy….
With Rates at an all time Historical Low…. (Click Here to Get my Lenders Contact info!)
15-Yr Conventional - 3.25%
30-Yr Conventional - 3.875%
15-Yr FHA - 3.25%
30-Yr FHA - 3.75%
30-Yr VA - 3.75%
30-Yr RD - 3.75%
From what I see every day being … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: 100% Financing is not just a MYTH, it can be YOUR REALITY.... - 08/03/11 04:33 AM
100% financing it’s not just a myth! When you use unconventional methods to get it!
Thinking about owning your own home, but you just do not have the money to cover the down payment required by the bank? Well this information might help you a little bit. The day of the easy 100% financing is gone, but if you really want to purchase a home and are willing to do a little extra to get that dream of home ownership then keep reading.
Now days there are no true 100% FINANCING, but there are grants out there for … (1 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Are you Behind on your Mortgage? Do you have Questions? - 07/25/11 02:56 AM
Short Sale
If you are behind on your mortgage and you are needing help to avoid foreclosure please take a minute and read the information provided below.If you are interested in buying a Short Sale property and would like help finding one of these good deals please email me your contact information. And I will be glad to help you find a short sale and hopefully we can both help a troubled homeowner avoid Foreclosure.
Basics of a Short Sale
Short sales happen when a lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed against the home because there is … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: How will the Debt Crisis affect the Interest Rates for the Local Housing Market... - 07/13/11 08:49 AM
As Your Exit Realtor I try to pride myself on staying on top of what is coming down the pipe for our local housing market. And after talking with other brokers and bankers this is what I So here lately all that is on the new is how will the Debt Crisis affect us in our everyday lives. Well the biggest question I have is how will this impasse that we are at with our debt ceiling start affecting the average American home buyer. Well the answer is not a pretty one.  Here in the Central Arkansas area it is a … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: To Buy or Rent- Now is the time to follow the American Dream - 07/05/11 08:10 AM
Got this in my Email from RIS media, a great article for those who are on the fence about if they want to buy a home or continue renting....
To Buy or Rent - Now's the Time to Follow the American Dream
With home prices dropping, minimal interest rates and the cost of rental properties on the rise, now may be the time for renters to seriously consider buying a house.
When the housing bubble burst in 2006, the cost of buying a house was considerably higher than renting that same house in most areas. Today, the opposite … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Do You Receive the Homestead Tax Credit? Do you know what the Homestead Tax Credit is? - 07/01/11 06:11 AM
You know every time I go to sell a house or list one, I always ask my clients do you receive or know about the Homestead Tax Credit you receive as a Home Owner? Most of them barely know what I am talking about! Well I would like to explain to all of you about the Homestead Tax Act of 2000, and what it means to you and how much you pay in Property Taxes.
Any Primary Home Owner:
Homeowners in Arkansas may receive up to a $350 property tax credit on their homesteads. Eligibility for the credit is confined to … (3 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Throwing money away every month on a Rental Home? - 06/22/11 09:34 AM
Many people living in Conway, AR rent their homes. I have always asked them why do you just throw money away? The answer I get time and time again is, "I can't afford a house, or I don't want to spend that much money a month, or I am waiting on the INTEREST rates to go down further!" HELLO interest rates have no where to go but UP!!
A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Conway, AR, that is 10 years old, has a market price of around $110,000.00. With a 30 year FHA fixed Rate mortgage at 4.5% interest (taxes, … (3 comments)

yourexitrealtor: The American Dream of Owning a Home is not Dead! - 06/10/11 04:21 AM
New Article says the "American Dream isn't Dead"
I read this over my morning coffee, while watching my 13 month old play with her toys, I thought to myself you know they are right, the American dream is still out there even though all new media is saying negative things about the housing market, and how owning a home is a horrible investment. Well folks here is what average Americans like yourself are saying about how they view owning a home and its part in the "American Dream".
 RISMedia, June 10, 2011-Despite the ups and downs of the housing market, … (2 comments)

yourexitrealtor: WHO IS WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE? - 04/21/11 03:33 AM
This has nothing to do with Real Estate but, I figured most of the people my age don't read or watch the news every day. So felt you should at least see who is watching you, with out your knowledge.
Apple Users, Beware: iPhones Secretly Tracking Location, Experts Warn
By Maxim Lott
Published April 20, 2011 |
Security researchers have discovered that the latest operating system powering the iPhone and iPad keeps a log of everywhere you go, recording both the location and time you were there. 
The feature has been … (1 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Gas Prices vs. Buying a home in Little Rock, Arkansas - 04/13/11 05:21 AM
Gas Prices  vs. Buying a home in Little Rock, Arkansas
 As you may see every day on the local and national news stations, Gas is on the rise! And I don't see the prices dropping anytime soon. How does this affect the average person out there looking to buy a house in Little Rock, Arkansas? Well with Gas Prices at a current price in Little Rock, AR at $3.70 per gallon most people are reducing the non essential trips to movies, shopping, even canceling vacations. So if they are canceling vacations how do you think they feel about driving around searching … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Buyer's Market Spurs Confidence in Young Professionals and Affluent Homeowners - 04/05/11 08:53 AM
Buyer's Market Spurs Confidence in Young Professionals and Affluent Homeowners
By Paige Tepping

RISMEDIA, April 4, 2011-As the cold temperatures become a distant memory, and the spring selling season gains momentum, consumers have come to agree on one thing-now's a good time to get off the fence and into the real estate market. This is the overall theme in the latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker survey, a monthly survey that tracks the spending and saving habits of consumers in order to get an indication of what's happening in the market. "This month's Spending and Saving Tracker provided an … (2 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Buying a Home as a First Time Home Buyer? Where do you Start? - 03/28/11 09:05 AM
Buying a Home as a First Time Home Buyer? Where do you Start?

So I asked my friends on Facebook what they wanted me to talk about and I had someone ask, " How do i get started buying a home?" Well Kara, Here is what i would do to get started.
The biggest misconception about buying houses is that you have to start months and months ahead of time... That Myth is so not true....
Step 1 I would go meet with a lending institution or bank of your choice and get a Pre-Qualification Letter. This letter states, what … (0 comments)

yourexitrealtor: Stop Listening to National News... You Buy Locally not nationally... - 03/25/11 07:52 AM
 Stop Listening to National News... You Buy Locally not nationally...

So i read the Wall Street Journal article detailing the top 10 Reasons to Buy a House. And i have to say i agree and Disagree with certain parts of this article.
As you may hear everyday on the National News the Housing market takes another hit in Feburary. Well I am Hear to Testify to the opposite for Central Arkansas.
National News said the U.S. Housing market took the biggest hit in NAR (National Association of Realtor) Recorded history. Well that might be true for a … (0 comments)

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