politics: Interested in What is in the Stimulus Package Bill? - 02/13/09 02:17 AM
Here is the link to the final version of the stimulus package to be voted on today.  One caveat, good luck getting through!  It's 1,000 pages long and everyone is in line to see what is truly being crammed in it.  My guess is by the time you finally get it downloaded, yet alone read it, it will have been passed and sitting on the President's desk.  So much for giving the public 2 days to view and debate the contents.  
I have been scouring every news source trying to get the details of the stimulus package, more importantly the … (4 comments)

politics: Geithner rolls out "Financial Stability Plan" aka TARP 2 - 02/10/09 03:32 AM
Timothy Geithner's press conference just ended, with a thud.  The stock market is dropping like a rock, currently down $306.  Bank stocks are down 10% on average. The financial news reporters are picking apart the plan.  
Not the WOW factor we were hoping for yesterday.  President Obama teased the plan last night during his first press conference, now I know why he didn't deliver it. The Financial Stability Plan is going to be very costly and come with strings attached.  
Geithner started by explaining the causes of our current crisis situation, basically greed and no oversight.  From there he … (3 comments)

politics: Obama's Bank Rescue Plan - 02/08/09 11:31 AM
President Obama's bank rescue plan will be unveiled Tuesday by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.  The plan, scheduled to be released on Monday, was delayed due to the expected vote in the Senate on the latest Stimulus Package. The bank rescue plan is rumored to rely heavily on private sector funding backed by government guarantees and financing incentives.  It may also include some of the $350 billion in unused T.A.R.P. money.  
The Obama administration has not ruled out the creation of a "Bad Bank", much like the one created during the Savings and Loan Crisis, to buy up illiquid assets on lenders … (8 comments)

politics: Reduced Mortgage Rates Shot Down in the Senate - 02/06/09 04:15 AM
Senator John Ensign's(R-Nev.) housing recovery plan was defeated Thursday in the Senate by a vote of 62-35, largely along party lines.  The proposal was designed to reduce mortgage interest rates to as low as 4% for home buyers and existing homeowners looking to refinance.   
The bill also included incentives to lenders to increase loan modifications for those facing foreclosure and various tax breaks for small businesses as well as low and middle-class families.  
The Democrats believed it would be a windfall for the lending institutions and included tax breaks they did not support.
I was personally hoping this would be passed and … (6 comments)

politics: The Stimulus Package and You - 02/02/09 02:59 AM
Later this week the U.S. Senate will vote on the stimulus package that was passed last week by the house.  No matter what your political views or stands are on this issue there is a component of the package that requires your attention today.  The $7,500 first time home buyer tax credit as it is currently written is not a true tax credit, but a 15 year interest free loan.  It is available to first time home buyers or those who have not owned a home in the past three years.  It also has income restrictions for higher wage earners, and as most … (8 comments)

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