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Services for Real Estate Pros - Visual Approach Aerial Photography (Visual Approach Photography) - Remote Pilot - FAR 107
Robert D. Ashby is a professional photographer and FAA licensed drone (sUAS) pilot, along with being an active airline pilot. With his vast flying experience and expertise in photography, he is among the best choices for aerial (drone) photography and cinematography and very knowledgeable in the drone industry.
As a realtor, your business as the seller's agent is to present the property in a way that attracts potential buyers.  You decide that showing a new perspective, via aerial photography using drones, will be an asset to that achieving that goal and your client is willing to pay for it.  So, who do...
Hello everyone (and again to many of you)!I imagine many of you actually rmeember me from being so active on ActiveRain in the past (2004-2008?), blogging about mortgages, especially incorporating them into financial plans, etc.  I was also really good at forecasting mortgage rates.  Unfortunatel...
I don't really like to advertise here on AR, but I have come to a decision to exit the mortgage business completely, at least for now.  I closed my mortgage business as it became cost prohibitive to operate, especially solo, and focused on a mortgage rate forecasting business, which may return af...
Drawbacks Starting out here at ActiveRain in a photographer's role verus my other life here as a mortgage professional, I figured I would discuss some of my experiences with the two main types of cameras real estate agents, and most others, use in their everyday and professional photography.  Whi...
I apologize for not uploading this last week, but I am hopefully not going to miss another one.  Also, don’t forget my weekly Mortgage Market Weekly radio show, every Monday at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.  The bottom line for this week is that mortgage rates do not seem anxious to improve and contin...
I just realized I never uploaded this week’s Mortgage Market Weekly, so here it is, with one addition if you are interested.  For those looking for a quick summary, here it is…brief up, followed by the next leg down just like we have been seeing.  In simpler terms, no change expected.  Check out ...
What a week we had and it played out much like I had expected with MBS prices moving higher briefly, then resuming their downtrend and sending mortgage rates higher.  It looks like much the same for this week, so you may as well just lock, especially if you are not following my daily Mortgage Rat...
It has been missing for quite some time as I transitioned Florida Mortgage Daily into Mortgage Rate Forecaster™, but the Mortgage Market Weekly is back, and is now going to be an email newsletter, so don’t forget to sign up for it on Mortgage Rate Forecaster™.  I have received many inquiries as t...
I don't do FHA loans, but I know there is a lot of misinformation out there about them.  Jeff does a good job in dispelling some of the myths out there and highlights why FHA laons may be the better choice these days.   FHA loans are not dead and shouldn't be going any where soon. The other day a...
As a member of this group, I know where Mortgage Myth Busters is headed and it is quickly becoming the best site for accurate answers to your mortgage questions...      There are just so many questions in regards to mortgages of which consumers and realtors search for places to ask such questions...

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