colleen ferrary: How The Housekeeper Saved a Life at One of America's Best Hospitals. - 05/07/18 09:26 AM
You Are Powerful. How The Housekeeper Saved a Life (and made mine better) at One of America's Best Hospitals.An old family friend just read this post and reminded me how my mother (her broker and a realtor for 30 years) used to always ask the babysitters, housekeepers, hardware store clerk and landscapers for referrals because she swore they knew about people moving before anyone else. She also swore they knew everything about her competition.  I hope this finds you well and appreciating every connection you make daily.
  She meekly walked into the room with her mop and blue rubber gloves. "Can I clean … (1 comments)

colleen ferrary: Torn Between Two Houses: Right or Wrong? - 05/07/18 06:36 AM
We have been on the hunt for a home for over 6 months. In our new community, realtors spend more than I've ever seen on marketing material for homes that sell before they actually hit the market. We have put in several offers on homes just to be outbid (yes, we've put in full-price offers.) Sometimes our offer is held and used to get better offers.
It has been a frustrating process. 
Several weeks ago we found an adorable home. It wasn't in the town we originally wanted, didn't have the big kitchen & dining room I wanted, but for under a million dollars and to … (1 comments)

colleen ferrary: Why Business Is Like Golf - 03/30/18 07:33 AM
As a small business coach and designer of people and culture programs for top companies, I've been thinking about the similarities between golf and business.
We all know the value of golf: more valuable face time with clients, better/faster relationships, level playing field for people of all ages and sizes, etc... But a recent humbling outing reminded me that golf is not only one of the best business tools, but has a lot in common with business as well. 
Here are a few comparisons:
The more you practice; the better your game/business Your ball is at some point going to land in the water … (2 comments)

colleen ferrary: A little Monday Morning Humor - 03/26/18 04:04 AM
“Today is Sunday”
Forward this to 15 friends. Within 7 days you'll get another Sunday.
It really works! One of my friends ignored it and he got Monday within 24 hours.

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