small business usa: How The Housekeeper Saved a Life at One of America's Best Hospitals. - 05/07/18 09:26 AM
You Are Powerful. How The Housekeeper Saved a Life (and made mine better) at One of America's Best Hospitals.An old family friend just read this post and reminded me how my mother (her broker and a realtor for 30 years) used to always ask the babysitters, housekeepers, hardware store clerk and landscapers for referrals because she swore they knew about people moving before anyone else. She also swore they knew everything about her competition.  I hope this finds you well and appreciating every connection you make daily.
  She meekly walked into the room with her mop and blue rubber gloves. "Can I clean … (1 comments)

small business usa: Why Business Is Like Golf - 03/30/18 07:33 AM
As a small business coach and designer of people and culture programs for top companies, I've been thinking about the similarities between golf and business.
We all know the value of golf: more valuable face time with clients, better/faster relationships, level playing field for people of all ages and sizes, etc... But a recent humbling outing reminded me that golf is not only one of the best business tools, but has a lot in common with business as well. 
Here are a few comparisons:
The more you practice; the better your game/business Your ball is at some point going to land in the water … (2 comments)

small business usa: A little Monday Morning Humor - 03/26/18 04:04 AM
“Today is Sunday”
Forward this to 15 friends. Within 7 days you'll get another Sunday.
It really works! One of my friends ignored it and he got Monday within 24 hours.

small business usa: You Think I'd Be Equipped To Buy My Own Home?!? - 04/02/15 10:28 PM
I grew up in real estate (hence my love of the ActiveRain community) and started selling real estate at 18. Now I personally buy and sell rehabs and rental property and own Small Business USA (which helps many brokers market and lead successful and growing realty groups throughout the US.) 
One might think that when I went to upgrade my personal home, that it would be easy!!
I'm embarrassed to say, I may be the most difficult client to date!! I'm emotionally attached to the home I raised my daughter in. I can't buy my next home unless I'm sure I'm going … (13 comments)

small business usa: Taking on the 7 Keys to a Successful Business, pt 1 - 02/22/15 09:10 PM
Small Business USA ( talks about 7 specific areas you need to consider in your business process. Here are all seven again:
·       Management Strategy
·       Primary Aim
·       Organizational Strategy
·       Strategic Objectives
·       People Strategy
·       Marketing Strategy
·       Systems Strategy
These 7 areas will fine turn your plan for the ultimate level of success. Today we are going to cover Management Strategy. This is first because how you lead and communicate as management, whether you have an office of 1 or 101, will affect your level of success.
Think of constructing your business model like planting … (12 comments)

small business usa: Put Them In A Trance (A Marketing Trance) - 01/29/15 07:24 PM
We’re going to go through the 5 essential keys to a successful and reusable marketing campaign launch. Once you have these basics down, you can use them over and over again.

The 5 essential keys are:
·       Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
·       Put an effective sales offer to work
·       Avoid the marketing pitfalls
·       Use a world-class marketing perspective
·       Get results!
We’ll go through each one of these, so you can see exactly how to use them and how they all affect the overall outcome of your marketing campaign.
Define your Unique Selling Proposition … (15 comments)

small business usa: Do It Like The Big Dawgs! - 01/27/15 08:53 PM

Today we’ll take a look at how the kings of industry wine, dine and otherwise cajole prospects.
Most of successful professionals use a series of information based ads that build emotion and a call to action. These are much more effective than a standard company branding advertisements. The same principles that go into putting together a high impact (and, often, high priced) ad campaign can be adapted to fit your needs with similar results.
Here are some ways to put together and execute a professional, effective ad campaign:
Put together a short report that’ll you’ll automatically send to … (6 comments)

small business usa: Join us this morning and Thursday at 10am EST - 01/26/15 08:05 PM
Thought I'd share something we do for our members with the AR community. (You will never be solicited or asked for your information. We do this as a service for our members to eliminate the expense of costly consultants.) I hope you'll join us!
Join Small Business USA today at 10am EST (7am PST) for our regulraly Ask The Expert series. It's your opportunity to call in and ask any question that's been plaguing you or your business. (Dial in info below)
Today's guest is:
Atty. Renate Harrison

small business usa: PR Equals Free Publicity - 01/25/15 07:58 PM
PR Equals Free Publicity
There are three key areas of public relations you can use to boost your advertising results ten-fold over your paid advertising.

The key to public relations lie in:
·       Public relation or publicity
·       Merchandising
·       Promotions

With a solid plan in place that encompasses all these areas, you’ll have a great approach to use public relations in the best way possible.
Public relations include all that is the media. Don’t limit yourself. The attention of newspapers, television, radio, magazines, bloggers, ezines and more are all equally powerful. Online marketing is just as, … (14 comments)

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