california hard money loans: Why Use Hard Money Loans for Investment Property in California? - 05/11/21 11:04 AM
 For many investing in real estate, the qualification requirements of traditional banks can be cumbersome.  Income documentation for self employed real estate investors can be a challenge.  Credit requirements can be difficult to overcome.  The speed of the transaction can be a hindrance.  The current condition of the property can be an issue.
Getting a loan from a bank can be a trying experience; even qualified borrowers struggle to secure loans for financing their investment property.  When traditional loans will not get the job done and you need to close quickly and with certainty, hard money loans can be the most practical … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: Los Angeles County Hard Money Loans and Alternative Funding Options - 09/17/20 10:47 AM
The COVID-19 crisis has been an ongoing issue, impacting industries across the board.  The finance industry has not been exempt.  While rates for 30 year fixed loans that fit with Fannie/Freddie are at historic lows, finding funding for out of the box transactions can be difficult.  Right now our Los Angeles County hard money loans and alternative funding options can help fill this gap.
One of the harder hit areas of finance has been the non QM segment.  While this funding has been coming back, many programs look very different today than they did in early 2020.  Loan to values, rates and … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: Utilizing Local Hard Money Lenders - 01/31/20 11:21 AM
Hard money lenders fill a gap in the financing sector where the larger, more institutional money does not fund.  While that is true for hard money in general, there are many different shades of hard money sources to consider.  Depending on the project, sometimes it is important to utilize local hard money lenders rather than the larger firms that operate on a national level.
There are many hard money lenders these days funding nationally.  Online crowd funding sources, large pools that are well capitalized and other sources that can be viewed as semi-institutional.  On the other end of the spectrum, you still have … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: Hard Money Bridge Loans For Owner Occupied Properties - 12/11/19 10:28 AM
As we come to the end of the year, I wanted to highlight a very niche product in the hard money loans world.  Hard money lenders have to document income for owner occupied loans, ensuring that the borrowers have the ability to make payments.  For consumer purpose lending, this is required.  For some situations, however, there are exceptions.  One of those is when dealing with hard money bridge loans for owner occupied properties.
These bridge loans are typically written for 11 months, so they are a true bridge situation - not a long term solution.  One specific instance where they can help, however, … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: High Leverage Oakland Hard Money Rehab Loans - 06/20/18 11:30 AM
Oakland is a city often overlooked, but real estate in Oakland is red hot right now.  With Oakland's location and proximity to both San Francisco and the San Jose area, it is a great place to invest.  Due to this, we have some great high leverage Oakland hard money rehab loans for transactions in and around the Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area.
For experienced investors, we have a number of high leverage hard money loan options.  For straight acquisition deals, we can go as high as 90% of the purchase price.  These are typically short term loans, interest only, with no prepayment … (1 comments)

california hard money loans: California No Seasoning Hard Money Loans to 75% LTV - 04/07/17 01:15 PM
Most of the hard money loans we assist with are for business purpose.  A good portion of those are rehab loans, construction completion loans or acquisition loans for distressed properties.  The upside to acquiring properties under value is that you are getting them under market value!  The downside, however, is that finding long term financing based on the value rather than purchase price can be difficult without some seasoning.  We have access to a new program for investors acquiring property under value that offers long term financing on California no seasoning hard money loans to 75% LTV.
These "no seasoning" hard money loans are … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: California Hard Money Purchase Loans to 80% - 01/23/17 10:53 AM
Over the past ten years, I've seen hard money loan criteria fluctuate from super aggressive to ultra conservative.  With the continued strong real estate market, we are again seeing some aggressive hard money loan products here in California.  One such product that has been popular lately is our California hard money purchase loans to 80%.
On a purchase of a fix and flip transaction it is common to get total funding of short term money at or above 80% of the purchase price.  This is typically done through a loan that combines interest reserves, purchase money and rehab fund control.  If you are … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: San Jose Hard Money Loans to 70% LTV - 12/05/16 11:06 AM
With the real estate market continuing to perform well, our California hard money loans have continued to evolve.  We have a great program available now that typically prices in the single digit rates with a cost of 2 points or less that will take your San Jose hard money loans to 70% LTV.  This program is available in most areas of the state, but we are highlighting the San Jose area due to the strong market and locality to the tech industries.
This program typically structures the loan as a 30 year amortization with either a 3 or an 8 year fixed period.  … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: California Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans Available - 05/06/16 04:54 AM
California owner occupied hard money loans are a unique niche these days.  Many hard money lenders are not doing consumer purpose lending these days.  That means they are not typically financing owner occupied properties via hard money loans.  The reasons for this are many, but at the root of it is the guidelines and new laws put in place.  
These new laws and requirements are in place to protect the consumer.  The issue with hard money loans is that the regulations were written with banks in mind, not the hard money lenders.  Although hard money lenders are not banks, we are still … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: Up To 90% of Purchase Price Hard Money Loans For California - 03/15/16 05:22 AM
We specialize in California hard money loans, and are always looking to add products to our offerings.  We recently have added a straight purchase loan that will finance as much as 90% of the purchase price on residential investment property in California.  
While we have a wide range of products, including loans for rehab projects that base lending on the after repair value, or ARV, and long term (up to 30 years) programs, many investors are looking for the maximum leverage possible on a short term bridge loan situation.  That is where we can offer up to 90% of purchase price … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: High LTV California Hard Money Bridge Loans - 11/17/15 07:47 AM
Many potential clients call asking for loan products that can help them leverage their existing cash.  Many want to leverage their cash as much as possible by borrowing at the highest loan to value.  We have a number of aggressive products for real estate investors, many of which are based on as complete or after repair values.  In addition, we are now able to put together highly leveraged bridge loans based on the current value, sometimes going as high as 85% loan to value on short term hard money refinances, and potentially as high as 90% on short term purchases.
Our high … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: California Hard Money Loans to 80% LTV - 08/11/15 05:03 AM
Hard money lending has been changing over the past few years.  As the market improves, the loan products we are able to offer have also improved.  One of the biggest improvements has to do with max loan to value ratios on individual properties.  Only a couple years ago we were capping loan to value ratios at 60-65%, but today we have California hard money loans that can go as high as 80% loan to value!
Not every loan will qualify for an 80% LTV, that is the top of the mark for us right now, but many loans we are seeing will … (2 comments)

california hard money loans: Buying a Profitable Fix and Flip Property With Hard Money - 01/05/15 04:49 AM
Dealing with hard money fix and flip loans has allowed me to see a number of transactions, both successful and unsuccessful.  To buy a profitable fix and flip property with hard money takes more leg work than it does for those able to purchase with cash.  Today we are going to look at three of the biggest pitfalls I see when new investors are getting into fix and flip transactions.  Avoid these pitfalls and your chances of being profitable on your fix and flip will be much better!
The first issue I see is an over estimation of the as completed … (2 comments)

california hard money loans: California Hard Money Purchase Loans to 75% LTV or More - 03/05/14 02:51 AM
The real estate market here in California seems as if it is well on the way to recovery.  This is good news for most, with an ancillary benefit in my line of work being increased loan to value ratios on purchases.
For hard money lending over the past number of years, loan to value ratios have been fairly conservative.  60% loan to value caps were not uncommon not long ago, and today many firms are capping loan to value ratios at 65%.  This means that a buyer of a property with hard money financing had to put down at least 35% … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: Three Reasons To Consider Using a Hard Money Lender - 11/06/12 06:36 AM
With bank rates down at historic lows, many people may question the need to use a hard money lender for your financing.  I specialize in hard money loans in California and am going to look at five common reasons people have for using a hard money lender in today’s market.
One of the more common reasons these days to use a hard money loan rather than traditional financing is time.  There are many transactions where time is of the essence, but conventional financing can take 30, 45, even 60 or more days right now.  In some cases there is a particular … (0 comments)

california hard money loans: California Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans - 03/12/12 08:32 AM
Finding California owner occupied hard money lending has been difficult at best over the past few years.  With all of the changes in the lending world, many hard money lenders simply stopped making owner occupied and/or consumer loans secured by 1-4 residential units.  It has been only recently that we’ve started making these owner occupied hard money loans again, and I wanted to take a moment today to go over what we are able to help with. 
Hard money loans are typically thought of as no-doc loans.  That is not the case any longer, especially when talking about owner occupied or … (2 comments)

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