california hard money seconds: Cash Out Hard Money Second Position Loans - 08/01/19 04:31 PM
Cash out hard money second position loans are often overlooked as an option for investors.  Many times clients are structuring their financing needs without knowing what is possible.  Taking advantage of these types of products can be quite beneficial - especially for investors who hold many properties.
These hard money seconds are typically short term solutions to bridge a gap for an immediate financing need.  The real benefit to them is the ability to retain a long term loan that may be with a bank and at an attractive rate, while accessing equity quickly.  When people think about seconds, typically they only … (0 comments)

california hard money seconds: Owner Occupied CA Hard Money Seconds For Business and Investment - 12/17/18 11:39 AM
I work with a lot of real estate investors and other business people every day.  These people are contacting me because they need access to capital.  The use of that capital can vary, but that is why potential clients contact me.  One source of capital that often goes overlooked in my niche is tapping into the equity of a primary residence.  While we do not do consumer purpose loans, we are able to assist with owner occupied CA hard money seconds for business and investment purposes.
Many hard money lenders in California do not make loans on owner occupied properties.  The reason … (0 comments)

california hard money seconds: San Francisco Hard Money Seconds and Thirds - 01/10/18 03:27 PM
We specialize in hard money loans in California.  One of our niche products that we offer includes San Francisco hard money seconds and thirds.
These hard money seconds and thirds are an option to consider when in need of capital for a new project or for an existing project.  We do not do consumer purpose seconds or thirds - only business purpose.  With these programs we are able to allow our clients to keep their attractive rate existing loans, while accessing capital in their property.
This capital can be used for business expansion, paying off business debt, acquisition of inventory, rehab of an … (0 comments)

california hard money seconds: California Hard Money Seconds for Business Purposes - 01/27/16 03:33 AM
For many people who own property with existing loans at excellent terms it can be difficult to tap the remaining equity.  Loan guidelines have changed, as have rates and the ability to obtain cash out on a new first loan at similar or more advantageous terms.  Additionally, many institutions are limiting their second position lending programs, making it difficult at best to obtain a second or line of credit for the equity in an existing property.  In situations like these we are able to help with California hard money seconds for business purposes.
Our ability to assist in obtaining lines of credit or … (1 comments)

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