hard money loans: San Jose Hard Money Loans to 70% LTV - 12/05/16 11:06 AM
With the real estate market continuing to perform well, our California hard money loans have continued to evolve.  We have a great program available now that typically prices in the single digit rates with a cost of 2 points or less that will take your San Jose hard money loans to 70% LTV.  This program is available in most areas of the state, but we are highlighting the San Jose area due to the strong market and locality to the tech industries.
This program typically structures the loan as a 30 year amortization with either a 3 or an 8 year fixed period.  … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Southern California Hard Money Construction Loans - 06/06/16 07:48 AM
We have some great products for Southern California hard money construction loans rolling out.  We've found an influx of clients contacting us for hard money construction lending lately.  While the real estate market is strong right now, institutional construction lending seems to be tightening up with increased cash requirements and delays.
Our construction and construction completion loans typically look at the as complete value rather than a cost to build ratio.  While on ground up construction projects we would prefer to see 30% of cost in, we do have options that can reduce that number - sometimes to as low as 15% … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Owner Occupied California Hard Money Loans - 05/01/15 07:03 AM
There was a time not long ago where hard money lenders for owner occupied properties were nearly impossible to find.  The real estate market had gone through a major crash and new regulations were being implemented, aimed at protecting consumers.  While most of those regulations were written with more traditional types of lending in mind, the rules and regulations do apply to hard money loans as well.
As these rules have had time to settle in, more investors are feeling comfortable with their understanding of the regulations, which means money is starting to free up for owner occupied residential hard money loans to be … (1 comments)

hard money loans: California Hard Money Purchase Loans to 75% LTV or More - 03/05/14 02:51 AM
The real estate market here in California seems as if it is well on the way to recovery.  This is good news for most, with an ancillary benefit in my line of work being increased loan to value ratios on purchases.
For hard money lending over the past number of years, loan to value ratios have been fairly conservative.  60% loan to value caps were not uncommon not long ago, and today many firms are capping loan to value ratios at 65%.  This means that a buyer of a property with hard money financing had to put down at least 35% … (0 comments)

hard money loans: CA Hard Money Solutions For Leveraging Existing Property - 02/10/14 07:57 AM
The real estate market here in California has seen a nice run over the past couple of years.  Prices have been appreciating after a sustained downturn in real estate prices.  This appreciation has created equity for many real estate investors that can be used to acquire additional properties.  Using funds in this manner is called leveraging, and our CA hard money loans are one way to tap that equity.
While real estate prices have been increasing, bank lending has continued to tighten up.  This is especially true for loans to investors and self employed individuals.  While many investors now have equity … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Credit Requirements for Hard Money Loans - 02/05/13 01:04 AM
I specialize in hard money loans here in California.  With the turmoil in the financial and real estate markets many people are looking for hard money who have not needed it in the past.  In addition, people who have used hard money in the past are expecting the requirements to be the same now as they were ten years ago.  Today I’m going to take a look at credit requirements for hard money loans.
Perhaps the biggest misconception that people have about hard money loans is that they require no documentation or credit checks on the borrower.  It is true that … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Three Reasons To Consider Using a Hard Money Lender - 11/06/12 06:36 AM
With bank rates down at historic lows, many people may question the need to use a hard money lender for your financing.  I specialize in hard money loans in California and am going to look at five common reasons people have for using a hard money lender in today’s market.
One of the more common reasons these days to use a hard money loan rather than traditional financing is time.  There are many transactions where time is of the essence, but conventional financing can take 30, 45, even 60 or more days right now.  In some cases there is a particular … (0 comments)

hard money loans: CA Hard Money Loans – Overview and Guidelines - 10/24/12 03:52 AM
I specialize in CA hard money loans.  In talking with potential clients every day, there is a misperception about hard money these days.  In this post I am going to look at hard money loan guidelines for today, and give a quick overview on why things have changed.
It was not long ago that hard money loans were quick, easy and aggressive.  80% financing with hard money was not uncommon.  No documentation was the rule rather than the exception, and appraisals were taken at face value.  Then the market crashed and things changed.
Many investors lost a lot of money when … (0 comments)

hard money loans: California Real Estate Investors Target Short Sale Bargains - 08/06/12 05:05 AM
Many of my clients are real estate investors, short term flippers who use our California hard money loans for rehab financing.  Over the past 12 months, competition among real estate investors has heated up with regards to REO properties.  One avenue a number of investors seem to be turning to is targeting short sales as a larger portion of their business.
Short sale properties for real estate investors are not as attractive as the bank owned properties are.  Typically the time from offer to closing is longer, sometimes much longer, than it is on a straight bank owned property.  With … (0 comments)

hard money loans: How to Get a Hard Money Loan - 07/05/12 04:32 AM
With many qualified borrowers still getting turned down by the banks, more and more people are looking into how to get a hard money loan for their real estate transaction.  The steps to getting a hard money loan are not difficult, and today we are going to look at the most common questions a lender has when underwriting a hard money loan request.
There are three basic questions that are going to be asked.  What is the purpose of the loan, what is the collateral for the loan and how do you intend to pay off the loan.  These are the … (0 comments)

hard money loans: California Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans - 03/12/12 08:32 AM
Finding California owner occupied hard money lending has been difficult at best over the past few years.  With all of the changes in the lending world, many hard money lenders simply stopped making owner occupied and/or consumer loans secured by 1-4 residential units.  It has been only recently that we’ve started making these owner occupied hard money loans again, and I wanted to take a moment today to go over what we are able to help with. 
Hard money loans are typically thought of as no-doc loans.  That is not the case any longer, especially when talking about owner occupied or … (2 comments)

hard money loans: Alternative Financing Options With Hard Money - 08/09/11 06:39 AM
These days financing for real estate transactions can be a challenge.  The banks have tightened their lending standards to the point where even quality borrowers may be unable to obtain the loans they need.  This is compounded further among the smaller community banks, which make a lot of the local commercial, mixed use and other real estate loans that are not secured by an owner occupied single family residence.
For those with financing issues, a potential alternative is hard money.  There are both pros and cons to using hard money.  The benefits include looser qualification standards.  For non consumer loans, often … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Owner Occupied Hard Money - 04/21/11 06:15 AM
With recent changes being made in the lending industry, owner occupied hard money has become increasingly difficult to obtain.  Many hard money lenders who had made these loans in the past have stopped, choosing to only make loans for investment or business purposes.
Residential hard money can take two basic forms these days, consumer and non consumer.  The distinction between these two qualifiers is important, so today we’re going to touch on the differences.
Generally speaking, many hard money lenders are shying away from consumer loans.  These are loans made to consumers, for consumer purposes.  Owner occupied hard money … (0 comments)

hard money loans: What is Hard Money? - 03/04/11 05:21 AM
Due to the current financial conditions, credit is becoming increasingly hard to come by.  Many individuals who used to be able to walk into any bank and get a loan to meet their needs are now finding that there may not be any banks willing to lend to them, despite excellent credit scores and strong financials.
This is especially true for real estate investors, and in particular residential real estate investors.  Individuals who own too many properties (some banks may determine 4 properties too many, some as high as 10) may have a hard time obtaining any kind of financing to … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Hard Money Loans - 100% Acquisition and Rehab Loans - 10/13/08 06:03 PM
Hard money loans are a good way to take advantage of the opportunities created by the downturn in today's housing market.  I get a lot of calls from real estate investors looking for hard money loans to purchase and rehab property they can purchase below market value.  Many are looking for 100% financing, which is a tough thing to find in today's lending climate.  With that being said, there are programs that do allow for 100% acquisition financing on these rehab transactions.
The guidelines for these 100% acquisition and rehab loans are pretty straight forward.  You will need cash or additional … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Hard Money Lenders - 07/23/08 05:17 AM
America is going through tough financial times; it is no secret that many Americans have fallen victim to unscrupulous lending practices and that the most important terms and conditions were not disclosed during the negotiation of a home loan.  We are going through a financial bubble and because of reforms to lending practices home owners are desperate because they no longer qualify for new loans, either because of lower property values or more stringent lending guidelines.  As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures but, the measures that most people are taking are definitely not the best ones.  A few … (0 comments)

hard money loans: How to Package Your Residential Hard Money Loans - 02/23/08 05:41 PM
If you're a broker in today's market, you know that money has tightened up dramatically.  Hard money has become the new subprime, and many brokers are finding themselves placing hard money loans for the first time.  To make things more difficult, hard money lenders are inundated with loan requests.  If you don't already have relationships with individual lenders, you need to package your file properly to ensure it gets a fair shake.
All files are going to require the same basics, 1003, credit report, appraisal, signature authorization, mortgage statements and hazard insurance.  Make sure you have these items before trying to … (1 comments)

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