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 Accurate Home Inspection of Atlanta www.findmeaninspector.comCRAWL SPACESIt's always down there under the floor. Most of the time it's quiet and leaves you alone, but every once in a while, especially if you've ignored it for a long time, it may seek a way to remind you that hey! It needs a litt...
RADONRadon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that enters the crawlspace (or home) from the soil beneath the home. The EPA calls Radon the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the US.Where does Radon come from?Radon is a decay product of uranium. As underground uranium goes through a ser...
A home inspection is often referred to as an "engineering report", although many home inspectors are not licensed professional engineers. The essential difference between a home inspector and a professional engineer is that the professional engineer can offer opinions based upon engineering judgm...
Accurate Home inspection of AtlantaRecommended Nailing PracticesWood members are most commonly joined together with nails, but on occasion metal straps, lag screws,bolts, staples, and adhesive can be used. Proper fastening of frame members and covering materials provides rigidity and strength. Fo...
More than a million decks are built and replaced each tear in the united states.While decks are a popular feature of many homes,the construction and safety of decks have come to be a big concern in the building industry.Improper deck building has resulted in a growing number of deck failures and ...
All new homes have defects, regardless of the competence and integrity of the builder or the construction supervisor. If this were not the case, the essential imperfection of humanity would be disproved. Some new homes have repair lists that are long, while other lists contain only a few items. I...
  ServiceMagic Rating & ReviewsDear CurtisCongratulations! The Rating and Review below has been approved and added to your website. Every time you match to a lead in the future, potential customers will be able to read this review and see what an excellent job you did. As you well know, potential...
Foggy windows are easy to spot, but they can be a big problem. Look for condensation and water in between double-paned windows. That's a sign the seals around the window's edges aren't working and water vapor is seeping in. Make sure the windows are functional -- yes, all of them. Newer, inexpens...
Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, highly-poisonous gas formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon or a carbonaceous material, such as gasoline. Some producers of carbon monoxide (CO) are industrial processes, heating equipment, accidental fire, cigarettes and the internal combustion en...
Mold growth in HVAC ducts or air handlers found in an attic:*Mold on any attic surface or in attic insulation if it is a species producing airborne spores and if the building uses a whole house ventilating fan, especially if there is inadequate exit venting for the fan operation. This condition p...

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