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 Accurate Home Inspection of Atlanta.   In the southeast section of the United States region 8, has had its share of rain. This winter season has caused water damage to homes throughout the Atlanta,Georgia area. It some places as seen on local and wor...
Does your home have a musty smell internally?  A musty smell is often promoted by poor ventilation, "increased ventilation may hide the source of musty smells but does not solve the actual problem !!!", the musty smell can often be associated to suspended fungal spores in the air within the dwell...
A plumbing system performs the simple job of supplying water to the house and removing its waste water. Because a plumbing system ties into a sewer/septic source, it must prevent the possible danger of sewer gases seeping back into the waste pipes. Vents and drain traps handle that problem. The d...
Water is the worst can be your worst nightmare on your home. It can cause foundation issue, high levels of relative humidity in unfinished basements, crawl spaces can cause mold growth. ACCURATE HOME INSPECTION OF ATLANTA       According to section 1804.7 of the U...

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