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Simple & to the point.  Homebuyer Tax Credit Plan Agreed to by U.S. Senate Democrats!   If it passes, the proposal would:  1)    Let homeowners qualify for a $6,500 credit if they have lived in their residence for five years - i.e. they don't have to be first-time home buyers anymore.    2)    Th...
I learned the basic process of how a bill becomes law from the Saturday morning cartoons back in the 70's.  This mornings news that a tentative agreement had taken place regarding the tax credit for home buying being extended and widened was comforting, but as I've been telling people for months,...
Back in my younger days, I was an avid hiker.  One place that seemed to get a nearly annual visit was the Grand Canyon.  Hiking the Canyon was the coolest thing for me, but one of the focal points was being able to dine at Phantom Ranch at the bottom.  Interestingly, most of the time, I didn't ge...
Thanks Tim for posting this.  I had to re-blog.  Hopefully I'll bring a buyer for your 4101 Wyoming Listing.  I love it!Following is my market report for Condo/Lofts in the city of St Louis (Areas 1,2,3,4,5).  These statistics were gathered from the local Multiple Listing Service and are provided...
As far as I'm concerned, Downtown St. Louis doesn't need St. Louis Center. There was a day when an anouncement regarding a major development downtown would generate a buzz downtown and people would be talking. Now, either anouncements have become white noise, or we just don't care. There have be...
This is a reblog.  Good information about forclosures.Legal Loophole May Help Homeowners Delay or Stop a Foreclosure According to this RISMedia article, Op-Ed: 60 Million Mortgages May Have Fatal Flaws, issues with the way mortgages were sold in the secondary market and the way the ways they were...
My buyer and I just got off the "pass the buck" meri-go-round with his prospective lender, USAA.  Unfortunately, his closing date was Wednesday and after multiple extensions of his financing contingency, the bank came back the day after the initial closing and said "SORRY, NO GO!"  So all the tim...
Short sales are getting tougher, but this one takes the cake. Competing for a top spot in my yearly Top 10 Worst Short Sale Lender Awards-- USAA will surely make the list for 2009. Here are the details that should bring pause for all those attempting a USAA short sale. Seller:  retired widow, alm...
Yesterday I started a post with the name, "How to Finance a Condo" but was too angry to write on that subject.  A condo in a mixed use developement in Downtown St. Louis was having some problems and it both fueled my desire to call attention to the subject, but was really 'eating my lunch' so bas...
Why is it that most people, when approached, are suprised to hear that real estate can be purchased for you by your IRA?  With interest rates so low, some people would ask why someone would even want to?  If you're interested in buying an investment property or second home using your IRA, call me...

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