oak hills savage mn: The Best of Times - The Worst of Times - "The Skinny"..... February 2009 - 02/24/09 09:01 AM
Hi everyone,
This really sums up what we are seeing in our housing market today...If you have a couple minutes, we think it is worth a look.  It is published by the MPLS Assn of Realtors and was a nice summation of our current housing market.  
Click here.  
Then scroll down to the article called The Best of Times - The Worst of Times - "The Skinny".....
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oak hills savage mn: When All Else Fails, Try the Reverse Purchase Agreement - 02/18/09 12:45 PM
By Sara & Chad Huebener
In this market, an offer on a home is precious! While not all-encompassing, there is a belief we hold that goes a little like this:
First showing - No offer  =  Indicates initial interest in the home, but after viewing the property, the buyer has ruled out the home in favor of another. Second showing - No offer = Indicates definite interest in the home, but after viewing the property a second time, the buyer ruled out the home. Third showing - No offer = Indicates the buyer wants the house, but is looking for a reason NOT to buy it.  In … (0 comments)

oak hills savage mn: Short Sales - They're Everywhere. What Does This Mean, Exactly?? - 02/15/09 11:18 AM
By Sara & Chad Huebener
Short sales - we are hearing more and more about them, as well as foreclosures.  What exactly is a short sale and how does this differ from foreclosure? 
A short sale is the sale of real property where the value of the property is less than the outstanding mortgage and other liens against the property.  The mortgagor (owner) must typically demonstrate financial hardship in order for the bank to accept a short sale, and often times, must have missed payments.  The bank, through its loss mitigation department, agrees to accept less than the outstanding loan balance, and the … (0 comments)

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