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One year 365 days (at least 75% of the time) 52 weeks 8760 hours 525,600 minutes You get the idea. A year can be as long or as short as you make it because it never changes on the calendar. A year ago my life was very different as I lived someplace else, worked someplace else and had many other h...
Again and again we hear about this wonderful way to be more efficient in the world of social media. Sadly, SOCIAL media isn't about being efficient it is about relationships and they take time! One of the tips and tricks shared with you from many self-proclaimed Gurus, Masters, Rockstars, and Nin...
Sometimes it doesn't matter how great you are at something, you still need help to reach the next level. Bruce the squirrel is one of the most focussed animals I have ever had the chance to observe. Bruce hangs upside down to work the bird feeder and get what he is after. You can learn more about...
It doesn't matter if you are a morning person or a night owl, whatever time we start the day we all start it the same way.We each start our day with a limited amount of decision-making ability. Think of your decision-making as though it was the gas tank for your vehicle. In this case you are driv...

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