chad hyams: Keller Williams Family Reunion Survival Guide 2018 - 01/15/18 06:23 AM
Here we go again! Year after year Keller Williams Family Reunion shows up right around Valentines Day and some how it gets sweeter and sweeter year after year!
With 70 hours of amazing learning, networking and hands on training ahead, the limited time of the event deserves a plan of attack. Keep reading as we share with you tips and strategies that work year after year to make the event work for you!
Each year Keller Williams Family Reunion sells out and this year is no exception so if you didn't get a ticket just watch social media as people sell their tickets due to … (16 comments)

chad hyams: Lessons for the Season - 10/19/16 12:55 AM
It's my favorite time of the year! There are so many lessons to be harvested during the month of October. Here are 3 of my favorite lessons, 2 from the world of sports and one from your own kids.
1)Baseball playoffs are happening! The teams that are still battling it out remind us that you have to FINISH STRONG and no matter what challenge is in front of you, find a solution. It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the game, bring in your best pitcher if it gives you the best chance to win! It is win or go … (1 comments)

chad hyams: 6 iPhone 6 things to know - 09/22/14 03:47 AM
Let's be honest up front and say that some of these features are actually because of iOS 8. Of course many people are using iOS 8 only because they just got a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Let's have a look at 6 of the best things that I have seen already on the iPhone 6 that you will want to take a look at (or make sure you delete if you can't stand these things)
1) Group Texting
A great way to message a group and even label the conversation to remember who you were speaking to. 

chad hyams: The Weather Outside is Frightful......or is it? - 06/02/14 11:55 PM
What’s the weather like in your world?
I am not asking if you are from a different city then I am. I am not asking if you are in a different state. It doesn’t matter what country or even what world you are from. What I am asking is when you look outside what is the weather you see?
The weather changes often, which is what keeps our local TV weather people employed.  That is unless you live someplace like Las Vegas where the weather for at least the next 3 years seems to be hot, or a place like Seattle where … (13 comments)

chad hyams: Spring Clean your Business and Your Life - 03/05/14 09:15 PM
As the flowers and trees begin to bloom, we start to think about spring cleaning. Don't limit that to tossing the clothes you haven't worn for a year. Expand your thinking and get ready to spring clean your business and your life.
One of the biggest challenges with the purge that comes as we clear out drawers and cabinets is figuring where to start. The same challenge can be present in your life and in your business. You think that everything is going great and don't always take the moment to clean where the deep cleaning is really needed.
You do … (19 comments)

chad hyams: New Years Resolution #Fail - 01/03/14 04:16 AM
Has your 2014 resolution failed already? Don't feel badly. Studies show us that 88% of all resolutions that are set, fail and most of them, fail quickly.
We flip the calendar from December to January and two things happen. We write the wrong year on our contracts and checks and we create resolutions that are not based in reality.
The reason that resolutions fail is that we set an unrealistic expectation of ourselves. We figure that just because the calendar changed from December to January that we will be a new person. Amazingly we don't think that when we change from May … (1 comments)

chad hyams: Everything I know about social media I learned from Sesame Street - 06/11/13 01:27 AM
A common question asked is where did you learn everything you know about social media?
The answer to that is surprising to many. Everything I know about social media was learned from spending time with great friends like Ernie, Oscar, Bert, Elmo and others. That's right...all we need to know was taught to us from our friends that live on Sesame Street.
When Sesame Street was being created their goal was to build a children's television show that would "master the addictive qualities of television and do something good with them." How about helping us master the now addictive qualities of social … (43 comments)

chad hyams: 6 Warning Signs That You Are Using Social Media Wrong - 11/26/12 03:10 AM
We have heard from many "gurus" "experts" and even "ninjas" about making sure we develop relationships on social media. Do any of them really help us figure out how to use Social Media correctly or do they just come up with cool sounding titles for themselves?
Where else can you post to 1 billion users? How many other places are there that you can tweet to millions of people? Are there other places to connect with that many other professionals without even getting out of bed?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many other platforms have come onto the scene and every … (2 comments)

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