relationships: REALationships - 02/02/15 10:34 PM
Anyone can go to a networking event and walk away with a stack of contacts. Anyone can attend a business function and meet new people. Anyone can fill a database with names. How many of you create REALationships though?
What do your relationships look like? Are they relationships or REALationships?
Would you say that you have a few really close friends and that is the limit of it?
Would you say that you have a lot of great friends?
Would you say that you have many Facebook friends?
RE is a prefix and listed at as meaning; to return to a previous condition such … (2 comments)

relationships: Toast them or you're toast! - 09/11/14 12:27 AM
There is a limited number of relationships that each of us can maintain at any one time. The most well known research on this topic was done by Robin Dunbar who states, "humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships." He goes on to say that this 150 is "the number of people one knows and keeps social contact with."
What happens when you meet someone or have a relationship with someone and want to make sure that you keep social contact with them? You have to work at it.
Relationships take work!
You must T.O.A.S.T. your relationships, otherwise your relationships are toast! For those … (4 comments)

relationships: CIRCLE growth - 08/11/14 03:31 AM
There is always time to improve your relationships in life.
It doesn't matter if you are in a sales business, run an office, or even are a teacher in a classroom, C.I.R.C.L.E. growth can be yours easily and you will be able to see an increase in your relationships.
When asked, people will usually overstate the depth of a connection they have with others in their life. This doesn't matter if they are personal or business associations. We, as people, believe that other people will remember us, that they are thinking about us and will be there for us as needed.This statement … (0 comments)

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