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Mariano "Mike" Alesi and his wife Bertha relocated to Lafayette in 1957 and were quickly disappointed by the lack of quality pizza in the are.  Together, the couple decided to open their own restaurant dedicated to serving the Lafayette area with good quality, Italian style pizza.  Alesi opened i...
Ahhh, this weather has been wonderful (minus the monsoon we received last weekend)!  It seems that South Louisiana has finally decided to get with the program and embrace the fall season.  What better way to enjoy a breezy fall day than with a bowl of hot, yummy chili?Frank's International will b...
Lemon and honey are so good together and the dish is bright, tangy, and sweet. It’s a fast, easy recipe that the whole family will love and it’s ready in 20 minutes. The angel hair pasta and bite-sized chicken cook so quickly. After cooking the pasta, it's transferred into the skillet the chicken...
Life is so much simpler when everything works together.  That's why IFTTT is one of my new favorite mobile apps!IFTTT (which stands for "if this, then that") forms links between two different services that you use and automatically integrates the two services in the form of your choosing.Here's h...
Take a close look at your windows, doors, and skylights to stop air leaks, foil water drips, and detect the gaps and rot that let the outside in. You can perform a quick check with a home air-pressure test, or a DIY energy audit.Luckily, these inspections are easy to do. Here’s how to give your h...
I can't get over this wonderful weather we're having in South Louisiana!  I sat on my patio this afternoon and didn't sweat the entire time.  Now that's something!  In fact, I ended up putting on a light sweater.  Has fall finally graced Louisiana with its presence?This chilly, breezy weather rea...
We are becoming increasingly dependent on our smartphones.  From photos of our families to credit card information, lots of potentially sensitive information is saved to our phones; that's a lot of trust to put into a piece of plastic and metal.  However, the fault usually lies not in the devices...
"F-E-A-R has two meanings: 'Forget Everything And Run' or 'Face Everything and Rise'.  The choice is yours."                                                      - Zig Ziglar Fear is often interpreted as a sign of weakness, which is severely misleading.  There's nothing wrong with being afraid.  ...
Since 1980, people from Lafayette and from around the world have been flocking to Prejean's Restaurant.  Located in upper Lafayette, Prejean's attracts hundreds of hungry customers from breakfast to dinner each day of the week. What exactly makes this restaurant such a hot commodity?  The award w...
Louisiana's oldest and largest agricultural festival is the International Rice Festival.  Each year, people from across the street and across the country gather in the small town of Crowley, Louisiana, to celebrate the economic and cultural importance of rice to our state.  It's the main ingredie...

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