iphone: Personal Hotspot for iPhone - 02/29/16 06:24 AM
When you're in a bind and need an internet connection for your laptop, look no further than your iPhone. Using the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS, you can share your iPhone's internet connection with other devices by way of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even USB.
Although you only need iOS 7 or above on your iPhone, the feature is carrier-specific. Fortunately, most carriers do support it, and you can use this Apple Support page for more information on specific wireless carrier features. However, your specific wireless plan may not include Personal Hotspot, so you'll need to contact your carrier to see how you can get … (2 comments)

iphone: Forgotten iPhone Landscape Features - 02/22/16 04:02 AM

Remember landscape mode?
Back when it launched, Apple made a big deal out of the fact you could turn your iPhone sideways and get a different view of an app. These days, many of us keep rotation lock on and don’t switch to landscape mode unless we’re watching videos. If that sounds like you, you’re missing out on some useful features.
In most cases, when you flip your phone into landscape mode, you get the same view you see in portrait mode, just sideways. But every once in a while, something great happens and you’ll get a whole new interface, packed with useful … (0 comments)

iphone: Airmail for iOS - 02/01/16 05:23 AM

The most popular email apps usher in some sort of innovation: Sparrow had incredible simplicity, Mailbox had snoozes, and Inbox has its intelligent cards and bundles. Their popularity came from changing the way we work with email — so it's easy to overlook yesterday's launch of Airmail for iOS, which has no one standout feature, as just another app. But even though Airmail doesn't have any one standout innovation, it does something that few other mobile apps dare to do: let you do anything you want.
Airmail for iOS has an overwhelming number of options. It'll let you do anything you can imagine wanting to do with email … (1 comments)

iphone: Apple's Next Big Thing is Small - 01/25/16 06:42 AM
Is it just me, or are is the size of today's smartphones getting obnoxiously large?  It could simply have to do with my small hands, but phones like the iPhone 6 Plus are just too big to use conveniently.  
If you think that over-sized phones are just too much to handle, then Apple's next big reveal in March may give you solace.  The company is planning to introduce the iPhone 5SE (SE standing for Special Edition), which will be a whopping 4 inches tall.  The new phone will be an improvement of the iPhone 5S, which will be decommissioned after the release of … (2 comments)

iphone: Sign PDFs on Your iPhone - 01/18/16 05:48 AM

There are times when you need to sign documents that are sent to you via email.  Traditionally, you would print out the document, sign it with a pen, scan the signed document and email it.  Talk about inefficient; that really isn't any more convenient than faxing!
However, if you're using the Mail app on your iPhone, you can sign the document directly within the app and send it off!  Yup, it's that simple.  Here's how to do it:
First, open the email containing the document to be signed and tap on the PDF to open it.  In the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll see a … (17 comments)

iphone: Tech Tuesday - Apple Beats Android at Parental Controls - 12/28/15 05:17 AM
Children who were on the nice list this year may have unwrapped smartphones as holiday gifts. But parents may be wary of the naughty things that children can do with the devices — and with good reason.  Kids are becoming more and more tech savvy, which, in some cases, can get them into trouble.  The increasing popularity of vault apps is a prime example.  Vault apps are apps that masquerade as inconspicuous utility apps but are actually used for secret messaging or data storage.  Another culprit is "freemium" apps; these are usually games which are free to download but but come with their own mini stores to … (2 comments)

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