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Years ago during one of my first seasons away from home in northern New England, a friend invited me home to share a Holiday with her family. When we arrived at the family home I was quick to notice things were a bit different there than in the very modest home I grew up in. There was love there ...
                                                                   Have it your way. Maybe you're thinking man alive, I'd like to have things my way. I think that way too at times, and then I remember how it really goes. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking you are having it your way, and I'm...
Fear of failure equals fear of success. Yes the two are the same. Identical.  Are you foolishly thinking that no one fears success? If you are afraid of failure you are afraid of success. Think about it. Many authors have outlined the 'downside' of success. For example, will you find your self al...
There is so much conversation  about the current real estate market that focuses on when the market will rebound. How much does it really matter though? Why does it matter and to whom?  Are you interested in making real estate a wealth builder or are you riddled with fear over timing. Every type ...
If you say, "I can't buy a house". I say you don't want one very badly. There is a HUGE HOUSING SALE GOING ON NOW? Across the nation we are able to buy housing at deeply discounted prices.  You may be thinking or saying, 'my credit score is too low and I don't have any money saved'. This SALE has...
Mid boom guy here. I was born in 1950's although I look much younger I know. I grew up listening to the Beach Boys. You may recall one of their hits that said 'catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world'. Well it happened this morning. I was on the sofa, coffee on the left, laptop in lap...
I've been busy doing what real estate agents do best! BUYING A HOUSE! Many of you have read in my blogs about my commute to the office from Eureka Springs. Yes, the 40 mile one way stretch through the beautiful Arkansas countryside. Add about 10 miles per day to the average for running around Ben...
Ever think about the changing comforts of home? We should never take for granted that our culture includes home ownership for many. Certainly we want to believe that every American has a shot at the dream. Pride of ownership seems to move us, whether the abode be modest or magnificent. It is a ma...
  An announcement made on October 13, 2010 names Spring St. in Eureka Springs, Arkansas  one of America's top ten streets. I hope you'll check out the link below and read about the ten streets so honored. If you've read my blog you know that I'm bullish on this northwest Arkansas town I've called...
  Houses as friends. They can be good friends. Houses provide things friends also provide. At times when I have guests in my home it feels like I'm introducing my house the same way I'd introduce a treasured friend. You know, when you come visit me here I'll likely tell you about the nice things ...

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