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If you know anyone refinancing remind them of these important points in order to get the best appraisal possible:1. Ensure that the appraiser is a Certified Residential Appraiser- This means more experience and training. When they call to make the appointment, ask them. If they are not a CRA, can...
When you first start to work with them you may not agree that Provident Funding is a mortgage brokers best friend, but after you learn the ropes of working with them, the fact that you cannot be beat in pricing and you can still make a reasonable profit on your loans you will agree with me. I wan...
That's right! Free fishing day in Utah is June 4, 2011, this Saturday! With the largest amount of recorded rainfall ever in Utah and many kids getting out of school this week or next, this is a great opportunity to get your kids outside and do some fishing without the need to buy a license for yo...
This information is on Short term Rate Advice- Lock In Now! I usually don't give short term advice on whether the public at large should lock in an interest rate. With my own clients I weigh the risk and rewards of waiting for rates to improve or go up carefully, and in most situation we are able...
I received a call from an agent I have worked with for 9 years with a concern over a buyer of his not being able to get financing because the REPC is written up for two parcels, one with a house and one vacant piece of land. The house appraises for well over the purchase price so I illustrated th...
The reality of this headline is severe and unfortunately most will read it, shrug their shoulders, and move onto the next piece of doom and gloom media hype. Those of us in the real estate industry have already had to make major cutbacks, tighten our belts and reinvent our industry and personal b...
When investors move into the housing market it has been a sure sign that the market is nearing an upswing. And right now the cash investor is king. The NAR reports that all-cash transactions made up a record 33 percent of sales in February. That is a 5% increase year-over-year. This market is esp...
April 1st is pretty much here. Why is this such an important date? Because the implementation of the Loan Officer Compensation Rule goes into effect. The short description of this rule in that lenders, mortgage brokers, and loan officers can no longer be paid a portion of earnings from the lender...
  Any hinting from the European Central Bank about raising their benchmark will have a significant impact on our mortgage bonds as well. It will strengthen the Euro versus the dollar, which is bad for rates in and of itself because it means there will be pressure from our central bank to raise ra...
A simple way to determine if any given market's house prices are over/under inflated is to multiply the median monthly rent rate by 180 in order to determine what the median house price for that area should be. This is similar to what appraisers do when they use the gross rent multiplier to deter...

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