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 Pensacola, Florida: 3 Out of 5 Fla. Homes Under Contract in Less Than 30 Days Florida Realtors economist: NAR research found that homes nationally went under contract in a median of 21 days, and 72% of homes were under contract within 30 days. Fla.’s numbers are similar – but there are notable d...
 Pensacola, Florida: Profitable Real Estate Investments During the Pandemic? Where? Lucrative real estate investments change with the times. Rentals, flipping, certain types of commercial properties, REITs and REIGs may be the way to go now. Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title In...
 Pensacola, Florida: Pandemic May Push Demand for Multigenerational Housing The pandemic had a big impact on nursing homes with high concentrations of older adults. Now more families are expected to keep older relatives nearby as they age. Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title Insu...
 Pensacola, Florida: Mortgage Rule Changes Should Help Homebuyers Lenders like to issue qualified mortgages (QM) because they know upfront that they can sell those loans to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and then fund more home purchases. A change to QM standards should, in many cases, make it easier...
 Pensacola, Florida: Mortgage Refinance Applications Soar Despite New Fees A 0.5% refi fee took effect Dec. 1, but the impact appears minimal. It adds about an eighth of a point to a loan’s interest rate, and most banks already apply it. Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title Insura...
 Pensacola, Florida: Pandemic Changed Retirement Savings Rules: Review Now Retirement planning changed in 2020 largely as a way to help savers suddenly facing economic hard times. For one thing, it might be easier to access your money now. Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title Insu...
 Pensacola, Florida: Lumber Tariff Cut Could Help Buyers of New Homes The Commerce Dept. lowered the tariff from 20% to 9%. Higher lumber prices aren’t caused exclusively by tariffs, but lumber prices for a new home are up $10K-$15K. Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title Insurance,...
 Pensacola, Florida: FHA Announces 2021 Loan Limits Starting at $356,362 The limit for Title II and reverse mortgages rises from this year’s base of $331,760. In high-cost areas, the limit can go as high as $822,375, up from $765,600 in 2020. Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title I...
 Pensacola, Florida: RE Q&A: How Can I Get Ex’s Name Off Deed? The divorce agreement called for an ex-husband to deed the family home over to his ex-wife – but he didn’t. How can this be fixed if she can’t track him down? Read more Pensacola's Real Estate Q&A? What is Title Insurance, Escrows and...
 Pensacola, Florida: 25 and Ready to Buy? We’ll See with Gen Z Florida Realtors economist: Gen Z (oldest members turn 25 this year) faces unique obstacles with a pandemic marking their entrance into adulthood. Here’s what we know right now about their homeownership potential. Read more Pensacola'...

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