buying: Working With a Real Estate Professional to get the Best Advice - 06/05/22 02:59 AM
Because buying or selling a home is such a big decision in our lives, the need for clear, trustworthy information and guidance is crucial. And while no one can give you perfect advice, when you align yourself with an expert, you’ll get the best advice for your situation. Choose someone you trust, enjoy being around, and is transparent like me, Charles Stallions I don't claim to know it all but I do know where the answers are for the things I don't I will always give the best and most up to date information so you can make the right decision for you.
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buying: A Key To Building Wealth Is Homeownership! - 04/17/22 11:02 AM
    The link between financial security and homeownership is especially important today as inflation rises.  But many people may not realize just how much owning a home contributes to your overall net worth. As Leslie Rouda Smith, President of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), says:
“Homeownership is rewarding in so many ways and can serve as a vital component in achieving financial stability.”
Here are just a few reasons why, if you’re looking to increase your financial stability, homeownership is a worthwhile goal.
Owning a Home Is a Building Block for Financial Success A recent NAR report details several homeownership trends and statistics, including the difference in … (2 comments)

buying: Why buyers need a home inspection? - 04/08/22 01:17 PM

Many buyers in today’s red-hot real estate markets are tempted to forego the home inspection. An otherwise strong offer may not even be considered if it has contingencies for the inspection or appraisal for example, yet there are abundant reasons why a home inspection should be a necessity even if it isn’t part of the sales contract.
First, the home inspection allows the potential buyer to learn about any major defects or damage that will need to be addressed. Things like a new roof or repairing a foundation are costly and will need to be budgeted for, on top of all the … (0 comments)

buying: Supply and Demand in Today’s Market for Pensacola - 04/01/22 09:33 PM
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Some Highlights Today’s housing market is the direct result of low supply and high buyer demand. Here’s what that means for you and your plans to buy or sell. For buyers, expect competition, be ready to move fast, and be prepared to submit your strongest offer. For sellers, know your house will be the center of attention and that it’ll likely sell quickly and get multiple offers. If you’re ready to move, work with a trusted real estate agent to understand your local area and take advantage of today’s unprecedented housing market. Charles Stallions, CBR, CRS, CSR, is a licensed broker/ owner representing … (0 comments)

buying: Cheap Must-Haves to Make Laundry a Breeze in Pensacola Florida - 02/11/21 10:24 AM
Charles Stallions Real Estate
Cheap Must-Haves to Make Laundry a Breeze Not many homeowners look forward to household chores, but there are few chores that feel quite as endless as laundry. If you dread this seemingly infinite task, there are a few tools that could make your laundry days a little easier. These inexpensive must-haves should be at the top of your shopping list if you want to make your next laundry day a breeze.
Dryer Balls
If you’re tired of dealing with messy fabric softener and loathe picking up the dozens of disposable dryer sheets that find their way into … (2 comments)

buying: Documenting Your Assets - Verifying Your Down Payment - 02/09/21 06:12 PM
Documenting Your Assets - Verifying Your Down Payment  
When buying a home, it is not enough to just come up with the money. With the exception of no asset verification loans, lenders want to verify where the money for your new home will be coming from. If you can document that the funds are coming from your personal savings, the lender is more confident of your strength as a borrower.
In addition, if you can verify that you have additional assets that are not needed for the down payment, it is important to document those, too. Additional assets are … (1 comments)

buying: Pace Realtor explains Closing Costs When Buying or Refinancing a Home - 02/09/21 05:42 PM
Pace Realtor explains Closing Costs When Buying or Refinancing a Home   This is a detailed summary of costs you may have to pay when you buy or refinance your home. They are listed in the order that they should appear on a Good Faith Estimate you obtain from a mortgage lender. There are two broad categories of closing costs. Non-recurring closing costs are items that are paid once and you never pay again. Recurring closing costs are items you pay time and again over the course of home ownership, such as property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Some of the items … (1 comments)

buying: Pace Realtor Adjustable Rate Mortgages - The Basics - 02/09/21 05:32 PM
Pace Realtor Adjustable Rate Mortgages - The Basics  
An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) has an interest rate that fluctuates periodically. This is in contrast to a fixed rate mortgage, which always has the same interest rate.
Every ARM has basic components:
An index A margin Adjustment Period An interest rate cap An initial interest rate The Index An ARM’s interest rate is tied to one of many economic indices, some examples of which are the 1-year constant maturity Treasury security, the Cost of Funds Index, or the London Interbank Offered Rate. Different indices move at different rates so know … (1 comments)

buying: Pensacola Realtor Explains Adjustable Rate Mortgages - The PROS & CONS - 02/09/21 05:28 PM
Pensacola Realtor Explains Adjustable Rate Mortgages - The PROS & CONS  
Now that you know what an ARM is and how it works, you may be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are. So let’s explore that issue.
Offering adjustable rates allows lenders to transfer part of the interest rate risk from themselves to the borrower. If you get a fixed rate mortgage and the interest rate then goes up, it costs the lender money. However, if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, as the interest rate goes up, so does your payment, thus compensating the lender. Adjustable rate … (2 comments)

buying: Pensacola Realtor Explains Why You Do You Need Title Insurance? - 02/09/21 05:18 PM
  Pensacola Realtor Explains Why You Do You Need Title Insurance?  
Title Insurance.
It’s a term we hear and see frequently - we see reference to it in the Sunday real estate section, in advertisements and in conversations with real estate brokers. If you’ve purchased a home before, you’re probably familiar with the benefits and procedures of title insurance. But if this is your first home, you may wonder, “Why do I need another insurance policy? It’s just one more bill to pay.”
The answer is simple: The purchase of a home is most likely one of the most … (1 comments)

buying: The Functions of an Escrow Explained by your Pensacola Realtor - 02/09/21 05:12 PM
The Functions of an Escrow Explained by your Pensacola Realtor  
Buying or selling a home (or other piece of real property) usually involves the transfer of large sums of money. It is imperative that the transfer of these funds and related documents from one party to another be handled in a neutral, secure and knowledgeable manner. For the protection of buyer, seller and lender, the escrow process was developed.
As a buyer or seller, you want to be certain all conditions of sale have been met before property and money change hands. The technical definition of an escrow is … (4 comments)

buying: Charles Stallions explains 6 Things You Should Know About Insurance - 02/07/21 10:32 AM
Charles Stallions explains 6 Things You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance
If, as is often the case, your home is your biggest investment, it stands to reason you want to protect it against damage, theft or other disasters. Your lender, who also has a stake in the property, wants to protect it, too. In fact, they will require proof of insurance coverage before you can close on the purchase. If you are ready to purchase homeowners insurance, here are six things you need to know:
1. There Are Different Types of Policies.
Policies differ in terms of what they cover, … (2 comments)

buying: Pensacola Realtor: How to Keep Your House From Getting Cluttered - 02/07/21 10:27 AM
Pensacola Realtor: How to Keep Your House From Getting Cluttered
You probably want to keep your home neat and organized, but it’s easy to let things slide because you’re busy or distracted and later find yourself overwhelmed with clutter. Changing your habits will take some work, but the payoff is worth it. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need and Organize the Things You Do
Go through your closets and pare down your wardrobe to pieces that fit and that you wear on a regular basis. Do the same with your kids’ clothes and toys and items in your garage, basement, … (2 comments)

buying: Charles Stallions on Breaking a Lease: What You Should Know? - 02/07/21 08:12 AM
Charles Stallions on Breaking a Lease: What You Should Know
When a tenant signs a lease, they agree upon terms regarding rent, utilities, fees and property rules for an extended period of time. However, that time can sometimes be cut short if a tenant needs to break their lease, potentially costing them thousands or having to deal with legal action taken by the landlord. For a tenant who needs to break a lease, whatever the reason, it’s important to know the steps to take to avoid negative consequences.
First and foremost, review the rental agreement. Look for the section of … (3 comments)

buying: Pensacola Realtor explains How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Water - 02/07/21 08:06 AM
Pensacola Realtor explains How to Keep Your Kids Safe If You Live Near a Body of Water
 Living near a lake, pond, river or ocean can allow your whole family to bond while swimming and participating in other water-based activities. Always keep your children’s safety top of mind. Take Precautions
Make sure the house has locks that young children can’t unlock when no one is watching. If it’s possible to put up a fence with a locked gate to keep your kids away from the water, even better.
An accidental drowning can happen in seconds. If your kids aren’t strong swimmers, … (2 comments)

buying: Charles Stallions Explains: The Best Plants to Buy - 02/07/21 08:01 AM
Charles Stallions Explains: The Best Plants to Buy for Perfectly Styled Shelves
A beautiful shelf should contain more than just books or knick-knacks, especially if it is on display in a prominent room in your home. To ensure that your shelf is wonderfully styled and has a pleasing visual interest, display your favorite items and photos alongside some fresh greenery. 
Snake Plants. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria, these low-maintenance plants are striking and hardy, making them the perfect shelf plant for anyone lacking a green thumb. These plants are forgiving if they’re forgotten about for periods of time—and while … (1 comments)

buying: Charles Stallions explains, Get Mortgage Quotes From Multiple Lenders - 02/07/21 07:55 AM
Charles Stallions explains Why You Should Get Mortgage Quotes From Multiple Lenders
Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can be complicated and time-consuming. If you’re planning to buy a house, you might not want to go through that process again and again with numerous lenders, but you should. It could pay off in the form of significant savings over the life of your loan. Reasons to Request Several Quotes
Lenders offer mortgages with a variety of terms. Mortgage points, also known as discount points, are fees that you can pay upfront to lower your interest rate and save money each month. The … (0 comments)

buying: Charles Stallions explains How to Clean Your House Like a Pro - 02/07/21 07:48 AM
Charles Stallions explains How to Clean Your House Like a Pro
  When it comes to cleaning your house – the seemingly never-ending task – you most likely find a spot that’s almost always missed. Some people bring a professional house cleaner into their home, however, not everyone can afford to do so. These tips will help you clean your home, and keep it clean, like a pro.
Declutter, Then Clean 
The first task you should tackle before you start the cleaning process is to declutter. Instead of moving things around while you’re dusting or vacuuming, move clutter and small items … (2 comments)

buying: Thinking About Buying a Foreclosure? - 02/01/21 05:05 AM
Thinking About Buying a Foreclosure?  
With the housing bubble burst and the subprime mortgage crisis, millions of homeowners found themselves unable to make their mortgage payments. Many found themselves owing more on the house than the home was worth. Many just walked away from their homes. As a result of these complicated issues, millions of homes were foreclosed.
While this isn’t the only reason for which homes are foreclosed, it has been a widespread one. With all the foreclosed properties, there has also been extensive interest in buying these properties at a bargain price.
It is true that foreclosed … (1 comments)

buying: Are you Ready to Move? - 01/29/21 05:51 PM
Charles Stallions Real Estate
Are you Ready to Move? Deciding to sell your home can be a monumental life decision, and it’s one that shouldn’t be made without plenty of thought. Of course, there are plenty of reasons that drive you to the decision. You may be offered a new job out of town, your kids may have left the nest and there’s just too much room, or maybe you’re just looking for a life change.
But before pulling the trigger and putting your house on the market, here are some questions you should contemplate.
Do I really want to … (0 comments)

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