first time buyers: Why Are People Moving Today and why Pensacola? - 08/05/22 02:38 AM
  1.4KSHARES 1.2K 76 15 143 Buying a home is a major life decision. That’s true whether you’re purchasing for the first time or selling your house to fuel a move. And if you’re planning to buy a home, you might be hearing about today’s shifting market and wondering what it means for you.
While mortgage rates are higher than they were at the start of the year and home prices are rising, you shouldn’t put your plans on hold based solely on market factors. Instead, it’s necessary to consider why you want to move and how important those reasons are to you. Here are two of the … (0 comments)

first time buyers: Plenty Of Reasons To Buy Here Are Just Three Good Ones - 08/03/22 07:27 AM
  The housing market is moving away from the frenzy of the past year and it’s opening doors for you if you’re thinking about buying a home.
Three Reasons To Buy a Home in Today’s Shifting Market [INFOGRAPHIC] 1.7KSHARES 1.4K 91 19 218 Some Highlights The housing market is moving away from the frenzy of the past year and it’s opening doors for you if you’re thinking about buying a home. Housing inventory is increasing, which means more options for your search. Plus, the intensity of bidding wars may ease as buyer demand moderates, leading to fewer homes selling above asking price. If you’re ready to buy a home, … (2 comments)

first time buyers: Is There A Window Of Hope For The Home Buyer? - 07/31/22 05:15 AM
Mortgage rates are much higher today than they were at the beginning of the year, and that’s had a clear impact on the housing market. As a result, the market is seeing a shift back toward the range of pre-pandemic levels for buyer demand and home sales. 2.0KSHARES 1.7K 107 20 190 A Window of Opportunity for Homebuyers  
But the transition back toward pre-pandemic levels isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the years leading up to the pandemic were some of the best the housing market has seen. That’s why, as the market undergoes this shift, it’s important to compare today … (2 comments)

first time buyers: Housing Appreciation And What It Means To The Average Consumer - 07/31/22 05:13 AM
If you’re thinking about making a move, you probably want to know what’s going to happen to home prices for the rest of the year. While experts say price growth will moderate due to the shifting market, ongoing appreciation is expected. That means home prices won’t fall. Here’s a look at two key reasons experts forecast continued price growth: supply and demand. 1.9KSHARES 1.6K 105 20 205 What’s Causing Ongoing Home Price Appreciation?  
While Growing, Housing Supply Is Still Low Even though inventory is increasing this year as the market moderates, supply is still low. The graph below helps tell the story of why there still aren’t enough … (1 comments)

first time buyers: There Is Good Housing News And Bad Housing News - 07/31/22 05:00 AM
Experts say the number of homes for sale is growing this year, and that can have a big impact 
on your move.
  Great News About Housing Inventory [INFOGRAPHIC] 1.0KSHARES 772 68 21 141 Some Highlights Experts say the number of homes for sale is growing this year, and that can have a big impact on your move. If you’re planning to buy, additional options in today’s market may be just what you’ve been waiting for. More inventory means added opportunities to find the home of your dreams. Connect with a local real estate advisor so you have the latest information on available homes in your area. Bottom … (2 comments)

first time buyers: Could The Drop In Mortgage Rates Be A Sign For Buyers - 07/16/22 09:10 PM
  341SHARES 0 111 16 214 The Drop in Mortgage Rates Brings Good News for Homebuyers Over the past few weeks, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate from Freddie Mac fell by half a percent. The drop happened over concerns about a potential recession. And since mortgage rates have risen dramatically this year, homebuyers across the country should see this decline as welcome news.
Freddie Mac reports that the average 30-year rate was down to 5.30% from 5.81% two weeks prior (see graph below):
But why is this recent dip such good news for homebuyers? As Nadia Evangelou, Senior Economist and Director of Forecasting at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), explains:

first time buyers: Should Buying Home Be On Your List - 07/13/22 08:41 AM
If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, you likely have one question on the top of your mind: should I buy right now, or should I wait? While no one can answer that question for you, here’s some information that could help you make your decision. 299SHARES 0 100 17 182 Should I Buy a Home Right Now? The Future of Home Price Appreciation Each quarter, Pulsenomics surveys a national panel of over 100 economists, real estate experts, and investment and market strategists to compile projections for the future of home price appreciation. The output is the Home Price Expectation Survey. In the latest release, it forecasts home prices … (1 comments)

first time buyers: The Rules For Being A First Time Buyer It Could Be Your Second Purchase - 06/29/22 08:06 AM
There are several misconceptions about down payment assistance programs. For starters, many people believe there’s only assistance available for first-time homebuyers. While first-time buyers have many options to explore, repeat buyers have some, too. According to the latest Homeownership Program Index from Could Be in Reach with Down Payment Assistance Programs   430SHARES 359 29 0 42 A recent survey from Bankrate asks prospective buyers to identify the biggest obstacles in their homebuying journey. It found that 36% of those polled said saving for a down payment is one of their primary hurdles to buying a home.
If you feel the same way, the good news is there … (2 comments)

first time buyers: What Are Friends For? Helping To Buy A Home Of Course - 06/16/22 05:39 AM
It happens these days more than you think. I have put two of these together just this year and four last year. It is complicated but it's not you just have to be honest, and know your limitations are the gist of it. You can also have a home built so everyone has their space. Let's get started call to text me at 850-476-4494 
The Best Way to Buy a House with Friends?By Gary M. SingerRE Q&A: Like going into business together, buying a house together works best with a written agreement so all understand risks, rights and responsibilities.
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. … (2 comments)

first time buyers: Buyers Are Ready and Willing to Make a Fast Offer - 06/14/22 02:58 PM
20% of those surveyed said they’d make an offer immediately. Some buyers (56%) are willing to consider a 2nd job to earn more money for a home purchase. 65% of Buyers Would Make Offer Within 3 Days Report: 
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Home buyers realize they need to be quick with their offers in today’s competitive housing market, a new report says. Sixty-five percent of buyers recently surveyed said they’d make an offer within three days of viewing it if they’re interested. Twenty percent say they’d make an offer immediately, according to Bank of America’s new 2022 Homebuyer Insights Report, based on about … (2 comments)

first time buyers: It All Starts With The Right Realtor! Read On - 06/12/22 07:52 AM
Who knows the real estate market better than a realtor NO ONE SHOULD. When you seek the advice of an experienced realtor there should be no uhs' aw's they should be able to guide you through the minefields and scenarios of the complete home buying process from start to finish and if they are really experienced "way beyond". I am that realtor, I have over 27 years of experience and from first-time buyers to multi-building investors, my team and I have seen it all, and what we have a challenge with we have the resources and experienced team of experts that … (2 comments)

first time buyers: The Impact Of Owning a Home Effects All of US! - 06/10/22 07:25 AM
Not the least of which is your family. Statistics show children born into a family who owns a home do better in school, have a higher education, and do well socially. I would dare say they are also more likely to have a more sense of money, and sense of security.  2.0KSHARES 1.7K 87 24 171 How Homeownership Impacts You June is National Homeownership Month, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on how impactful owning a home can truly be. When you purchase a house, it becomes more than just a space you occupy. It’s your stake in the community, an investment, and … (2 comments)

first time buyers: Has The Housing Market Took A Turn Down? Depends - 06/06/22 06:41 AM
For Buyers, there is now more inventory but probably for only a couple of months as the summer tends to lull people to sleep with all the happenings. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house, you’re at an exciting decision point. And anytime you make a big decision like that, one thing you should always consider is timing. So, what does the rest of the year hold for the housing market? Here’s what experts have to say. 2.2KSHARES 1.9K 107 6 215  
The Number of Homes Available for Sale Is Likely To Grow There are early signs housing inventory is starting to grow … (4 comments)

first time buyers: Lets Talk Home Loans And What Works For YOU! - 06/06/22 06:41 AM
There isn't a one size fits all home loan that pays or shall I say saves you a lot of money by having a realtor that knows not only real estate, and appraisals but mortgages as well. Now Listen it is just who We "R" a company you will trust and refer friends and family to Call or Text Charles at 850-476-4494. God Bless  1.4KSHARES 1.2K 74 4 141 Why Home Loans Today Aren’t What They Were in the Past In today’s housing market, many are beginning to wonder if we’re returning to the riskier lending habits and borrowing options that … (1 comments)

first time buyers: Bathtub Is Still Most Desirable For First Time Home Buyers - 06/02/22 05:04 AM
  HB: Remodeling trends tend to remove the tub and supersize the shower, but 42% of first-time buyers want a shower-tub combo; 30% say it’s essential.
WASHINGTON – Bathroom remodeling trends in recent years have focused on removing the bathtub and supersizing the shower. But that could actually hurt a property’s resale value, depending on the buyers you’re trying to attract.

ArchiViz/Getty Images Plus 

tternkedInPrintShare Survey: First-Time Buyers Still Want a Bathtub Forty-two percent of first-time buyers surveyed call a home with both a shower stall and bathtub in the primary bath desirable; 30% called it essential and a must-have, … (1 comments)

first time buyers: Ahh The Joy Of Homeownership and What It Offers? - 05/19/22 06:23 AM
If you’re trying to decide whether to rent or buy a home, you’re probably weighing a few different factors. The financial benefits of homeownership might be one of the reasons you want to make a purchase if you’re a renter, but the decision can also be motivated by having a place that’s uniquely your own.
If you want to express yourself by upgrading and customizing your living space but are feeling held back by your rental agreement, it might be time to consider the perks of owning your home.
  1.0KSHARES 853 71 16 102  
A Little Change Can Bring Lots of Joy There’s a … (0 comments)

first time buyers: Are There More Homes Coming to the Market in Pensacola? You Bet! - 05/17/22 06:30 AM
If you’re looking to buy a home, you may have noticed this yourself. But there is good news. Recent data shows more sellers are listing their houses this season, which may give you more options for your home search.
2.2KSHARES 1.9K 95 19 172 According to a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one of the top challenges buyers face in today’s housing market is finding a home that meets their needs. That’s largely because the inventory of homes for sale is so low today.
Early Signs Inventory May Be Growing The latest data from shows the number of listings coming onto the market, known in the industry as “new listings,” … (1 comments)

first time buyers: What do these two families on the gulf coast have in common - 05/16/22 09:08 AM
Bill and Linda got a call from his company's headquarters at the height of the pandemic and were told that the job he had long wanted had become available but he had to move thousands of miles and his answer was required in less than 24 hours. 
THE DILEMMA: sell a home, pack, move, buy a home without really knowing the area and they did not need to own two homes. 
The Solution: Their agent referred them to a well-known friend and fellow agent in Pensacola that he had known when he lived in Pensacola. He contacted Charles Stallions who called and talked … (1 comments)

first time buyers: How Much Do I Need For A Down Payment? Um Depends - 05/11/22 03:01 PM
  You set out on your home buying journey, you likely have a plan in place, and you’re working on saving for your purchase. But do you know how much you actually need for your down payment? READ MORE 

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We are Ambassadors to all things Pensacola, Pace, or Gulf Breeze, Florida whether a first-time guest or a frequent visitor when you need to know something, an excellent place to eat, who's hiring or just a real estate question do as the locals do … (2 comments)

first time buyers: There's No App For That But You Have Something Better ME! - 05/11/22 05:11 AM
With 28 years of experience, 77 bidding offers, with 72 accepted I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I do know a little bit about what it takes to make a sale WIN-Win.  
With a limited number of homes for sale today and so many buyers looking to make a purchase before mortgage rates rise further, bidding wars are common. 
My Home own search! 
How to get a Mortgage and FREE Credit Report   
Thinking of Buying, We can help you relocate, find a job, a daycare, and great places to eat, shop, and play along the gulf coast. It all starts by clicking here. Put my over … (1 comments)

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