florida: Cnote: Discovering Tax Credits That Enhance Homeowner Benefits - 06/10/24 07:06 PM

Home ownership provides stability and pride and opens doors to potential tax benefits. As a homeowner, understanding tax credits can significantly impact your financial well-being. Let's delve into some key tax credits and deductions available to homeowners and how they can help you maximize savings.
If you've made energy-efficient improvements to your home in the past year, you may qualify for the Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit. This credit allows you to claim a percentage of the cost of qualifying energy-efficient upgrades, such as solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and HVAC systems, up to certain limits. Not only do these upgrades help lower … (0 comments)

florida: CNOTE: Anti Squatters Law Returns Property Back To The Rightful Owner - 06/01/24 06:40 PM
Florida's new anti-squatters law, enacted in 2023, aims to address the growing issue of illegal property occupation. Under this legislation, property owners and law enforcement officials have been granted more robust tools to swiftly remove settlers from private property.
The law streamlines the eviction process, allowing property owners to file a police report and provide proof of ownership, such as deeds or leases, to initiate the removal of settlers. Law enforcement officers can then act promptly, expediting the eviction process that previously could drag on for months due to lengthy court procedures.
Additionally, the new law imposes harsher penalties on individuals found … (1 comments)

florida: CNOTE: Gulf Breeze Sellers Have A Lot To Smile About! Sell Sell Sell - 06/01/24 04:47 PM
We are Ambassadors for Pensacola, Pace, and Gulf Breeze, Florida. Whether you're a first-time guest or a frequent visitor, do as the locals do when you need to know something — whether about an excellent place to eat, job opportunities, or a real estate question. Call or text Charles Stallions at 850-476-4494 or email charles@charlesstallions.com. It's Who We "R."
1. 🏡 Market Update for Gulf Breeze, FL 🏡
Looking to buy or sell in Gulf Breeze? Here are some key stats you need to know:
- 3.38 Months Supply of Inventory
- List to Sold Price percentage of 98.2%
- Median days on market: 51
- Median … (0 comments)

florida: Choose Homeownership For Your Families Future With Charles Stallions - 05/28/24 01:32 PM
Choosing homeownership with Charles Stallions means securing your financial future. As an experienced realtor, Charles Stallions offers personalized guidance to help you find the perfect home. Homeownership builds equity, offers tax benefits, and provides a stable living environment. Unlike renting, owning a house allows you to customize your space and invest in your community. With Charles Stallions, you'll navigate the buying process smoothly and confidently. Make a wise investment today—choose homeownership with Charles Stallions and enjoy long-term financial growth and personal satisfaction.
Becoming a first-time homebuyer is an exciting milestone but can also be overwhelming. The process involves many steps, from understanding … (0 comments)

florida: C-NOTE: Sell Your Home: Step-by-Step In Pensacola, Pace or Gulf Breeze - 05/18/24 01:27 PM
Close the chapter (lovingly) on your old home with the right support system. The home selling process can seem like a Herculean job. But your agent and the rest of your expert and emotional support network will help you deal with this. Here’s your birds-eye view of the 11 main steps to selling a house. More Information
The C-Note is a short version of the monthly newsletter put out by Charles Stallions, (CRS) Certified Residential Specialist, (SREE) Senior Real Estate Expert, (CPI) Certified Property Investor, Author, and a Broker of Real Estate since 1995, designed to put HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of dollars … (0 comments)

florida: C-NOTE: 7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home Before Selling In Pace - 05/18/24 07:05 AM
Are you looking to sell your home soon? The C-Note is a short version of the monthly newsletter put out by Charles Stallions, (CRS) Certified Residential Specialist, (SREE) Senior Real Estate Expert, (CPI) Certified Property Investor, Author, and a Broker of Real Estate since 1995, designed to put HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of dollars back in your pocket. There are as many ways to do real estate as there are probably agents, but here at Charles Stallions Real Estate Services, we "do it right," starting with the customer's end in mind. 
Are you looking to sell your home soon? While the location … (1 comments)

florida: C-NOTE: Mortgage Monday, Our Only Interest Is You - 05/18/24 06:22 AM
Higher Rates Creating a Larger Housing Supply Buyers have a more comprehensive selection of homes today than a year ago, but rising mortgage rates remain a hurdle for many. More Information
New Construction Mortgage Lending Rebounds New home purchases bounced back in April after a March decline. First-time home buyers seeking FHA-insured financing were among the most significant buyers. More Information  Whether getting a mortgage or refinancing, we will help you with one of our lenders.
The C-Note is a short version of the monthly newsletter put out by Charles Stallions, (CRS) Certified Residential Specialist, (SREE) Senior Real Estate Expert, … (0 comments)

florida: Mortgage Monday: Financing: FHA, VA, and Conventional Options - 05/12/24 07:10 AM
Did you know we have financing options that allow buyers to finance a new roof, dream deck, upgrade their kitchen/bathroom, and so much more? Contact me today for more details! If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Let's have a 7-minute phone call or text about your options, and if you like, we can proceed. If not, no problem. Mortgage 101: Thinking of financing, refinancing, or just needing to understand how the process works? It all starts here. We research whether it's a VA, FHA, conventional, or non-traditional loan for you. We can help simplify the process and … (1 comments)

florida: Hiring A Property Manager Stay Local and Know The facts - 05/04/24 10:26 AM
We ask Charles Stallions, a veteran real estate broker, property manager, and investor since 1995, how to weed out and choose a property manager. When selecting the ideal property manager for your rental needs, Stallions says staying local is your best choice for a seamless property management team. As you prepare to embark on this journey, here are the top questions you should consider asking when hiring a property manager, according to Stallions:
Finding a Property ManagerRemember, your property manager, like your lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc., should be essential to your team. A great property manager, you might say, handles your retirement … (1 comments)

florida: Looking To Buy A Home We Have The Blue Print Call or Text Charles - 05/03/24 09:07 PM
Are you looking to buy a home in Pensacola, Pace, or Gulf Breeze, Florida? Embarking on this journey with your trusted real estate broker, Charles Stallions can make the process smoother. Starting your home search requires clarity and focus. Keeping a top 10 list of essentials and deal breakers is crucial. Let's dive into how to streamline your search and find your dream home in these beautiful Florida communities.
Begin by sitting down with your family to identify the must-haves and nice-to-haves for your new home. Charles Stallions recommends creating separate lists for essential features and things you'd prefer to avoid. This … (1 comments)

florida: Where Will Mortgage Rates Go In Pensacola, Pace And Gulf Breeze? - 04/26/24 07:05 PM
Average 30-Year Mortgage Rate Rises to 6.94% That’s up from 6.90% last week, marking the 4th straight weekly increase. Rates have been creeping higher as reports show stronger-than-expected inflation.

Pensacola – The average long-term U.S. mortgage rate rose for the fourth consecutive week, another setback for prospective homebuyers just as the spring homebuying season gets going.
Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose to 6.94% from 6.90% last week. A year ago, the rate averaged 6.65%. The average rate is now just below its highest level since mid-December when it was 6.95%.
When … (0 comments)

florida: What Is a Short Sale? A Guide for Pensacola Military Home Sellers - 04/26/24 04:47 PM
Short and tight PCS timelines often prevent military homeowners from selling their houses for more than they owe on the mortgage. If you can't sell your home before the PCS, you could find yourself trying to pay for two households. One solution to avoid financial hardship is to consider a short sale.
What Is a Short Sale?  A short sale is an offer on a property that is less than the amount the sellers owe on the mortgage. Any money earned from the sale goes directly to the lender, and the seller doesn’t receive any proceeds. 
The most common reason homeowners consider a … (3 comments)

florida: Choosy Buyers And Investors Chose Charles Stallions As Their Broker - 04/21/24 05:02 PM
Why Choose Charles Stallions, a 27-year Veteran Real Estate Broker, for Your Homebuying Journey? When most agents are just looking for another sale, Charles sells on a win-win basis, starting with a detailed list of your needs, wants, and wishes. There may be the perfect off-market home with your name on it, and Charles can find it.
NEEDS: What do you want in a home for your family's comfort? How many bedrooms, baths, and the layout?
WANTS: These are things you want but may negotiate for needs such as price, appliance packages, special lighting, ETC.
WISHES: OK, so you want the whole yard sodded, … (0 comments)

florida: Gulf Breeze, Florida: Coastal Living and Real Estate Opportunities - 03/31/24 06:26 PM
Nestled along the pristine shores of the Gulf Coast, Gulf Breeze, Florida, stands as a testament to the allure of coastal living. With its breathtaking views, vibrant community, and abundant recreational opportunities, Gulf Breeze offers an unparalleled quality of life that attracts residents and visitors alike. In this post, we'll delve into the charm and appeal of Gulf Breeze, exploring its unique characteristics, real estate market, and why it's a dream destination for those seeking a slice of paradise.
The Allure of Gulf Breeze
Gulf Breeze is more than just a location; it's a lifestyle. The town boasts a perfect blend of natural … (0 comments)

florida: C-NOTE: Pensacola Beach Homes For Sale - 03/22/24 07:01 PM
Click Here to View Listings On Pensacola Beach
Pensacola Beach is a Florida resort community on the Gulf Coast barrier island of Santa Rosa. White-sand beaches include Opal Beach, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Pensacola Beach Boardwalk has shops, eateries and, nearby, the Pensacola Beach Pier stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. Both are on the Pensacola Beach Eco-Trail, which spotlights local wildlife like sea turtles. West is the 1834 Fort Pickens
Mortgage 101: Thinking of financing, refinancing, or just needing to understand how the process works? It all starts here. We research whether it's a VA, FHA, conventional, or non-traditional … (1 comments)

florida: C-NOTE: Understanding Credit Life Insurance for Home Buyers - 02/18/24 08:21 AM
Pensacola, Florida: With 28 years of real estate expertise spanning Pensacola, Pace, and Gulf Breeze, Charles Stallions, CSE (Certified Senior Expert), has been a trusted guide for countless seniors and their families. His seasoned assistance extends from navigating the complexities of Medicare to strategic tax reduction and asset sales. Don't miss out on invaluable insights—subscribe to his monthly newsletter now. Discover essential information tailored for those over 60, alongside crucial advice for your family members.
Credit life insurance is a specialized type of insurance designed to provide financial protection for borrowers and their families in the event of the borrower's untimely death. … (1 comments)

florida: Weekend Round Up Of Real Estate Pensacola, Pace And Gulf Breeze Fla. - 01/22/24 06:01 PM
A little humor, in the know, is all right here every week as Charles Stallions puts the week in review while bringing it all full circle. 
Little-Known Things to Look for When Buying in Pensacola, Florida
Buying a home is a significant investment, and when it comes to settling down in the vibrant city of Pensacola, Florida, several little-known factors can significantly impact your decision.
Benefits Of Charles Stallions Real Estate Services As Your Buyers Agent
Are you looking to buy a home in Pace, Florida? Look no further than Charles Stallions, CBE, CRS, your trusted and experienced buyers agent in the area. 
Pace Real … (1 comments)

florida: Life Is A Breeze In Gulf Breeze Florida Top 5 Places To Eat and Do - 01/21/24 05:49 AM
Gulf Breeze, Florida: Each week, the market has its ups and downs as Charles Stallions CBR, CRS, a 28-year veteran of the housing market, unbundled life in Gulf Breeze and all that is happening.
Gulf Breeze, Florida, offers a picturesque coastal lifestyle that captivates residents with its pristine beaches and serene atmosphere. Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, the town boasts stunning waterfront views and a laid-back charm. Residents enjoy a blend of outdoor activities, from relaxing on white sandy beaches to exploring nature trails in nearby parks. The community exudes a friendly, welcoming vibe, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Gulf … (2 comments)

florida: Preparing For An Open House As A FSBO In Pensacola Florida - 01/13/24 08:30 PM
Staging Your home as a "for sale by owner" for a viewing or open house is a crucial aspect of the selling process. A well-staged home not only showcases its potential but also helps potential buyers envision themselves living there. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to stage a home effectively:
1. Declutter and Depersonalize: Before anything else, decluttering is key. Remove personal items, excess furniture, and unnecessary belongings. This helps create a clean, open space that allows potential buyers to visualize their own belongings in the home.
2. Clean and Repair: Clean every nook and cranny of the house. A clean home … (3 comments)

florida: Spring Home Buying Prep Starts Now In Pensacola Florida Be Prepared. - 12/07/23 06:36 PM
Spring Home Buying: How to Prep Now You’re probably still finding Halloween candy wrappers in your dryer’s lint tray right now, so it’s hard to think about next year—unless, of course, you’re a Pensacola Home Buyer planning to buy a home in the spring. Then, March, April, and May are certainly on your mind.

Traditionally, there have been advantages of buying a home in the spring. The warm weather is easier to navigate, and it's a bit less busy than summer, but the last three years in Pensacola's real estate cycle have been anything but traditional. Some spring home buying … (0 comments)

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