myths: How Global Uncertainty Is Impacting Mortgage Rates - 04/01/22 09:29 PM
  2.0KSHARES 1.6K 105 21 195 If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, you’ll want to keep a pulse on what’s happening with mortgage rates. Rates have been climbing in recent months, especially since January of this year. And just a few weeks ago, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate from Freddie Mac approached 4% for the first time since May of 2019. But that climb has dropped slightly over the past few weeks (see graph below):

The recent decline in mortgage rates is primarily due to growing uncertainty around geopolitical tensions surrounding Russia and Ukraine. But experts say it’s to be expected.
Here’s a look … (1 comments)

myths: Why Right Now Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Sellers - 03/08/22 05:17 AM
If you’re thinking about selling your house in 2022, you truly have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at your fingertips. When selling anything, you always hope for strong demand for the item coupled with a limited supply. That maximizes your leverage when you’re negotiating the sale. Home sellers are in that exact situation right now. Here’s why. READ MORE
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What Is My Homes Value? 
Thinking of … (2 comments)

myths: Mortgage Rates Respond to Fed - 11/14/21 07:39 PM
 Mortgage Rates Respond to Fed, Average Rises Above 3% After weeks of little movement in the 2.88% range, the average 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage rose to 3.01% this week. Economist cites “many factors” pushing the increase. Read moreBottom LineFor your NEXT Move Call or Text Charles Stallions NOW 850-476-4494 for a 5 Minute free over the phone evaluation or Email: for a complete package to review at the stage you are in, no high-pressure sales pitch or obligations 
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myths: Your Home Equity Is Growing - 11/14/21 05:15 PM
Some Highlights If you’re a homeowner, today’s rising equity is great news. On average, homeowners have gained $51,500 in equity since this time last year. Whether it’s funding an education, fueling your next move, or starting a business, your home equity is a great tool you can use to power your dreams. Ready to sell? Reach out to a local real estate professional to talk about how you can take advantage of your rising equity to reach your goals. Bottom LineFor your NEXT Move Call or Text Charles Stallions NOW 850-476-4494 for a 5 Minute free over the phone evaluation or Email: for a complete … (2 comments)

myths: Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Appraisals and Inspections - 11/14/21 05:15 PM
  Buyers in today’s market often have questions about the importance of getting a home appraisal and an inspection. That’s because high buyer demand and low housing supply are driving intense competition and leading some buyers to consider waiving those contingencies to stand out in the crowded market.
But is that the best move? Buying a home is one of the most important transactions in your lifetime, and it’s critical to keep your best interests in mind. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the appraisal and the inspection, and why each one can potentially save you a lot of time, money, and headaches down the … (0 comments)

myths: There Are More Homes Available Now than There Were This Spring - 11/14/21 05:15 PM
  There’s a lot of talks lately about how challenging it can be to find a home to buy. While housing inventory is still low, there are a few important things to understand about the supply of homes for sale as we move into the end of the year. The Number of Homes for Sale Usually Peaks in the Fall In the residential real estate market, trends generally follow a predictable and seasonal pattern. Typically, the number of homes available for sale (or active monthly listings) peaks in the fall. But in a chapter where so little feels normal, the question becomes: … (1 comments)

myths: Housing Challenge or Housing Opportunity? It Depends. - 11/14/21 05:14 PM
    The biggest challenge in real estate today is the lack of available homes for sale. The low housing supply has caused homes throughout the country to appreciate at a much faster rate than what we’ve experienced historically.
There are many reasons for the limited number of homes on the market, but as you can see in the graph below, we’re well below where we’ve been for most of the past 10 years. Today, across the country, there is only a 2.4-month supply of homes available for sale.
The Opportunity  This lack of homes for sale is creating a challenge for many … (1 comments)

myths: Does Your House Have What Buyers Want? - 11/14/21 05:14 PM
  2.2KSHARES 2.0K 64 17 138 The rise in remote work is changing what many Americans want in their homes. Many companies are choosing to delay reopening or go remote full-time, and today’s buyers are looking for homes with more space to support their work needs.
As a seller, if you no longer need the extra room you have in your home, rest assured there are buyers who do.
Remote Work Is Here To Stay Remote work remains a reality for many Americans. A recent poll from Garter, Inc. shows many organizations have not yet returned their offices:
“. . . 66% of organizations are delaying reopening … (0 comments)

myths: The Mortgage Process Doesn’t Have To Be Scary - 11/14/21 05:14 PM
Some Highlights Applying for a mortgage is a big step towards homeownership, but it doesn’t need to be one you fear. Here are some tips to help you prepare. Know your credit score and work to build strong credit. When you’re ready, lean on your agent to connect you with a lender so you can get pre-approved and begin your home search. Any major life change can be scary, and buying a home is no different. Partner with a trusted real estate professional to take the fear out of the equation. Bottom LineFor your NEXT Move Call or Text Charles Stallions NOW 850-476-4494 for a … (1 comments)

myths: Renters Missed Out on $51,500 This Past Year - 11/14/21 05:14 PM
    Rents have increased significantly this year. The latest National Rent Report from shows rents are rising at a rate much higher than the three years leading up to the pandemic:
“Since January of this year, the national median rent has increased by a staggering 16.4 percent. To put that in context, rent growth from January to September averaged just 3.4 percent in the pre-pandemic years from 2017-2019.”
Looking back, we can see rents rising isn’t new. The median rental price has increased consistently over the past 33 years (see graph below):If you’re thinking of renting for another year, consider that rents will likely be even higher next year. But that alone doesn’t paint … (4 comments)

myths: 4 Essentials to Sell Your Home - 11/14/21 05:13 PM
   by Housecall      
By Kara Masterson
Selling your home doesn't have to be an ordeal. By concentrating on just a few key things it's possible to minimize the time your property spends sitting on the market. From improving curb appeal to removing excess clutter, here are several things that can help you to improve property values, attract potential buyers and ensure a successful sale:
Enhanced Curb Appeal Curb appeal is never a concern that should be taken lightly. Your home's exterior appearance, landscaping and general exterior appearance all play a key role in ensuring that potential buyers are … (0 comments)

myths: Tips for Moving Out of a Storage Unit - 11/14/21 05:13 PM
   by Bill Gassett      
By Bill Gassett
Renting a self-storage unit? Whether you've been using a storage unit during a move or for any other reason, there will be a time when you no longer need it. Finding a local storage unit for a fair price is usually more challenging than moving out of one, so when it's time to move out of your unit, the process should be fairly simple.
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However, different storage companies have varying requirements for when their customers can move out. Here, we'll explore all the … (4 comments)

myths: 4 Helpful Ways to Upgrade Your Fence - 11/14/21 05:12 PM
by Housecall       6 By Kara Masterson
Your fence has many uses as a part of your home, ranging from privacy and security to decoration and a boundary marker. As a vital component of your home, and one that's constantly on display for the outside world, you should want your fence to look it’s best.
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Maybe it’s been a while since you did anything to update your fence, or maybe you just moved in and are looking to replace the existing fence. No matter the reason, here are a few ways … (2 comments)

myths: Important Distinction: Homes Are Less Affordable, Not Unaffordable - 11/14/21 05:11 PM
    It’s impossible to research the subject of buying a home without coming across a headline declaring that the fall in home affordability is a crisis. However, when we add context to the most recent affordability statistics, we soon realize that, though homes are less affordable than they have been over the last few years, they are more affordable than they historically have been.
Black Knight, a premier provider of data and analytics for the mortgage industry, just released their latest Monthly Mortgage Monitor which includes a new analysis of the affordability situation. Here’s what the report reveals:
“The monthly payment required to purchase the average … (3 comments)

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