politics: WANT A GOOD LAUGH?...Dozens OF Financial Institutions Are Being Sued By The Federal Government!!! - 10/01/11 03:11 PM
Why can't republicans and democrats alike see what us independents have known for years. The two parties keep this country divided not so as to better the country or even their own belief systems. It only to change power every eight years so that Congress can get their big fat checks, free health care for them and their families. They don't care about you guys and you just keep following them like sheep over a cliff. Look around you and name something that has directly helped the country or your community and post it here please. We have a heathcare program … (3 comments)

politics: A note to my young Democrat friends. - 03/16/10 02:24 PM
Being a life long Democrat, yes there are really quite a few of us. We, Democrats have had our share of great people even in my life time. We had the likes of
John F. Kennedy who I would have matched up with even the great Ronald Regan as far as backing down the Russians and Cubans.
Bill Clinton, as morally as he was wrong he led the country at into a time of prosperity as did his successor George W. Bush.
The Republicans had the worst President of last century Nixon until someone convinced us Dems that Jimmy Carter could be like George … (11 comments)

politics: A tale of two Republican Governors... - 02/24/09 11:19 AM
One will become President the other will be history. This two governors, one (Bobby Jindel) decided he would not take any of the stimulus money and the other Charlie Crist) although at first he was against it decided since a senate would be coming open that it was in his best interest to change or at least appear to change sides.
Both have hung their careers on the stimulus package because should it fail, one would be betting that Jindal will ride it all the way to the white house and Crist will not be able to get voted in as dog catcher. However if … (5 comments)

politics: A great Governor, Patriot and man has passed on. - 01/31/09 10:31 AM
Former Governor of Alabama, Guy Hunt passed away yesterday at the age of 75. For all that new him, it is truly a sad time. Guy was an Baptist preacher who in 1986 turned politics as usually upside down. When he spoke you knew the truth was being told and that is what ultimately got him put out of office. Speaking of character assassination, no one knew that better than Guy. He was a Republican and we didn't always agree on politics, but I always regarded him as an honest, down to earth person. He was removed from office and later exonerated … (2 comments)

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