training: Need an easy mostly hands off NICHE. - 02/14/09 09:18 AM
Broker Bud and I were talking about an agent in my office that is part time, doesn't want any floor, no open houses and no going out riding around with buyers from place to place on his gas. I ask Broker Bud what to do?
Here was his niche design, Lots yep lots and lots of lots. So John and I mailed out letters to almost every owner of a vacant lot in the county. We included a one page listing agreement that in short order said that the listing was for one year, we would present any offer and if we … (10 comments)

training: Do you ever just feel defeated ? Take action now!! - 02/14/09 08:55 AM
Whether it is the circumstances surrounding your life, are there times that you truly feel defeated? You know the "why bother getting out of bed" kind. It happens and I'm sure we all have days like that.
Whether it is business, the kids or politics sometimes we just feel powerless and that we just cannot do anything about it. The truth is we are never powerless in any situation, It is only our own minds that tell us we are. Sure, there will be circumstances that we truly can't change, death, taxes or an illness but for the most part we … (7 comments)

training: Need a Listing... Give this a try... - 02/14/09 07:25 AM
I was talking to Broker Bud about getting listings and how much the people at the new office were saying that it was just slow and nothing happening.
So we decide to try an experiment this past week. Monday though Friday we would call a 100 people a day each no matter what and see what happens. Our goals were simple 1 listing a day or 3 buyers would count as 1 listing.
The first day we called using the local papers ( FSBOS) also we went after every expired in our MLS daily. By Wednesday we were calling SOI and on Friday … (16 comments)

training: What price do you put on loyality? - 02/11/09 01:59 PM
The wife and I decided we would take a cruise in April. Now we have used the same Travel agent for the past ten years. Here's the challenge the last cruise we went on we signed up for the cruises e-mail alerts. What a way to steal clients ? anyway I had called our agent and once again she found a great seven day cruise at a price a lot lower than last years.
But the cruise line has been e-mailing us with these fabulous trips. Anyway the one we want we ran by the cruise lines web site and the … (9 comments)

training: Discipline, Are you born with it? - 02/07/09 02:45 PM
Discipline is one of the most admired traits one can have. Look at the people you most admire and see if you admire them because they are disciplined, chances are that it is or at least one of the traits you admire. I have often wondered why I admire this so much in others and then it hit me. It is because they can get things done, no procrastination, no blaming others and even under adversity they get the job done.
You see discipline is a choice and has nothing to do with my mood or emotions. I choose to be … (11 comments)

training: Success, just maybe it's too scary. - 02/07/09 02:05 PM
It is right there, you could just reach out and touch it. Or, mabe you were successful at some point, only to go backwards loosing it all. Success or failure depends on many contributing factors of which one is your state of mind. You have to be one with success, failure is not an option. If your thought and belief system is different for the success you desire, it will elude you everytime.

Many people want success or so they say, but limit themselves by thinking they can't be successful. It is often said "it is lonely at the top". … (3 comments)

training: Do you use Dogma or Karma in your business? - 02/07/09 01:17 PM
 What is karma? What is dogma?
"Dogma" is our belief system, sometimes called personal creed or the principles we live by. "Karma," on the other hand, is comprised of previous actions, present actions we take, and future actions resulting from our dogma. However, it should be noted that people commonly refer to karma as the reaction we receive as a result of an action we take.
There is a rule that says whatever you give out will come back many times over. This is what dogma and karma are all about.
What I am trying to say is this: if we want to receive, we must … (3 comments)

training: Less Stress Please.... - 02/01/09 01:12 PM
Stressed, short of time, tired, feel like your on a treadmill and can't get off.  Here are a few of the ways I conquer stress myself and it can help you too.
1. Access your finances, we all know or heard of someone that was working beyond belief and people thought he was the money man as his Mercedes was repossess from the parking lot. You can have the trophies and the corner office but as a top producer I want the net (as in what I take home). 

2. Stop filling your life with more STUFF - When I purchase anything, whether … (8 comments)

training: Ways to Meet and Greet - 01/31/09 02:20 PM
I attend a lot of Parties, political, BNIs, school functions and events for the purpose of networking and promoting my company. I am a firm believer in putting it out there. Here are some of the issues and challenges that I have had to deal with and I thought I might share them as I try to overcome them as well.
Always have a 30 second introduction ready to go. When introduced repent their name and use it almost immediate in a conversation. Google or find something out about the event ahead of time and be able to talk somewhat intelligent … (8 comments)

training: How late is too late? - 01/31/09 04:29 AM
While doing a 5K run this morning, I got to thinking how late is to late to wait on someone. Whether it is a showing appointment or you being late for a listing appointment.
You the race was scheduled at 7:30 am, I got there in the cold at 6:30, at 7:30 they ask for everyone to start lining up. In all at that time there was about 75 people who waited and waited for about 12 more all total to show up. They slowly trickled in with coffee, coats and laughter. Some of the people waiting were not too happy. … (10 comments)

training: Kindness: It goes straight to the bottom line. - 01/24/09 03:06 AM
Whether waiting in line at the grocery store while the person at the checkout is busy talking on his cell phone not realizing that the cashier is waiting for him or being cut off at the next turn in the road. We all have a tendency to yell, scream or worse. But when you think about it, rarely does it do any good and we are even often blamed because of our furthering the issue.
However an act of kindness is alway rememebered whether it is helping out the little league team, a charity raising money outside the grocery store or … (8 comments)

training: Sure Fire ways to make the phone to ring... you think - 01/17/09 03:03 PM
When writing my ads I make sure to only pick three main things that stand out in a buyers mind, things that may cause an emotional thought works best. I use only one phone number whether it is the office or mine cell ( only one). With everything winding up on the web now I make sure I put my website in all my ads. Put a call to action ALWAYS, Call Now, Stop in today etc.
Signs, I use as little verbiage as possible. Drive bys have very little time to remember a whole lot. Again only one number. I use … (6 comments)

training: Stay in touch with your SOI with a party... - 11/05/08 01:10 PM
It was Party Time....
Well Friday was our annual Halloween Party, every year we open the doors to the office from 12 noon to 9 pm. From 12 to 4 all the Realtors, title folks and mortgage people come by to meet and greet. This year because of the cold weather coming in we served hot chili, hotdogs, and cold drinks. We had at last count 33 people including two local politicians out do some late vote getting. At about 5 pm the trick or treaters started coming by with parents in tow. This year the theme was Star Wars so … (15 comments)

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