charleston investors: 1031 Exchanges, Self-directed IRA's, and How Will Your "Short Sale" Affect You? - 04/30/10 08:13 AM

How will your property that you "Short-Sold" REALLY effect your next tax return?
Have questions about 1031 Exchanges? Want to build your IRA ...and use it to fund your real estate deals? Not sure whether you should incorporate as a C-Corp, S- Corp or LLC?
                               The Charleston Real Estate Investors Association will host Former IRS Treasury Agent, Michael Hale, EA, at their May Meeting on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 5:30 PM at The North Charleston Inn, 2934 W. Montague Ave. N. Charleston, S.C. Michael teaches investors and small business owners how to to avoid paying tax on … (1 comments)

charleston investors: Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow 101 Played In Charleston, SC! - 04/18/10 06:50 AM
Ever wanted to change your life but didn't know how? Ever played a game that changed your financial destiny? Robert Kiyosaki, the New York Times best -selling author of Rich Dad/Poor Dad, and Increase Your Financial IQ, has. He invented the game-CASHFLOW 101.

Because he wanted to teach every-day people how to think differently about their money and show them it was possible to get out of the "Rat Race." How? By playing a game that simulated investing-all kinds of investing. To what end? To change people's financial destiny and help them discover that passive-residual income is the secret … (3 comments)

charleston investors: How Are You Going To Get From Where You Are...To Where You Want To Be in 2010? - 01/03/10 11:48 PM
This January many of you will put together your New Year's resolutions list. It's a time for reflection, and more importantly making a personal commitment to yourself for the upcoming year.
The Charleston Real Estate Investors Association has brought and will continue to bring to you vital information, speakers, and resources that you cannot find anywhere else.
With that thought in mind, we would like to help you "Jump Start" your New Year's resolutions list and help motivate you to create the things you want in 2010, by bringing you one of the very best motivational speakers that you will ever have … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Charleston Real Estate Investing Association offers free foreclosure class and home tour - 07/08/09 08:52 AM

Home buyers view four  pre-screened homes in one morning?
In the past, buying a foreclosed home was a very
challenging process. This was because of the limited supply of foreclosures. In many
cases, it took several weeks, if not months, to find a good foreclosure. Next, you had to
win the bidding war to buy it. And finally, you had to have a bank-truck-full-of-money to
repair the home.
Well, this has all changed with the recent foreclosure crisis. Today, there is a large
supply of great foreclosure opportunities. In fact, you can find these homes very quickly,
banks are … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Who is the best CashFlow 101 player in Charleston, SC? - 05/26/09 12:48 AM
The Charleston Real Estate Investors Association will host their monthly
CashFlow 101 Tournament on Tuesday May, 26th 2009 at Shoneys on
Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC
CashFlow 101 is Robert Kiyosaki's educational board game that teaches
Accounting, finance, and investing at the same time...and makes learning fun!
"On a recent evening I bought into a limited partnership, flipped a bed and breakfast for a quick profit, tripled my money on "OK4U" pharmaceutical stock. I also got downsized from my teaching job, bought a duplex and had a baby. After all that, I managed to get out of the proverbial … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Will 259 Local Charleston Families Get Another "Band-Aid"? - 03/30/09 11:25 PM
Some of us have trouble remembering what got for a Christmas gift :)
so, I am not be surprised if a lot of folks will recall back in
October 2008, when Presidential candidate Barack Obama called for a
"90 Day Moratorium on Foreclosures"

Obama's plan was that banks who participated in the $700 billion Wall Street
bailout plan would "temprarily postpone foreclosures for families making good-faith
efforts to pay their mortgage.
"We need to give people the breathing room they need to get back on their feet,"
he said, adding that families living beyond their means share some of the
Why … (1 comments)

charleston investors: Do You Know How Paris Hilton's Family Made So Much Money? - 03/30/09 10:15 AM
Unless you have been living in a cave, you know who Paris Hilton is...
but what you may not know, is how her family became so filthy rich.
Towards the end of the Great Depression, Conrad Hilton, Paris'
Great Grandfather bought up many hotels that were in or on the edge
of foreclosure...for dimes on the dollar!
When the economy recovered, and business travel boomed...
Conrad Hilton became one of the wealthiest men in America.
All around him, other investors bought  all kinds of real estate
and got rich when they re-sold..
 (They bought very, very low, and sold very, very high)

charleston investors: Do run-down-dilapidated-musty-smelling-old houses excite you? - 03/24/09 10:30 AM
If you get excited when you look at houses like this.... might want to visit our local Rehabber's "Support" Group!
John & Patty Hill, moderators for our March meeting, will go over money saving tips, ideas, and strategies that will help you save money on your next project, whether it is a $30,000 rehab or a $200 around-the-house-spring-time-project.
This month's special guest will be Jim Clark of Environmental Services & Solutions, who will be talking about MOLD and how it can destroy your profit margin in you are not careful.
Environmental Solutions and Service (ESS) is a full … (0 comments)

charleston investors: North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey To Be Guest Speaker At Charleston Real Estate Investor's Association - 03/17/09 01:45 AM
The Charleston Real Estate Investors Association is proud to announce that one of the most important political figures in South Carolina, North Charleston's Mayor Keith Summey will be speaking to our Mastermind Members on March 17th, 2009! 

Members will be able to ask questions about public safety, the continued revitalization of the Navy base, the development of Oak Terrace Preserve, the Mixon Avenue Project, Riverfront Park, Housing & Community Development, or anything else about North Charleston.
If you have never met Mayor Summey, upclose & personal, this would be a great opportunity to see how his economic vision and leadership … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Who is Ron Ayers & How Can He Help You In 2009? - 02/02/09 10:44 AM
How Do "Flippers " Rehabbers and Top Investors Know Whether A Property Is A Real Deal...or A Real "Dog"?

Local Charleston Real Estate Investors Will Learn How To Can Research & Analyze Properties Without Waiting 2-3 Days For Your "Realtor Buddy" To get Back With You or Getting Dressed, Fighting Traffic, Finding A Parking Space, Clearing The Metal Detectors and Not Being Able To Find Anything In The Courthouse!
Learn what the "Investor Power Tool" is and how it can save you time, money and prevent gray hair!
Ronald C. Ayers, South Carolina and North … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Is there anyone in Charleston that would like to learn "How to get out of the "Rat Race"? - 01/26/09 12:33 PM
In the history of our Cashflow 101 events, no one has repeated.
No one...ever!

So, there will be a lot of pressure on newcomer Tim Dorst, who is our reining CashFlow 101 Champion as he attempts something that has never been done before:

to successfully defend his CashFlow 101 title on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at Shoneys' Restaurant on Rivers Ave. in N. Charleston, S.C.
The "trash talking" from other Charleston Cashflow players has already began..
The doors open at 5:30 PM with the game starting at 6 PM.
CashFlow 101 is the popular board game created by Robert … (1 comments)

charleston investors: The 11 Things You Need to Know To Pass Your Home Inspection and Sell Your Home Fast, For Top Dollar - 01/18/09 06:44 AM
Imagine how excited you would be about beating out two other offers and getting a "Real Deal" on a nice 6 year old property in a great neighborhood....and the day after closing, you discover that you have a "little problem with your heating & cooling:
                                              HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING EVALUATION?

From the ground it appears the required spacing between the chimney flue liners does not exist. It also appears the chimney bricks are cracked through. Cracked and loose bricks also exist within the fireplace fire box. There is a separation at the fireplace lintel. The fireplace lacks … (2 comments)

charleston investors: Charleston County Code Enforcement Experts To Answer Questions - 01/02/09 11:15 PM
Have you (or maybe a client) ever had a "code violation" and was totally clueless that you (or your tenants) had violated any ordinances?

Not sure whether or not the visiting realtives can park their "new" motor home in front of your home?


What one question about "code enforcement rules & regulations" would you like to have answered?
Brandon White and Sally Brooks, Charleston County Planners will be the guest speakers at the Charleston Real Estate investor's Association January 6th2009 meeting.  The location for  the meeting will be at The North Charleston Inn, 2934 Montaque Ave. … (1 comments)

charleston investors: "Be careful what you ask may just get it" - 12/22/08 01:52 AM
Several weeks ago, during a Charleston Real Estate Investor's meeting we were trying to get feedback from our Mastermind Members as to who they would like to have as a "Guest Speaker"...
Who would they like to hear?
A motivational speaker? (someone mentioned our old friend Leon Humphrey)

That would be a pretty good way to kick-off 2009...
Someone else, suggested a "panel of experts."
And then, one of our newest members who owns a "few" properties, suggested on our message board that we have someone from our local "Code Enforcement" division visit with us.
...and I have to confess, … (2 comments)

charleston investors: Christi Baus Crowned New CashFlow 101 Champion! - 11/25/08 03:39 AM
I wish you could have been there.
It was close...very, very close.
It had all the excitement, the synergy, the trash talking of a WWF RAW Smackdown.
Our recent Charleston Real Estate Investors Association CashFlow 101 tournament had nervous newcomers and hardened, out-for-blood-in-their-eyes, veteran players all competing for the title of "The Best CashFlow 101 Player in Charleston, SC"!
CASHFLOW 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, & investing at the same time and makes learning, it gives you an opportunity to network with "like-minded" people.
The defending Cashflow 101 champion Valerie Singley, who recently broke all previous "Get out … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Was it worth waiting in line 3 hours, in the chilly Charleston rain? - 11/04/08 05:53 AM
As you can tell by the photo below, local Charleston voters, turned out in record numbers to support their candidates.
I thought that I was being "smart" by getting to the polls early only to learn that voters were there, in line, an hour before the doors opened:)
Two things that I noticed about the people in my community:
(1) They were young, old, tall, short, fat, skinny, white, black, asian, etc. all standing in line for the same
      reason; nobody complained; nobody fussed; all with the same exercise their right to
 (2) The first thing that the majority … (1 comments)

charleston investors: Local Charleston man makes big money investing in a flat real estate market - 10/27/08 10:12 AM
CHARLESTON SC: -- Thirty five year old Joe Mercadante stumbled across a Free Real Estate Investing Report that has helped him create enough monthly income in 12 months to quit his high paying corporate job. 
     According to Joe, "I started investing in properties using the strategy outlined in this free report. I have accumulated 20 homes that combined are paying me $4,363 of cash flow each and every month.  Plus I have locked in $580,442 of profit. I plan on quitting my 9 to 5 job next month and will be able to live off of the income from my properties!"

charleston investors: Where did you get your work ethic from? - 10/24/08 02:20 PM
Recently, I was going thru some really old family photos and realized that in almost every photo of my Grandparents - they were working. My Grandmother ran a small rural country store; my Grandfather was a journeyman carpenter; they were always working, either on their jobs, on their house or in their yard.
As I think back, I realized that they had an incredible work ethic and were probably the reason that I began developing my values, beliefs and work habits at a early age. For example:
At age 7, I was collecting used newspapers and selling them to fish markets to … (2 comments)

charleston investors: Remember Your First Time? - 10/16/08 03:30 PM
Close your eyes for a second, take a deep breath...and think back to the day that you saw a Doctor standing there with a huge needle preparing your school vaccination injections!Did your heart skip a beat ? 
Did you want to run away?
Were you scared almost-to-death?
(I was)
Now, keep your eyes closed; visualize what it was like when your parents sent you off to school on your first day:
Unsure as to how you would be welcomed?
(I was)
Now, eyes still closed, don't peek..inhale..exhale real slow and think back to the very first dance that you attended..and remember … (0 comments)

charleston investors: Local Charleston REIA Member Jeremy Mills Joins Active Rain - 10/11/08 08:32 AM
Please join me in welcoming Jeremy Mills to the Active Rain community! Jeremy has recently joined our Charleston Real Estate Investor's Association, and is eager to learn everything that he can about real estate.
I feel confident that they will enjoy learning from all of the great information, ideas and members that Active Rain has to offer.
If you need to borrow money for your deals, Jeremy can be an excellent addition to your team.

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