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It's a story that's frequently told by real estate success coaches and commentators. For agents who want to stand out from the crowd, there's no need to struggle for years learning the secrets of success by trial and error. Instead, most coaches recommend finding those who perform at extraordinar...
Some real estate pros have been reluctant to try social media because of the massive hype, trendy names, and unfamiliar practices. Others have found a competitive advantage and new ways to connect by diving into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube. Despite market doldrums, social medi...
  • More than 175,000 people downloaded the iPhone application in 2009. Have you downloaded yours yet? • Are you a Blackberry user? has an app for the Blackberry Storm. • Access from any cell phone. More than 10 million pages were viewed  on via cell phone ...
According to a California Association of Realtors® study, traditional agents earn $36,700 annually. Internet agents earn more than $100,000. Where is this real estate gold? Mostly, it's online. The percentage of home buyers who begin their search online is north of 85 percent and climbing, while ...
Real estate boils down to a fairly simple job description: Generate leads and turn them into closed business. -Real estate columnist and coach Bernice Ross  Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate practice. Along with converting prospects to clients, lead generation is probably the most profit...
Many of us have attended a sales training course and heard this familiar refrain. It's not enough to tell your prospects about features and benefits - you must also SHOW them. That's why the best way to pres­ent real estate knowledge is visually. Buyers want photos, video, virtual tours, and 3D m...
Full service real estate pros know how to compete with information overload and are comfortable stepping in to supply information where the Internet leaves off. Buyers and sellers need a trusted guide to transform overwhelming information into valuable knowledge. Real estate pros who know the dif...
Real estate professionals historically have held a clear information advantage. Listing and neighborhood information was locked up in 3-ring binders or dumb terminals tucked away in brick-and-mortar real estate offices. Buyers and sellers needed to work with real estate pros to get the informatio...
In real estate appraisal terms, the "highest and best use" of a property is how that property would be used most efficiently or profitably. In the same way, the highest and best use of your time as a real estate professional means making the most of those events that lead most directly to income-...
Don't miss the opportunity for home ownership. Buy soon or you'll kick yourself later. Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Tax credits are available. The major real estate brands are united in their message that it's time for qualified homebuyers to get over the financial doom and gloom, face th...

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